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Weather Forecast, 21-27 April 2007

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Thundery wintry showers


May as well start writing some blog weather forecasts; partly because many other members of the forecast team are doing a similar thing, and also partly as a means of keeping myself up-to-date with events.

21 April: A very hazy day across much of the country, with some patchy rain affecting Scotland, Ireland and to a lesser extent northern England under a rather moist south-westerly flow. South-eastern areas should experience the most sunshine. A warm day over England & Wales with highs touching 20C in the south, and around 15C across northern England, but cooler across Scotland with highs of 11-14C widespread.

22 April: A weakening band of frontal rain will move south-eastwards, with continued warm south-westerly winds. South and east of a line extending from Hull to Shrewsbury should be warm and dry with some sunshine, temps again reaching 20C in the south, and rather hazy. Much of northern England will be dull and wet all day. Drier brighter weather and highs of 14-16C will work its way southwards across Scotland.

23 April: It looks like eastern areas will have a mostly dry sunny day, but with cloud amounts increasing from the west during the day, and rain spreading into western Britain by the end of the day, with freshening SSW winds. 20C will again be the high across south-east England, with 15-18C across most other parts, maintaining the above-average temperatures.

24 April: The rain will linger in eastern areas, with another pulse moving north-east across central & southern England during the afternoon; highs of 15-18C in the warm muggy southeast, 13-15C to the north and west of the rainband. Western Scotland and Ireland will have sun and showers, intervening areas dry but rather cloudy.

25-27 April: Sunshine and a few showers, and slightly above-average temperatures (12-16C) will give way to dry sunny settled weather as high pressure asserts itself; there is a good chance of this settled weather lasting into May and producing a heatwave at the beginning of the month.

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