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Storms On The Horizon.... And A Look Back To Some In The Past

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Hiya <_<

Ive been reading the posts about the upcoming week and its attendant storm potential and ive been getting quietly excited like many of us. As Dogs32 said: agree with this being too far away at present for anyone to get too excited................... ..party time! That made me laugh.

As Thursdays normally my day off (which has been very lucky these past couple months!) Ill probably go chasing again but in the mean time I found some old pics. I hope someone remembers this day.

I never got to see anything much as I was working and had no idea it was coming but I took some pics of the anvils as it went by. The day was June 19th 2007, heres a grab from the radar archive


The storms that passed near to me were described as being worst in a decade, with 31mm of rain in 30 mins in Bristol and I remember them being in the news that evening. I cant find very much about them now on the internet. Heres a news article from Worcester news:


I tried to find something from the NW archives but unsuccessfully so if anyone can help that would be awesome!

I can remember these storms being different from storms we normally get, the clouds seemed simply bigger, they also seemed wetter/more humid/more 'tropical'. Kinda hard to describe but maybe something of what I mean comes over in the photos.

So, with the coming week in mind, here they are. If anyone else has any photos, accounts of the storms or links where I can read about them and dream some more, id love to hear from you!



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