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Truth, Lies And Deception?

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Whatever 'truth' is, it's better to uncover it than to bury one's head in the sand.So, who are our friends then? IMO quite simply - those who ask you how we are, and mean it! Those who merely unload all their-own problems (we all have problems) onto anyone prepared to listen, so as only to make themselves feel better, are not friends; they are emotional leeches... :o That said, I think we should still be basically 'trusting' in nature. The vast majority of people are not leeches; to assume that they are will only condem us to a life of unhappiness. :) It's the same with 'ulterior' motives. Why transfer our own self-misgivings onto others? From my, admittedly limited, experience of such things - those who most fear ulterior motives in others, are the very source of their-own mistrust. If you are honest in yourself, why be so preoccupied with presuming disingenuousness in others? :D;):) If you can't be true with yourself, how can you ever expect anyone-else to be? :):)

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