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The Start.

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Well I thought I would make a start on the contents of my blog (thank you Matt)

Today has been a tiring day got up at 5:30 yesterday morning after 55 minute sleep due to o/h kicking me all night.

Took her into work as she does not have a car at the moment after we sold hers last week, ready for when the new one is delivered next week, wich I am looking forward to as I won't have to taxi her around. got back home and was wide awake for an hour so thought it was not worth sleeping again as I would feel worse when I woke up, bad idea.

Picked o/h up from work at 14:45 and went to the florist to sort out wedding flowers (July wedding) but the woman had no books, so that was a waste of time.

when we got home o/h went to sleep on the sofa and left me in peace untill 9 in the evening when I cooked dinner.

and that was my day.

not very interesting I know but very tired now so goodnight.

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