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In Hot Water Or Rather Not

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Last Sunday was supposed to be an early start but the alarm never went off, power cut.

A closer investigation showed the trip switch had cut off the electric and a failed emersion heater element was the cause.

Now we have been waiting some five months for our plumber (I'll be out next week) to come and fit a new emersion tank as the old one was leaking around a small split near where the element fits in, so as I am sure you can already guess, the wife was less than impressed.

I calmed her down and we set off, a little late but we still arrived in reasonable time.

On our return home we decided to have a little nightcap in the village pub. A quick chat with a few friends revealed an additional problem to the hot water scenario, the plumber was on holiday!

So we've spent an entire week without hot water. It's a great excuss not to have a shave, but the washing up has been done by heating a wok of water on the cooker every night and showering has meant a trip across the road to the inlaw's to use their facilities.

Thankfully the plumber is here this morning, but I reckon the next village I live in I'll be trying to find out if there is more than one good plumber resident locally.

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