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Holiday Time!

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Kentish Snowgirl


Been a long time since last blogged, so whats been going on.

Not a lot, July was too hot to do anything and August has been "average" and wet. However I confidently predict 2 weeks and one day of unbroken sunshine and no rain as on leave for 2 weeks. No plans, but just not at work which is always a good thing, plus spending lots of time with my other half :whistling: No stress, no hassle, no being responsible, bliss.

My niece is growing too fast and is a right little madam and monkey at times. She is so funny with some of the things she comes out with. Its great spending time with her and seeing the innocence of it all. She knows what she wants and when she wants it ie right that second. Every cat is Tiffany as thats my mums cat's name, although she calls one of ours Dorcey every now and then, even though she's called Chelsea. :rolleyes: Wonder how my niece will react in 7 weeks time, as my sister in law is due to have a little boy. She loves other children but she'll no longer be centre of attention.

Why is block paving so expensive? Having ours done in a few weeks as currently have paving slabs which move and flip up every time it rains. Hope they do a good job and no trouble. I have a fear of workmen and things going wrong when you have to shell out loads of money. My mum is still experiencing this as had new windows plus a conservatory built and theres been nothing but trouble, mistakes and sloppy workmanship. Funnily enough won't use same company when get my windows replaced.


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