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Winter Snow Events

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Thundery wintry showers


An updated version of my "Winter Snow Events" analysis will be uploaded to N-W over the coming few weeks, based on a wider range of sources and overall casting the net much wider. There has been considerable "inflation" in the values for each season as a result, the average "snow score" has increased from the low 20s into the low 30s.

Some brief (provisional) details to get the ball rolling:
[list]* The winters prior to 1988 have been upgraded relative to the 1990s and 2000s (as I missed some snow events from the earlier years in my previous analysis) such that the period 1971-76 comes out with comparable amounts of snow to some of the winters since 1987. In particular 1972/73 came out with a similar total to 2003/04 and 2004/05. However, that 6-year period still had slightly less snow overall than the period 1988-2009.
* Winter 2008/09 was only slightly above the 20th century average for snow, yet it was the snowiest winter overall since 1995/96, and the second snowiest since 1985/86.
* All measures of "snowiness" have their issues, and the main issue with my method is that it measures occurrences of lying snow events rather than duration of snow cover. For example, by this measure 1978/79 was a snowier winter than 1962/63. The snowiest winter of the 20th century appears to have been the other famous one, in 1946/47.
* The most snowless winter appears to have been 1991/92.
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