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Library Trip....

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Well, had a busy day today..... Had mini-raven all to myself this morning as Mr Raven works on Saturday mornings. Mini-raven can, rather scarily do a 54 piece puzzle quicker than me. Took her less than 10 minutes to do it!! Not sure if thats normal or not.... or if I am particulary slow at doing puzzles? (which seems more likely!)Anyway, once Mr Raven came home, we wizzed off to Bluewater as Mini-raven has a 4th Birthday Party to go to tomorrow afternoon. Never bought anything for a little boy before, but with the help of mini-raven (and the Early Learning Centre) we bought him a book and a plant (insect eating plant - just the kind of things 4 year olds like, I assume.) Also managed to convince Mini-raven that he wouldnt really appreciate a Barbie card in Clintons, and opted for a Spiderman card instead. (and avoided a full-on throw herself on the floor in a tantrum.... thank goodness).On the way home from Bluewater, we went to the Library (yes, sorry - the whole point of the blog entry - but I do like a good waffle). This was mini-raven's first trip to the Library, and my first trip since 1995. And what a good trip it was! Mini-raven got 2 books out (she lost interest after 5 minutes, and was more interested in hiding behind the Biography section.) I, however, spent most of the trip in the History and Local History section, and got 7 books out to read. I can't wait to start reading them (after flicking through and looking at the pictures first) although 2 of them I remember getting out with I was about 11 (Local history of Blackfen and Sidcup - where I grew up) So it will be a trip down memory lane in more ways than one. Gosh, I am actually looking forward to reading something other than fiction. :)

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