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Families-are they harder work than friends

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Knives in School(PRIMARY that is)

I spoke to a friend today who told me that her 10yr old son, who is a close friend of Little mans and who spends a lot of time with us as a family(holidays included), had had his head smashed against a fence twice, punched in the face and then kicked in the stomach. He, being a strong boy both physically and emotionally, actually dealt with it very well and laughed at his attacker and ran away. His attacker is also 10 and has been in the same class at school with her son since they started scho

Flat Land Andy's Goffer

Flat Land Andy's Goffer


All Change

Lots of things have happened since my last blog. We eventually decided on the 3 choices for little mans secondary school, not withstanding a lot of stress and trying to fight our way through the mindfield of which school would be best for him as an individual. <_< We wont be told until 1.3.07 which school he has been allocated by the LEA, but regardless I hope that the 3 choices are the "best" ones for him. He did so very very well in his 11+ that the choice was made slightly harder as it

Flat Land Andy's Goffer

Flat Land Andy's Goffer


Pass Mark

We actually got little mans official pass mark today for his 11+. The required mark to reach was 220 and needless to say when we were told that his was "phenominal in comparison to his peers" I was obviously proud. :unsure: Having phoned the grammar school where he actually sat the exam and got his mark I wasn;t just proud I was ABSOLUTLEY BLOWN AWAY! I have always known that he had the potential to do well, but this was "phenominal" as described by his new headmaster. We have decided not to

Flat Land Andy's Goffer

Flat Land Andy's Goffer


Celebrations all round

Well we have just come back from our favourite chinese restaurant. Little mans Nanny and Great Nanny and Uncle Chris came with us. It was his nannies birthday on 12th so we had booked the restaurant initially for that, but also for the fact that we were expecting to get Little Mans 11+ results today and we were hoping that he would have passed. Well I am not sure who was on more tender hooks waiting for the postman this morning, me, Andy or Little Man. We received a phone call first thing this

Flat Land Andy's Goffer

Flat Land Andy's Goffer


Feeling Under the weather

I have been suffering with a bad cold for a while now and am feeling somewhat under the weather. Can't taste, smell or hear anything and I am still on a no fat diet because of the pancreatitis and the pain that I get if I eat anything remotely fatty. :lol: Have been on this low fat diet now for 7 months and I cant see the end in site. At one point I couldn't tolerate too much sugar either because my pancreas was struggling to control my insulin levels. Have you ever tried shopping for "treats"

Its over!

Can't believe it has been so long since my last entry. I have been reading everyone elses blogs but have not done anything on my own. :o Really this is just a quick note to say that Little Man has finished his 11+ examinations and now we can all relax a little while. He has changed Primary schools as well and started at the local primary school on 6.9.06, so its all change! Quite stressful as I am not sure that changing for the final year of Primary school was a good idea, but he seems to be ok

Flat Land Andy's Goffer

Flat Land Andy's Goffer


22 Hours 3 Minutes And 30 Secs Yeah!!!!!

Well he did it! But what I am more proud of is how he did it. Little man was just so focused on what he had set in his own mind was required of him to complete this challenge. His schedule was as follows: 5 hours to climb Ben Nevis, 4 for Scarfell Pike and 5 for Snowdon with 10 hours drive time. Little Man climbed Ben Nevis in 4hrs 41 mins & 24secs, he came down and stretched off his muscles( without be told to), got in the car, took his boots and socks off, ate a pot noodle and some other

3 Peaks In 24 Hours

Little Man has been in training for his 3 Peaks challenge and climbed Snowdon twice at Easter and Scarfell Pike on 28.5.06. This week it is all preparation for his Carbohydrate intake, sleep and general relaxation and retaining as much energy as possible. He his also sitting his practice 11+ exams and in general has an awful lot on. I am really concerned that the sponsorship for the 3 peaks is basically non existent and I am annoyed that people are just so complaicent about his efforts. I don'

Well It Has Finally Happened

A little while since my last blog and I am not sure I can remember everything that has happened, but the most recent and disruptive is that on Friday 5.5.06 I received a phone call from an estate agents asking when they could come and take photographs and measurements as the landlord was selling the house. The letting agents had not advised us and to be honest I was a little annoyed! We have been here 5 years and they didn't even have the decency to tell us! It was the estate agents that told u

Training For 3 Peaks For Macmillan Cancer Relief

Got home at 5.45pm yesterday after spending the weekend in Wales where little man and hubby climbed Snowdon on Saturday and Sunday as a training excercise for the 3 peaks challenge. On Saturday they began climbing at 1.15pm and reached the summit at 3.45pm and had descended by 5.25pm a total of 4hrs 10mins accent and descent. This was partially up the watkins path and then along the ridge with a descent down the path next to the railway. The summit was extremely busy and they had no opportunity

Cold Inside- Is Your Child Whiter Than White

It is a beautiful day oustide and hubby and little man have gone for a bike ride to try to keep little man's fitness levels up ready for doing the 3 peaks in 24hrs, despite his injured foot. :unsure: He has been ok with his foot, but has been reacting somewhat inappropriately to certain things at school. I say inappropriately, but to be honest I feel that he has just reacted as any frustrated, angry 10yr old would, but parents have felt the need to comment on it, without listening to his reas


Just seem to be either waiting for results from hospitals or visiting hospitals at the moment. Had to take little man on Saturday to have an x-ray on his foot as after his collision/accident at football training on Thursday his foot wasn't getting any better. Whilst waiting to be called in Nanna was rushed in, in an Ambulance as an emergency, as she had had a fall and they were worried about her heart rate. Considering she is over 84 and has had 3 strokes and a couple of heart attacks I was real

Police All Around

The police have kept a high profile in the village again today and forensics are still around as well. Police are on "guard" at the property and there is still no sign of her. What must her poor family be going through. Please please please all of you out there take care of yourselves.

