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Too Honest

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Today we had to escape the house for 2 viewings (both by the same people :) ) so off we went to Tesco to top up the Milk stocks etc.

Bought little fella some vitamin tablets (his eating habits at the mo leave a little to be desired :) ) and he shook them around the store happy as Larry.

At the checkout I chose a chap who looked really bored. To be fair he was very nice.....a bit too nice :) He was very nice :) but then I realised that he could infact be my son, which made me quite depressed :):)

Anyway, distraction over, little fella shook his vitamins at me as we were about to leave :) He had held on to them :doh: , so I had go back and pay for them. I apologised for my son's attempt at shoplifting to which the woman said I was too honest and most would have just walked out and not come back.

When we returned from holiday I discovered that we had accidently taken one of their towels :) Hubbie has told me I am NOT allowed to post it back to them but I am racked with guilt everytime I open the airing cupboard :)

I'm too honest B)

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Oh yes... been there, done that, blushed like a blushing thing! As toddlers the little lords were proper kleptomaniacs and I always went back and paid for the items they were clutching.

Lord P has no such problem, and quite happily relieves hotels of their property on a regular basis... I refuse to use the towels he purloined from one hotel... he has them in his bathroom!

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Two bathrooms, I expect nothing less from Lady P :D

Hubbie thinks I am daft but everytime I look at the towel (cheap white thing) I am racked with guilt :nonono:

Yep, I'm silly :rolleyes:

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Nothing wrong with honesty !

Steal said towel form bathroom and post it back with him knowing ! hang on thats theft and lying. You cant win!

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I love taking 'perishable' items from hotel rooms - it's not stealing really, if you paid for the room you're entitled I reckons (however this opinion may not be shared by others, particular hotel owners and Basil Fawlty).

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I accidently walked out of the supermarket with a large box of washing powder - we hung it by the toddler seat thingy that has a hook and totally forgot about it when we got to the checkout. I did, however, notice it on our way out the doors, and had a heart stopping moment.... but carried on regardless. The washing that month never smelt so sweet! :lol:

Honestly Katie, its one of those things - try not to feel guilty - the hotel probably hasnt noticed, and if they did, you have probably paid enough money to pay for a hundred towels!

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It was a static caravan, not a hotel :unsure:

We had to pay £20 for Linen packs, which included the towels, so maybe we were supposed to take them :whistling:

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