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well, I am now completely over my cold, but have found the reason why I've STILL been feeling very tired and a bit queezy!!! Yep, you guessed it...the Roo is going to have a Mini-Roo!!! :):):) Completely unexpected, but I am feeling great (apart from the fact that I feel completely on another planet....maybe my brain is already shrinking????). Andrew is very happy too, although it has to be said that we're both looking a little shell shocked at the mo! Actually the funniest reaction was my mum who was absolutely speechless (completely unheard of) and then giggled lots and had to phone me up 2 hours later to check she had heard me right!!!Anyway, let's see how long it takes for this to be read....guess I'm about to see who reads my blog.......Suddenly the focus of my world has turned upside down......but in a very, very good way!!! :):) Oh well, will talk to you all very soon.Roo plus One :):)

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Best of luck with everything! :D:D:D

Am at Uni getting funny looks but what the hell!

Keep us all posted matey!


Hiya Flagpole,

Thanks for the good wishes!!! Much appreciated...


Roo x

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Well done you!!

LOL - the keeping it secret didnt last long LOL ;)

All the very best

a Mini moo and Mini roo LOL

:D :D:D:D

Thanks Mrs MM...

I know! The trouble is we just kinda told some people, then got confused about who we'd told, realised so and so would know so and so, and that everyojne would spot if I wasn't drinking (!!!!!!) and thought ahhhh what the hell!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


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Wow - congrats :D

You take care of yourself :)

Hi Katie,

Thanks for the thoughts....much appreciated....

New dietry regime has started.....it's a good job I like spinach!!! :blink:

Roo :)

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You know, when I told my mummy OON (aka Pamflaps) about No 3 being on the way, her words were "oh it's not is it? Why have you done that? Did you mean to?"

Her reaction comes a close second to my Dad's reaction when I announced Mrs OON and I had got engaged, which was "shhhhh...I'm trying to listen to the radio".

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:lol: OON

When I told my mum I had to wait for her to finish rambling about her new breadmaker. I told her and about 2 mins later started on about the breadmaker again :rolleyes:

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