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Well it's official: mini-roo has discovered the joys of giving me hefty kicks! Had felt movements for a little bit, but over the last 48 hours the little so and so has discovered the art of giving me a big clout in the bladder! It's very odd and is happening almost every hour. I also think they are lying with their feet on my left as the biggy kicks are always on my left whereas there are little, what I assume to be punches, on my right side....Such a very weird feeling...was convinced it must be indigestion, but then Andrew felt it very clearly several times. He thinks it's great and it is lovely that he can experience it all now too!So what does it all mean? Well it's now convinced me that mini-roo must actually be a mini-rooette as only a girl could be as feisty as this one is being. I've also discovered that she likes music with a strong beat (Andrew was mucking about singing the Rocky theme to her yesterday, and the little tike started to kick me like mad! :):) )....Scan tomorrow, so we will get to see the little darling punching me... :) :o :D;)

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Awww, it's lovely when you feel it kicking but you said "they" :unsure: is there more than one :blink:

Enjoy your scan tomorrow. Is it your 20 week scan ? I've lost track of dates :rolleyes:

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No they are definitely one! Just hate saying he/she/it!!! :lol:

And it is supposed to be 20 weeks, but is infact 23! :o :D

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it is lovely when they start to kick, its just like they are saying 'hello mummy, I'm here!' :) - its almost making me broody!

And how exciting - your 2nd scan! Will it be in 3D? It must be amazing to see it in 3D. And will you want the sex of the baby kept secret?

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