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More House Viewings

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Much as I like people coming to view our house (and hopefully buy it) I hate having to tidy up :nonono: Hubbie reckons it's loads better than any houses we have viewed in the past and that's before I tidy up but I just want it to sell :(

Today was a 2nd viewing and, finger's crossed, they both seemed to like it (Wife came round by herself 1st time)

Other than cleaning the house, I don't feel I've done very much in the last week or so :unsure:

Went to Gloucester on Saturday. I've been briefly a month or so ago but previously it was 23 years when I last went :blink: I remember and reckognise one of the main streets there, although it is now pedestrianised. On Saturday we walked near a square I remembered, in my memory it had water features and looked really lovely. We turned the corner and my heart sank :( It was all run down and they were digging all the water features up. It's amazing how a place can go so downhill :rolleyes:

Anyway, moving on to Devon soon (hopefully) and pictures like this help warm my depressed heart :wub:

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She's a little sweetheart Katie... :)

Keep smiling my dear. (And don't do too much housework, it's not good for you, you know.)

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Oh Katie - she's beautiful :wub: hang in there hon, thinking of you

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I couldnt view the picture on my work computer - she really is gorg!

I can sympathise with going back somewhere you havent been for years. I recently went back and saw my old primary school. Although the main building hasnt changed, alot of the outside buildings have. In a way, I wish I hadnt saw it, as I would like to keep the old memories rather than the new!

I hope someone buys your house soon too Katie

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