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Estate Agents

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Today saw the first of 3 estate agents coming to value our house.

Why are they all so similar (no offence to estate agents) I would like to think accountants coming in many different personalities (Mr Crazy Snowfan being one ;) )

Anyway, his valuation was not too bad considering we have only been here 3.5 months but their fee is 1.75%, which seems high compared to when we sold last. I shall wait to see what the others quote :unsure:

Hubbie is busy finishing off the bathroom before starting his new job (he's looking forward to going back to work for a rest :nonono: ) and I'm busy painting when Princess Tilly allows me <_<

Off to buy a LCD TV for the bedroom tomorrow :doh: Our bedroom is quite small and would look better with one (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it ;) )

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They might have different personalities, but there might be a certain "work" personality that estate agents generally adopt... I could be way off the mark here though!

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You will love Devon...

Hint: Don't live in Plymouth - it's grimy, smelly, dangerous and unpleasant and really is nothing like the rest of Devon - i should know, I lived there for 10 months!

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