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Tough times

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Ok, so I am not one to wear my heart on my sleeve, but after having a few drinks, I thought bettter out than in

Its been a tough year, my mum was in hospital this year and it was touch and go for a while, she ended up there for 6 weeks, though she is now on the mend, thank God, albeit with lots of drugs to regulate her condition.

My dad had a heart attack and was in hopsital for about a month, but luckily he got an operation quick and now he is on the mend

Now, my Grandad is hopsital and has been diagnosed with terminal cancer of the pancreas. I have know this for a few months and made my peace with him when I was in England last month, but he is geting worse and it kills me not to be able to go see him. I know I have to live my life the way I do but it still doesnt stop me feeling bad for moving another country and probably not being able to see him again

Oh well, guess these things happen but thought I would do a rare thing and share my feelings. Feels better already. At least I have 'Stella' to keep me company lol

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