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So Close I Can Almost Touch It...

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Visited our house buyers today and took them out to the house and explained the few outstanding issues that their solicitor is using against us to prevent them buying. They are kind of trivial matters but their solicitor is playing the high almighty if I say you can't buy, then you can't card.

Our buyers are desperate to buy the house and have said that they will now use an alternative solicitor to complete if their existing one won't.

Does it all sound confusing?

A summary of our woes is as follows:

We put our house on the market in February 2005, we had several viewings and accepted an offer in May 2005 (the 13th funnily enough). We set a date for completion of the 7th July 2005 and a week before we were due to complete the buyers solicitor stopped completion. He had found a discrepency in certain documentation which prevented him from signing it off. If you are ready for this here goes, the land our house was sitting on wasn't in our name :) , we had no right to water to the property :) and we had no right to effluent soakaway from the property :) . So to cut a long story short, we had a house sitting on someone elses land and had no right to do anything with it. In fact we had no legal title to the property and had no legal right to sell it. You can imagine the horror which followed and the friction it caused between Mrs Dazza and me!

Well since July last year we have fought and fought to get things turned around. In November we threatened the Land Registry with 'sit in' action until they took note of our plight and honoured us as tax paying citizens in an effort to get things put into our name. This went on and on, with a lot of being shoved from one civil servant to another.

So to cut a long story short in July of this year the Deeds were finally placed in the name of Mr & Mrs Dazza and the site was remapped and the water and soakaway easements were finalised. However, just as we thought we were ready to sell we find that part of our garden is in no-mans land territory :) and even worse than that it would apear that our septic tank is in this area B) .

So this is where we are at with things at the moment. A Quantity Surveyer is due to come out to see exactly what portion of land is in no-mans land and whether the septic tank will have to be moved or not :doh: .

There ends todays entry....

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