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Helen Daniels, eat your heart out.

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snow raven


Thats Helen Daniels from Neighbours... 1985 till.. well... 1998? Neighbours, as in Jim Robinson and errr, who was in it when I last watched it? Harold Bishop?

Anyway, the whole point of this totally pointless blog is to say good neighbours really do exist. (not only in Ramsay Street, Melbourne, Australia). I came home tonight after work and the weekly food shop in Sainsburys to find that my neighbour had mowed my lawn for me. Ok, ok, my grass was over grown.... but I met my new neighbour saturday * (well, I say new, he moved in february, but only the sunshine and light evenings means I got to say hello now - that at the fact I work days and he works nights!) who commented on not seeing my hubby around for a while. I told him he no longer lived here, and hey presto, I have my own gardener!

Now, I need to dig my recipe book out and cook a good old Chicken stew and leave it on the door step, Helen Daniels 1988 stylee to say thank you.

*while smashing my strimmer to bits cos it didnt work - did I scare him into cutting my grass?

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so if i offer to do the ironing would you cook me something nice too. ;):D:D

yes Lee, its nice to have people who do things for us, and especially those who seem to ask for nothing in return. a very nice gesture indeed.

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