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I'm just going to have a little moan here....Having said that I didn't think a joke about Liverpool was in particularly good taste (remember the Spectator, etc) suddenly the thread goes nuts and before I know it, we're into the realms of political correctness and bring back golliwogs....My goodness!I get really, really, p'd off with people who have a go at political correctness and cite lunatic examples like whiteboards, etc....that is NOT what it's about....it's about respecting each other and not taking the Swearing AGAIN out of someone because of their race, gender, sexuality, disability, colour of hair, etc, etc, etc....And after all WTF is wrong with that....why do we need to laugh at others through stereotype? Why do we need to get our kicks from putting someone else down for something they can't change....?I am sorry, but for me humour based on stereotypes is the thin end of the wedge....from taking the Swearing AGAIN out of Liverpudlians, you then go to taking the Swearing AGAIN outta the Irish, then maybe onto Pakistanis, and so on......There is sooooooooooo much that is funny out there without lowering ourselves to lowest common denominator crap.....I have a very good sense of humour, but I just do not get why this snidey crap is so gut wrenchingly hilarious.....What really interests me is the anger that suggesting something like this causes....after all it is only my point of view....I'm not getting aggressive, so why the hell does everyone else feel they have the right to be rude....to me it's very telling.... Oh well....I'd like to think more people would think about what they say, before they say it, but I think I'll be waiting a long time....... :)

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