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Still waiting....

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Well our buyers stated they would contact me yesterday to let me know what they are doing. I have heard nothing and think it might be a tad too early to start chasing them?

All this waiting is doing my nut.

Mrs Dazza has been getting so excited over the weekend over the hope of completion and as such has started to look at new bathroom suites, furniture etc (WE DON'T HAVE WALLS YET), still there's no harm in enquiring I suppose.

I also got home from work to find our bed looking like something out of a Bed Shops front window. Mrs Dazza really had gone to town and purchased a new Quilt, Pillow, Sheets, Pillow Cases, Quilt Cover, some Cushions, a Fancy Pillow thingy, and a Round Fancy Pillow thingy, oh and one of those things you drape over the end of the bed.

I felt I was sleeping in a palace last night, but kept waking wondering how much it all cost, no doubt the credit card bill will magic itself away from the doormat when it arrives!

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You'll have to figure out a way of recouping the expenditure 'in kind'.

Now, that, is a great idea Shuggee *scratches chin and burns brain cells in deep thought* ;)

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