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Credit Where It's Due For The Bbc

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Thundery wintry showers


I've complained quite a bit about the BBC recently, particularly re. their weather forecasts and dumbing down of documentaries. So, to balance the books, it's only fair that I give them credit when they do a good job.

One example is the Formula One coverage. I think this has shown a definite improvement over the ITV coverage. The online coverage is more comprehensive, while the TV coverage is far more objective- there seems to be far less bias towards the British drivers than there was on ITV, and more interest in the rest of the field. I don't think Jonathan Leogard is as good as Murray Walker, but he's a lot better than James Allen. In addition with keeping Martin Brundle on board and adding Murray Walker to the online analysis, the BBC certainly showed it was prepared to listen to the popular consensus among fans. Brundle remains as good as ever.

The other is the recent weather documentaries- rain, snow and then wind. I honestly can't remember a better documentary series on the weather- so far it seems to have struck the perfect balance between being informative, being unbiased, and not being too technical for those with limited knowledge of the subject.
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