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Barricaded Into The Living Room

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Krasnoyarsk Yenesei


It appears to me that small children are very much like spiders - they can get through the tiniest of holes when it seems impossible. Our living room does not look like a living room these days, but some kind of war zone. As I write, I am currently barricaded into the corner near the window, surrounded by chair, table and stool :drinks: .

The purpose of all this you ask? The whole design has been put together to stop Kaitlyn from getting her hands on the coals on the gas fire. A few days ago, I came downstairs to discover a trail of black soot across the floor. As I looked further, Kaitlyn's dress was black, so were her hands and so was her mouth. It didn't take a genious to work out what had happened. On a positive note, the coal was wonderfully clean.

Despite the barricades being erected however, Kaitlyn somehow seems to be able to barge her way through, causing me to get up every few minutes and deport her back to the enormous space in the rest of the room that has been allocated to her for crawling duties.

Her other favourite thing is to pull up the carpet edges. When she arrived they were not brilliant, but now they have been positively ripped to shreds.

I stayed on here until quite late last night, to see how the snow would develop. Reports confirmed it snowing in Sheffield and Doncaster, but here in lowly Rotherham West we got nothing more than sleet. I had not expected much, but at least a little snow shower would have been nice. Fortunately, I have heard word that the invitations we need for our Russian visas are ready, and are now being sent.

Anyway, here is a picture of my little darling shortly after birth:


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