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In the spirit of trying to sell the house, I decided to buy some curtains for the Kitchen/dining room.

Went into the metropolis of Cheltenham and bought some. Not too expensive but nice and House Doctory :nonono:

Got them home and later in the afternoon started asking Mr Loo where they were "you mean you want to put them up now" ......me "erm, yes"

Got one of them out and offered it up, too short :nonono: I checked the packet, right size :nonono: pulled the other from the packet and it was longer :unsure:

Ended up going back to the shop and getting some other ones (last in the shop, I wonder why :unsure: )

Managed to plant up lots of bedding plants and hope next week will bring some buyers :angry:

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Devon, the land of clotted cream, Wibs etc :unsure:

The company hubbie was working for went t**s up and he's managed to get another job in Devon, so here we go :rolleyes:

Could have been worse... could have been Appleby :unsure:

Stress levels are at about 11 out of 10 at the mo but I'm sure it will all work out in the wash :whistling:

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