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Do I lunch with a mad lady?

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So I call a client today and she is super rude for no reason. I dont care, its all water of a ducks back, plus I believe in Karma. Any how I helped her out, she thanked and became super nice and asked me where I am from. I told her and she said she lived in the same town as me a few years ago. She is Canadian. I was shocked she was shocked but we talked about the town and true enough, she must have lived there cos she knew all about it. So just as I am about to hang up she tells me I am going to lunch with her next week, she will come into the Branch and ask for me by name and treat me to lunch. Great I thought

Anyway, this lady is about 60 and seems very sweet (when she was being nice) so told my Colleagues. They laughed and told me that it was crazy woman Cherry. She was apparantly hit by a car and needed brain surgery. They said that she swings from angry insane to super friendly.

Now do i go to lunch with her as I am a professional, or make my excuses. I think my colleagues are being harsh but then again I dont want to be tucking into my steak for her to turn round and not like the way I am chewing and stab m in the eye with a fork...tricky situation*

*This is a light hearted recital of a true event and I am in no way mocking the mentally challenged. I, for one, am indeed one of those people anyway

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Go with it CC - make your own opinions of her, before taking those of others.

However, I am not responsible for any unfortunate fork incidents happening during your lunch.

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I agree with Ms Raven. Give it a go and make your own judgement and if she stabs you in the eye its ok....you have another one!

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go for it !

You never know, you might just have fun :)

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