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Flat Land Andy's Goffer


Just seem to be either waiting for results from hospitals or visiting hospitals at the moment. Had to take little man on Saturday to have an x-ray on his foot as after his collision/accident at football training on Thursday his foot wasn't getting any better. Whilst waiting to be called in Nanna was rushed in, in an Ambulance as an emergency, as she had had a fall and they were worried about her heart rate. Considering she is over 84 and has had 3 strokes and a couple of heart attacks I was really concerned, but thankfully she is ok.

Am getting a little anxious about getting my latest results, but I should be used to this by now. Am feeling pretty low as I have a bad cold and am in a lot of pain with other concerns as well, so I think this is a detrimental effect on my positive attitude and if I can shift this cold and get on top of the pain I am sure that I will be ok!

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