Police Doing Door To Door Questioning

After dropping Little Man off at school this morning and calling into the post office and then the newsagents, I noticed that the police had an unusually high presence in the village. Then when I went to school later in the day I noticed the forensics team. At this point I just thought that there might have been a burglary or something, but then this evening they continued with door to door enquiries throught the village as a 46 year old woman appears to have gone missing under suspicious circum

Presentation To Little Man

Have had a strange week this week. Eventually got to the boiler working again on Thursday evening and therefore had hot water and heating for the first time in 7 days! The young gentleman, who I have to say was extremely pleasant and knowledgeable, advised that the boiler had been leaking water and gas into the area where the electrics were and apparently LPG is heavier than natural gas and would therefore have sat at the bottom of the hearth where the electrics and pilot light are. :unsure: Y

What Will Next Week Bring?

Have been busy washing doing housework etc, but took time out to take Little Man to the cinema this afternoon. We went to see the Chronicles of Narnia and all thoroughly enjoyed it! I had forgotten how enthralling CS Lewis was as an author, mental note to myself . . . . must borrow little mans books and re-read them(After I have finished Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, Next to You and Darcy's story!) With Little Man having finished the walk I am not reading as much as I was. Whilst they


Have been sooooo stressed this week. Really busy at work and trying to motivate men that act like children is becoming very trying and tiring! Have also received an email from our letting agents advising that the owner of the property is sending estate agents around to value the property. We went through this in October and now here we go again, but no-one will actually say "Yes he is thinking of selling" or is going to sell. The owner is abroad. In December we had our annual gas safety check

Hey Ho Here We Go

Been quite a while since my last blog, so thought I should just post a quickie. As I am sure anyone who has been following little mans efforts to complete the Macmillan Way, we finished last week. We have a very relaxing weekend this weekend as I know that there is plenty to do with actually collecting monies in now that he has finished, but to be honest I just wanted to chill for a short while. Little man is going on a Geography field trip this week with school. This is the first time that a ye

Flat Land Andy's Goffer

Flat Land Andy's Goffer


What Next?

Been a little while since I posted so thought I would do a quick update. Little Man received his Chief Silver Scout award a couple of weeks ago and last week got his 4 years badge for being in the scouting movement. This year is the 90th year of cubs so he got a badge for that aswell. He recently got his book readers badge and art badge so all I seem to do at the moment is sew badges onto his cubs uniform! We have got a weekend at home this week and I planned on doing so much around the house b

Flat Land Andy's Goffer

Flat Land Andy's Goffer



Just a quick update. Little mans story of his endeavours for Macmillan Cancer Relief was in the local paper this evening. It is a young reporter that ran the original story and then did this follow up. I have to say he has been really great and very supportive of Little Mans challenge, so that is really nice. As I said in my previous blog it is nothing put stress at work and when I get home I am just exhausted. Little Man has got a "job" at the after school club. He has agreed with the leader to

Flat Land Andy's Goffer

Flat Land Andy's Goffer


2005 Good Or Bad

Happy New Year everyone. Have had family over for big family meal today, which little man thoroughly enjoyed. Great nanny always manages to eat more here than anywhere else so that is a good indication of the fact that she enjoys coming and the company. I hope that 2006 will be a better year, but I know that I am going to be having a least one operation this year and probably more. But I must not complain as they are doing these to try to increase my chances of survival from certain cancers and


Didn't realise it was so long since my last blog. Managed to finish the scout christmas post on 22.12.05 and so wasn't delivering cards on christmas eve as in previous years. Will make a note for the future that collecting in the boxes on 20.12.05 was a GOOD idea. Well for the first time ever Adam was up and down the stairs on christmas eve and we had real trouble getting him to go to sleep. In all the years passed he has been in bed by 8.30pm and asleep straight away, but not this year for so

Christmas Performances/parties & Decorum

Well the christmas performances are over and little man did really well. Some of the others froze and couldn't get their lines out and so others had to improvise, others walked off stage, but little man just got on with it and that was that. On Monday we have got their christmas parties at school and so we have finished making the decorations for the hall for their discos in the afternoon. I will decorate the hall in the morning after their assembly. On Wednesday it is the christingle service at

Flat Land Andy's Goffer

Flat Land Andy's Goffer


First Night Nerves

It is little mans first night of his christmas performance tonight so everything is a bit of a rush to make sure that he has had something to eat before we leave, for hubby to actually get home at a reasonable time so that he can get showered etc ready to leave and for me to get back their as soon as possible to help with the setting up of things for the PTA. By the end of the evening I think I will be going ga ga from all of the rushing around and trying to get things done and of course there i

Flat Land Andy's Goffer

Flat Land Andy's Goffer


Nativity Performances

Nothing much to report today, other than I have a terrible cold coming and we are supposed to be going to hubby xmas dinner dance on Friday. Typical, I bet I will look like death warmed up and feel even worse! Am busy sorting the scouts xmas post and arranging and organising the PTA fund raising events for the nativity performances tomorrow and Thursday. Am busy sorting out the festivities for the childrens parties on the 19th and generally wishing that there were more hours in the day. Had bett

Flat Land Andy's Goffer

Flat Land Andy's Goffer

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