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Alps Ski And Weather Forecast 23rd December

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[b]Latest Conditions [/b]

At the start of the season there were fears about a lack of snow for the Alps, but conditions have been transformed with some areas seeing the best skiing in recent years along with the heaviest sustained snowfall also.

As ever visit, the Ski Club of GB website for latest details.


Some fantastic skiing conditions can be expected over the next week, with glorious blue skies and mild temperatures, although it may turn a little slushy at times during the afternoon midweek.

[b]Synoptic and Progression[/b]

The synoptic pattern which gave the snow is in the process of being replaced by a milder "Bartlett High" style pattern, this new pattern is set to say around for most of the coming week, but there will be day to day differences.

So if we start off by looking at today's pattern, There is low pressure covering the North Atlantic all the way from USA and Canada right through to Scandinavia, with in particular a deep area of LP centered to the west of Norway (976mb). High Pressure generally further south and for Eastern Europe, with the Azores High (1036mb), on the North Eastern flank of the ridging High, there are North Westerly winds for the UK with a brief shot of cooler air, as a cold front pushes South East.

Tuning cool over the UK, mild over much of mainland Western Europe including the Alps and most of Scandinavia, remaining cold over Eastern Europe.

[attachment=125666:Current 23rd Dec.PNG]

Saturday sees the Azores High (1036mb) extending North East over the UK and into NW Europe and more into a Bartlett High, so conditions turning more settled and milder here, with a Tropical Maritime flow from the South Atlantic, after a cool start. Away from Remaining cool over the Alps, milder for Central Europe and Southern Scandinavia. However colder and unsettled over Northern Scandinavia, remaining quite cold with high Pressure for Russia and the far East of Europe. .

[attachment=125653:23 Dec +24.PNG]

The High Pressure pushes further North East, with SW winds extending as far North East as Lithuania, so turning increasingly mild over NW Europe, cool over Northern Europe and much of Scandinavia (including the Alps). Cooler over SE Europe, with NE winds on the SE flank of the High Pressure.
[attachment=125655:23 Dec +48.PNG]

Monday sees the High Pressure (1040mb) continues to push further East to be centered over SE Europe, the mild advance continues, for the UK, mild for most of Northern and Western Mainland Europe (including the UK and the Alps), remaining cool in the far SE, further north, it should start to turn cold with westerly winds edging into Scandinavia and the far north of Scotland.
[attachment=125657:23 Dec +72.PNG]

High Pressure (1040mb) centered over Europe and mild or very mild and settled for most of Europe. Milder further north for the far north of Scotland and turning much colder over most of Scandinavia.

[attachment=125659:23 Dec +96.PNG]

Not much change on Wednesday, but low pressure over the UK, and turning colder for central and northern UK with a brief NW blast. remaining mild or very mild and settled over most of Europe, cold and Unsettled for Northern Scandinavia.

[attachment=125661:23 Dec +120.PNG]

High Pressure building over the UK (1040mb) on Thursday and on the eastern flank of the High, turning very cold with Northerly or North Westerly winds into much of Central and Eastern Europe including the Alps, remaining very cold over Scandinavia, remaining mild in the far south of Europe. Friday suggests the whole pattern pushing further east.

[attachment=125663:23 Dec +144.PNG] [attachment=125665:23 Dec +168.PNG]

[b]Alps Detail[/b]

[b]850HPA (noon) - [/b]
[b]Sat 24 -[/b] -5 to +1c mildest in south East, Coldest North West
[b]Sun 25 - [/b]-6 to 0c coldest over Austria, mildest further West
[b]Mon 26 -[/b] 0 to +5c coldest over Austria, mildest further West
[b]Tue 27 - [/b]+4 to +6c generally
[b]Wed 28-[/b] +3 to +6c generally
[b]Thu 29 -[/b] -6 to +3c, coldest Germany, Mildest Italy
[b]Fri 30 - [/b]-7 to -1c coldest Austria, Mildest South East

[b]Freezing Levels (noon) - [/b]
[b]Sat 24 -[/b] 800m to 1000m north West, 1600-1800m Southern Austria and Italy
[b]Sun 25 - [/b]800m to 1000m Generally, 1200-1600m Switzerland Italy border
[b]Mon 26 -[/b] 1500m to 1800m Austria, 1800-2400m E Switzerland to W Austria, over 3000m Far west
[b]Tue 27 - [/b]2700 to 3000m Generally
[b]Wed 28-[/b] 3000m Generally
[b]Thu 29 -[/b] 600 to 800m North, 1800-2200m Italy
[b]Fri 30 - [/b]400 to 800m North, 1200-1800 S Switzerland into Italy

[b]Freezing Levels (6am) - [/b]

[b]Sat 24 -[/b] 300m to 600m Austria, 1000 to 1200m Germany to Switzerland, big variation in Italy
[b]Sun 25 - [/b]0m to 500m generally
[b]Mon 26 -[/b] 0m to 500m generally NW, milder in parts of Italy
[b]Tue 27 and [/b][b]Wed 28-[/b] Huge variations, 0m in places, over 2000m elsewhere
[b]Thu 29 -[/b] 0m to 500m generally NW, milder in parts of Italy
[b]Fri 30 - [/b]0m to 400m Generally

[b]Sat 24 Dec - [/b]Snow (down to around 1000M) pushing into the far NW of the Alps by morning, spreading east by afternoon, to cover the French Alps, Southern Germany, Northern Italy, Switzerland and western Austria, with the heaviest precipitation on the Austria/Switzerland border, Snow Levels around 800m (North) to 1200m (South). Snow continuing during the evening before becoming confined to Austria and drying out overnight.

[attachment=125652:23 Dec +24 Alps.PNG]

[b]Sun 25 Dec - [/b]After a bitterly cold night, Mostly Sunny and Dry, turning milder from the west, but great skiing conditions

[attachment=125654:23 Dec +48 Alps.PNG]

[b]Mon 26 Dec - [/b]Apart from some light precipitation in Eastern Austria (snow above 1000m), another dry and sunny day, Freeze thaw conditions, very cold to start, much milder from the west during the day. Best skiing during the morning,

[attachment=125656:23 Dec +72 Alps.PNG]

[b]Tue 27 Dec and Wed 28 Dec -[/b] Dry and Sunny, cold Overnight, Very mild Daytime Best skiing during the morning,

[attachment=125658:23 Dec +96 Alps.PNG] [attachment=125660:23 Dec +120 Alps.PNG]

[b]Thu 29 Dec - [/b]Colder from north, some light snow into Southern Germany and then Eastern Switzerland and Western Austria, before dying out afternoon.
[attachment=125662:23 Dec +144 Alps.PNG]

[b]Fri 30 Dec -[/b] Mostly dry and bright, some snow into Austria during afternoon
[attachment=125664:23 Dec +168 Alps.PNG]
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