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Review Of The Year 2008

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Well as I'm transferring the Calendar dates onto the new 2009 one, lets have a review of 2008.

Not a bad year overall. There have been some good and bad points.

Good Points.

1) Changing jobs to be Civil Enforcement Officer. Yes its not good when cold and wet, but pay is the same as the old office job which stressed me out and I do love the work!
2) Holiday in New Forest (first week of May). Little did we know, that was as good as the weather was going to get. 23c in New Milton and getting the only suntan of the summer!
3) Moving house. Stressful, but nicer to be closer to town.
4) Making new good friends. Clifford and Dave, Stu and James. Good guys all of them

Bad Points.

1) My knee was a problem in the Summer, but I have to live with that
2) The amount of alcohol I was drinking by the summer due to old job. Not a good time.
3) The failure to stop smoking. It has to go in 2009
4) The weather. No real summer and no real snow seen in 2008. 2009 must be better!

There we have it. Mixed fortunes. Working tomorrow so will only be out from 11pm onwards.
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