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Unfortunately (sorry Matt *giggle*), it didnt go too well on the giving up smoking front :lol:

Woke up fine on Saturday, and so do MrsL. 2 hours later, we were both stressed out, and running late to leave. Needless to say, we bought some ciggies.

We then thought, hey, what about Sunday :doh: Nope. It was, unfortunately, the thought of spending from 10-4 helping out my father-in-law on his christmas market, selling fruit and veg that made me decide today was not the day (t'was fun, but a little different to the selling i'm used too).

Ah, well. Tuesday I hear you cry....yes...the new day for giving up smoking :rolleyes:

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I know Matt :rolleyes:

This is so much harder than I thought. I've given up twice before. Once a couple of years back, and was doing well (cant remember what made me go back to smoking), and once when I was at Uni. I gave up during my summer break (as I was doing sensory development work for pot noodle - you really need those senses :unsure: ). I was well chuffed, and even got into swimming (5 days of 1 mile swims - felt so good :( ). Unfortunately, the student ways took over after about three months, and the swimming became more difficult. Oh, how I wish I could do that again.

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