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Wildlife Park

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Little fella went to a Wildlife park today with Kindergarten

When asking him what his favourite animal was he said "the ones we didn't see" :blink:

I asked him if the Lions were more active than last time we saw them (they were sat still for ever :unsure: )

He said "they were having cuddles" :nonono:

When pressed he said "Daddy lion gave mummy lion a big cuddle" :rolleyes:

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Which park Katie? The Cotswold one?

It's always been good there, although I haven't been for perhaps 8 years now.

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The one at Burford, with Zebras, Rhinos etc not the Farm park with lots of Cows etc

Strangely, it chucked it down at both when I went (luckily the sun shone for little fella :) )

He managed to take £2 and buy an ice cream, a trip on the train and a little thing that spins round with little lights inside....not bad for £2 :unsure: With further questions it appears that one of the mums who was "in charge" of him bought them for him :doh: Looks like we have to make a thank you card and maybe some choccies to say thank you ;)

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