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It's Official....

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Well everyone, it's now official.

We have sold :drinks: . We have received the dosh (sort of) and the house is no longer ours :blush:

It nearly never happened yet again, even though we had their signed contracts but that's a story for another day.

Anyway, lets just say that our solicitor and her assistant are no longer speaking to me, but hey, why should Mrs Dazza & I be the only victims of one persons incompetance. The solicitor wouldn't even allow us to go and collect our house sale proceeds, we have been advised that they are posting them out to us (how unprofessional is that). Perhaps it's my fault by blowing a stack at them last Tuesday, I have never known of someone to be so lost for words at the other end of the phone, but then again, I did have 20 - 21 months worth of frustration to release (verbal frustration).

Time to find a new Solicitor me thinks.....

Let the building begin...........

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