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Lincolnshire Notes

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[size="3"]I think most people have heard at one time or another the term "Linccolnshire Yellowbelly", in fact I've used the term on some of the forums. Here is a short explamation of where the saying came from.


The building on Burton Road, Lincoln that is now home to the Museum of Lincolnshire Life was once the barracks of the Royal North Lincolnshire Militia. The officers of this regiment would wear bright yellow waistcoats on the battlefield. This made it easier for their men to spot them (let's overlook the fact that it also made them rather obvious targets...) and also earned them the name Lincolnshire Yellowbellies.

I'm always interested in bits and pieces about Lincolnshire, and found the facts below on the Seal Sanctuary website, they are based at Mablethorpe.

20,000 years ago an ice sheet blanketed Lincolnshire as far as Boston. It was much too cold for anything to survive and even the snowy owls would have been driven far to the south. Our ancestors certainly were: the nearest humans at this time lived in France.

The ice sheet still has an effect today: at the point where the glacier stopped it left a dry ridge. First travelers would have followed this and parts of the road to Boston still sit atop this slight rise above the fens. Now you know why at least some of Lincolnshire’s roads are so twisty! [/size]

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