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Training For 3 Peaks For Macmillan Cancer Relief

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Flat Land Andy's Goffer


Got home at 5.45pm yesterday after spending the weekend in Wales where little man and hubby climbed Snowdon on Saturday and Sunday as a training excercise for the 3 peaks challenge.

On Saturday they began climbing at 1.15pm and reached the summit at 3.45pm and had descended by 5.25pm a total of 4hrs 10mins accent and descent. This was partially up the watkins path and then along the ridge with a descent down the path next to the railway. The summit was extremely busy and they had no opportunity to take a photo at the triangulation point, but did take one near the cafe at the top( which wasn't open). On the descent they found a cafe open half way down and treated themselves to some chocolate. Both were really impressed with this days walking and pleased that they had completed such a difficult route up in good time. It was a beautiful day but both had got quite hot and sweaty and so I had to make sure that they took enough fluids on board otherwise they would struggle on the next days climb, being dehydrated.

On Sunday they began at 7.46am and descended at 12.06pm a total of 4hrs 20minutes. This was along the miners track at Llanberis. Both were disappointed with this effort but considering that they had to keep stopping to take waterproofs on and off etc and the conditions were changeable, it wasn't that bad to be honest. They started in cloud, the conditions got steadily worse and then on the descent the sun came out, so they had a bit of everything. There was only 3 other people at te summit so this time they had the opportunity to take a photo at the summit.

Little Man held up well but I need to force more high energy food into him for the 3 peaks as I am concerned that on the second days climbing he said he felt that he had no energy. Hubby was fine except for the fact that he had a crease in the tongue of his boot and this caused some discomfort in his foot on the descent. Also after this second climb he was ok walking up hill but struggled down hill, he has said that he has got to loose some weight and get fitter because he doesn't want to struggle.

The journey home led to an argument about navigation as the journey there had so this is something that I need to address because if I am driving between the summits I need to ensure that I have a defined and clear route to each mountain.

Anyway now today I have a couple of Little Man's friends here and I am trying to catch up on all the washing form the weekend. The campsite was ok, we had stayed there before but again it begs the fact that we need to amke sure that we have accommodation at the start and end of the 3 peaks challenge so that we can all be well rested before the start of the challenge and have somewhere comfortable to collapse afterwards.

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