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Reflux Hell !!

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Well Tilly seems to have reflux, which is where the muscle at the top of the stomach isn't strong enough to stop milk and stomach acid going back up and causing lots of pain.

I thought it was just me being over sensitive but I think she really does have it now :doh: So it's a case of trying to give her Baby Gaviscon on a regular basis <_<

On a more cheerful front, I've managed to get some tunes onto my pod and the sound quality is amazing :unsure: Sell your car, sell your house, sell your granny but buy an ipod :nonono:

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Poor Tilly :(

It's horrid when they are poorly and can't tell you what's wrong.

Oooh and I love my ipod! It's fantastic. Not only do I have all my music on it, I also have loads of audio files, including five Eddie Izzard shows :D

I'd recommend them to anyone!

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Katie I'm sorry to here you are going through hell with babes, my son had that in the end the only way he would sleep was in his car seat so he was only just lying back a little, every night we used to get the seat out of the car and bring it in the house. Its an awful time but if its any consolation to you he seemed to get alot better by the time he was 16 weeks old and gaviscon helped alot, so fingers crossed Tilly will settle for you soon, hope all goes well.x

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