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A good day (for once)

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snow raven


Had some good news today. Some of you may know about my Granddad being diagnosed with bowel cancer. He had an MRI scan last week to see if it had spread. Its good news because it can be treated and hasnt spread.

The results came though today to say that it hasnt spread, but the tumour he has is an aggressive form. He's 82, has heart problems and diabetes, but an operation to remove the tumour seems to be the sensible option. Granddad asked what the outlook would be if he didnt have the op, but because its so aggressive, it would have spread to his organs within 4 months and grown so large in his bowel he would need an op to remove the blockage. I know if I was granddad, I would have surgery asap. But its his choice, and I for one will make the most of him being around. I have often said in the past I should see him more, but never do. Now I will, because the one thing I do regret is not telling my nan I loved her when she had terminal cancer. The words where in my head and heart, but never quite reached my lips. The night I wanted to tell her that was the last time I saw her before she fell into a coma, and something I swore I would never make the same mistake twice - no matter how hard it feels to open up and show how I feel.

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I'm sure your nan knew you loved her... don't beat yourself up over things you can't change. :)

Best wishes to your grandad.


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well i am glad the news for you is not so bad. fingers crossed the op goes well, and give him lots of hugs and feel happy that he already knows you love him, as your nan did too. sometimes showing emotions is not needed for the right people to know how you feel.

best wishes Lee :)

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