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Books, Books And More Books.....

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well today is all about books....hundreds , nay thousands, of the darn things.....80 boxes to be precise...that we have to move when we get the new house! Arrrrrrggggggggggghhhhhh!Now, both me and Mr Roo, being reader-ish types have amassed a huge collection over the years (not counting the ones still at my mum and dad's which I know the minute we get a house, my dad will appear with in a van! :o )....We have spent the last week or so going through the shelves trying to work out if there is anything we could do without and managed to find some which was a relief.....all c.50 of them (now that's really going to make a difference isn't it!!! lololol). Anyways, after giving a load to Oxfam (along with loads of other stuff we had surplus to requirements) we decided to sell some of the better ones, so we are off today to see a bookseller....BUT the main problem with our hunting about through our shelves, is that we have discovered we have some quite valuable books.....Now some of these we knew about (a fave pastime of mine was collecting antique history books) but many we didn't.....and we have just discovered that we have a set of books that are worth a blooming fortune (not that we'd ever sell them unless we were really on hard times...they are Mr Roo's favourites and that's worth more than hard cash!) but we now have to think about getting them valued and added to the insurance..... :) We've also discovered that various other first editions and signed copies that Mr Roo has (sign of a not-mispent youth! ;):D ) are also valuable.....not that we'd ever sell them either...oh dear.....looks like the premiums will be going up...... :):)

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Ha, I know the feeling about books Roo! I sometimes help out a rich guy who has amassed quite a collection - about 22,000 he estimates. That doesn't include the 6,000 currently for sale on his website!

What kind of books are they?

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We've got all kinds, from historical texts, through to academic books for my work and then onto fiction, etc....

Most of mine are fiction paperbacks, from the classics, thru to modern stuff, and the ones I collect are mainly victorian and early 20th century, although I do have one or two late 18th/early 19th century ones

Mr Roo's faves are sci-fi and fantasy (but not the unicorn and fairy kind IYKWIM)....the ones he has got that are worth a bit are some Terry Pratchetts (but not the 10000 pound jobby, I hasten to add!) and a few other modern signed authors like Douglas Adams, Iain Banks, etc...

I just love books and find it very hard to part with them, even if I don't like them...trouble is they are so damn heavy and take up so much room!!! :rolleyes:

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