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Christmas Blues

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So, does anybody else get this?

It would be nice if Christmas lasts longer, but for some reason, both MrsL and myself get the Christmas Blues :drinks:

It doesnt help of course that MrsL has the flu, and feels rubbish, so we havent really done anything since Christmas Day.

We're meant to go out today to see my Brother, Sister-in-law and niece, and was hoping that MrsL would feel better.

But she was up at 4ish last night, coughing away, and feeling quite poorly.

New Years Eve also looks in fine balance now, and MrsL might not be able to go if she feels like this.

Ah well...its nearly 2007. A year I hope will be a good year :blush:

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I always find Christmas a bit of up and down emotion wise :(

Lots of expectation and lots of pressure to "enjoy" yourself :rolleyes:

This year I decided to just accept that it's not really going to be fantastic in our rented house but make the most of a bit of time off and look forward to a permenant address :)

Take care and I hope you get what you wish for in the New Year B)

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