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Parents on the move...But where?

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Well, my folks are now nearly finished paying off their mortgage. My old man is retired, but does some part time work with the disabled teaching IT, and my mo is doing supply teaching on and off. So soon, they will both be retired.

They currently live in a nice little village, between Northampton and Wellingborough, and love their house. Apart from the village being quiet, they live on a cul-de-sac, and have open fields to the back. So really, a beautiful house and even more beautiful location. Have to admit that both my brother and me where lucky to be brought up in such suroundings.

Anyway, with paying off the mortgage, retirement pretty much there, and with thoughts of the future, they are looking to sell up, release some capitol, and settle up in a new life (they dont have any ties with the village anymore).

Their main area of interest is South Lincolnshire. Mainly for two reasons. First being that there really is some gorgeous (albeit flat) countryside, and secondly, they could buy alot for their money down there.

With MrsL and myself talking about moving down that way as a possability too, they seemed quite keen.

However, MrsL and myself are now thinking of perhaps settling in Derbyshire, probably further south at some point (South Derbyshire/North-West Leicestershire). But that is something when we need a bigger house, so not for a few years. Either way, we'll still be around the same area (plus, theres more jobs for MrsL, and I would spend less time driving/staying away living here, than in South Lincs).

So, MrsL and myself have mentioned to my folks about moving up here. I mean, we're here (theres no family or friends in south lincs), my mum would be closer to her mum (Manchester), and my brother lives in Nottingham (although there is a high chance of him and his family moving to Switzerland for a couple of years min).

Up they came at the weekend, I printed off a load of possible bungalows (their preferred style of house for retiring), and we talked. It does look like their interested, and to be fair, there's some nice countryside around here (National Forest/Peaks).

Trouble is, they want open aspects to the rear. Not a problem really, as there are quite a lot with such an offering. But that means moving to one of the villages, which are not cheap. But like anywhere, Bungalows are always more expensive per bedroom than houses, so we might need to see if they are comfortable with that (my old man did pick out a house which I had printed off, so you never know).

Anyway, if they moved here, we are quite sure we wouldnt move to south lincs either (as our purpose would be closer to (MrsL's) family). Plus, i'm sure at some point in the future, my folks would become grand folks (well, they already are, but we havent got any kiddies) :whistling:

So even more reason for both sides to be closer?

So my problem. Do I try and persuade them to live near here for all of us, knowing that if they moved to south lincs, they would have a better property, and a bungalow that would have more of their requirements? We'll just have to wait and see :rolleyes:

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