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Police Doing Door To Door Questioning

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Flat Land Andy's Goffer


After dropping Little Man off at school this morning and calling into the post office and then the newsagents, I noticed that the police had an unusually high presence in the village.

Then when I went to school later in the day I noticed the forensics team. At this point I just thought that there might have been a burglary or something, but then this evening they continued with door to door enquiries throught the village as a 46 year old woman appears to have gone missing under suspicious circumstances. The police are sufficiently concerned that they have started all of their investigations immediately upon notification. Her husband last saw her at 5.30am and he reported her missing at 8.45pm, she hadn't even been missing 24hrs, so they must be concerned.

Her and her husband only moved into the village at christmas time.

It has made me a little uneasy and yet again I won't be letting little man out of my sight. In the past we have had flashers, an attempted child abduction and strange people hanging around the school when the children have been leaving school and no-one seemed to know who they were or who they were supposedly coming to collect. And this is all in a village, albeit only 7 miles from a city, but when I was a child we used to go to the park in groups or arrange to meet at the park etc etc and never thought anything of it and we lived in the city.

I just pray that she is ok, wherever she is

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How frightening for you, you read about this sort of thing but never expect it to happen right on your doorstep like you I hope she is ok, the police must be very concerned to start investigating so quickly. My children go to a village school and we have had a couple of incidents of strangers hanging around, it is a worry - like you say years ago you met up with friends and thought nothing of it. We live in a lane there are lovely woods just up the road we walk the dog as a family but even though he is an alsation I am always worried about walking him alone - its a sad world we live in. Take care of you.

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