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Decorating (pictures Included)

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snow raven


Easter weekend was spent decorating Mini Raven's bedroom. Mr Raven spent 1 hour 38 minutes helping to decorate (my stopclock was hidden) I spent 34 hours 11 minutes decorating (admitidly(sp) including drying time, and a trip to Chislehurst Caves on Good Friday)

Anyway, the yellow walls are the before pictures.


The pink walled pictures (and a lovely mini me (aka a young Catherine Zeta) looking lovely in her bedroom) are the finished bedroom decorating.


Not much else has been happening - other I was told I could be made redundant in February. However, I applied for a job in my office, and got it yesterday. Whoopee.

Edit. And yes, she has just turned 5 in those pictures, and not 9. I always imagine a 5 year old to be small and chubby. Obviously the Zeta genes are in the blood stream somewhere along the lines. Especially since Catherine is my twin. *cough*

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Well done SR :clap:

She looks much older than 5 :blink: I hope she appreciates your hard work :)

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well, she hasnt drawn on the walls yet, and its been finished nearly a week, so I think thats her way of showing us she appreciates it! :lol:

Oh, and her feet really arent that big in real life either!

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