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Spring Has Sprung

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Well, this week has been great as Nellie has finally broken the 9lb mark, and is now 9lb 5oz!!!! <_<

She's sooooo much fun now...is smiling at everything and anything (even managed to disrupt my post natal class first aid class yesterday by laughing and smiling at the poor girl giving us the resuscitation lesson!).

The last few days have been grand: the health visitor has finally decided that she's perfectly fit and healthy (no, really? like we didn't know that...) but is just small, and so we no longer have to do weekly weighings. This has made me so much more happy.....I really don't like all the medical stuff, and would much rather go with the flow (unless of course anything is wrong).

Went to the garden centre this morning and got some primroses and window boxes and Mr Roo planted them out...the house looks really cheerful! What with that and the big bunch of dafs I bought at the weekend, I'm feeling like spring is nearly here! :unsure: :nonono:

Some more pics...



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Excellent news :D

She certainly looks likes she's thriving and there is something really lovely about baby giggles :wub:

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