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A Walk With Oz

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Today, although the weather was pants, and when I say pants I mean overcast and bleugh, I went for a nice long walk with Ozzy at Reigate Priory, walked down from the top down through to the lake, the tree's have started to turn which makes it a gorgeous place to be, the brown and orange against the green of the grass, I wish I had taken my camera! I did take some pics on the phone, but can't find the lead to upload them :(There were loads of Canadian guess on the pond, the bottom end was covered with them. It is such a nice walk round there now they have renovated the whole bottom of the park to almost the original design. Just a shame they have got scaffolding up at the Priory (which is a school now) it's such a lovely building, and sure it will be again when they have finished doing what ever they are doing.It's amazing how you forget how wonderful a place is, I used to spend alot of my time at the Priory park as a kid, and up until last year hadn't been there since I was about 16 and then I didn't really appreciate the place.Me thinks the next trip will be to the Castle grounds, but with the camera and without the dog
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