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AWT'S Winter Forecast 2013/2014

[b]DECEMBER...[/b]A mild-very mild month with long periods of south westerly winds. More unsettled in more northern and western areas with little sunshine and persistent rainfall. During the latter half of the month there may be a more progressive outlook with a trend of short cooler and showery spells - especially in northern and western areas - aswell as a risk of the odd gale. Temperatures 0.75 to 2.0C above average. CET 6.3C. Rainfall 85% of the average in southern and eastern areas, around 100% of the average further north and west. Sunshine 0-5% below in the NW, perhaps 0-5% above in SE.

[b]JANUARY...[/b]A closer to average month, if not a little below average. Unsettled for much of the first half with plenty of wind and rain, a mixture of mild and cold spells (some high ground snow from time to time and occasional drier, settled days. Generally less active atlantic around mid month onwards with a trend for below average conditions during latter part of month with a risk of frost and lowland snowfall - especially in northern or even eastern areas - potential frontal snowfall in western areas towards end of month. Temperature 0.75C below to 0.25C above average. CET 3.6C. Rainfall 75-100% of the average. Sunshine 5% above average.

[b]FEBRUARY...[/b]Close to average or slightly below. A return to unsettled, atlantic weather for spells but generally staying fairly cold - especially in the northern areas - and cold, anticylconic periods inbetween - occasional milder days (prominently in southern and western areas and especially for periods during the second half of the month). Temperatures 0.6 below average to 0.5 above average. CET 3.4C. Rainfall 70-95%. Sunshine 0-10% above average.


Second week: Mild to very mild. Drier and some brighter conditions in more southern and eastern areas whilst more widespread and persistent cloud cover in northern and western areas with more rain and a stronger wind.
Third week: Generally staying mild - more changeable with spells of wind and rain for all areas but a chance of brief, cooler interludes from the west.
Final week: Staying unsettled and changeable. Brief settled spells with some frost overnight inbetween depressions - a risk of some heavy rain and gales. Fairly mild but a chance of a brief northerly towards the end of the month.


First week: Very unsettled with wet and windy conditions. Some colder days with a risk of snow in the north but also some milder air at times too.
Second week: Starting unsettled with some wet and windy conditions - then becoming a little quieter and cooler with maybe a risk of snow towards the end of the period.
Third week: Starting fairly settled and cold with some frost and some snow at times. Becoming a bit more unsettled from the west but staying quite chilly with a risk of further snow in the north.
Final week: Changeable to begin with some chilly conditions at times - especially in the north - but it will turn more settled and much colder with potentially harsh frosts and some snow. February - more detailed forecast. First week. Unsettled with some spells of rain from showers and fronts and some strong winds at times. Temperatures close to or slightly above average. Second week. Initially very wet and windy but turning a settled from the south bringing a risk of frost before turning wet, windy and mild. Third week. Unsettled and chilly in the north, settled and mild in the se. Generally unsettled with more wet and windy conditions but with some drier - and in the north - colder interludes. Final week. Remaining unsettled - particularly in the nw - but perhaps drier in the se at times. Further changeable conditions with some colder interludes possible.

A Winter's Tale

A Winter's Tale


AWT'S Autumn Forecast 2013

[b]SEPTEMBER...[/b]An above average month overall with some periods of warm weather (mainly in the first half) with some more autumnal and changeable spells inbetween and for longer periods at times in the latter half. Temperatures 0.0C to 1.25C above average. CET 14.1C. Rainfall 75-95% of the average (likelyhood of more rain in NW) with dry weather likely; seasonal rainfall bringing the total closer to average. Sunsine 0-10% above average.

[b]OCTOBER...[/b]A slightly above average month with some warm periods possible at stages of the first half but some more average, and at times chilly autumnal weather for spells throughout the month should keep the overall temperature closer to average. Rainfall should vary with alternating settled/unsettled spells - frequent frontal activity likely in the second half. CET 10.8C. Rainfall 85-100% of the average, seasonal rainfall but not too excessive nor persistent. Sunshine 0-5% above average.

[b]NOVEMBER...[/b]Changeable with temperatures close to average, generally unsettled throughout the month other than some quieter/settled days spells from time to time. A possibility for mild spells at times in the first half in and amongst the changeable but normal frontal activity.Potentially a chilly and quieter period during the latter part of November. CET 7.2C. Rainfall 90-105% - most of the rain in the NW but everywhere should see a fair amount of rain off the atlantic. Sunshine 0-5% above average.


First week: A warm/hot start to the month - especially in the south - but becoming more unsettled from the north with more rainfall.
Second week: A continued influence with low pressure, temperatures close to average - sometimes warm in a few regions - and some spells of wet weather coming and going.
Third week: High pressure may start to build from the south to bring drier and maybe warmer weather to southern regions whilst changeable conditions remain further north. A return to unsettled weather later with a chilly and showery NWly.
Final week: Starting changeable with spells of wet weather, temperatures close to average/or occasionally chilly. Becoming quieter later with some warmth possible in the south.


Second week: After a mild start it should turn considerably colder with fresh northerly winds bringing mostly dry but chilly conditions. Frosts likely in places for a few nights and the first chance of high ground snow in NE Scotland. Turning more settled - especially in the north - whilst the south remains vulnerable to precipitation.
Third week: Starting with high pressure close to northern areas whilst some wetter or potentially windier and mild conditions affect southern areas. Becoming unsettled across the British Isles with wet, windy and mild and fairly changeable weather.
Final week: Alternating periods of some quieter, settled spells with a chance of frosts in places and some unsettled spells bringing periods of rainfall and wind. A chance of the odd northerly toppler.


First week: Fairy typical early November conditions with fairly chilly temperatures for many away from the far south - some spells of sunshine aswell as showers and some frontal rainfall. Quite windy at times, frost overnight and snow at times on the high ground in Scotland.
Second week: Continuing unsettled, autumnal conditions with spells of rain in the form of both fronts and showers. Some sunny interludes aswell as frosts on some nights and some further hill snow in Scotland.
Third week: Turning a bit more settled from the south - always a greater risk of rain further NW but it should become quieter, drier but some fog patches and frosty nights.
Final week: Starting settled before unsettled weather arrives from the west. This should be followed by a cool showery NWly flow.

A Winter's Tale

A Winter's Tale


My Weather Diary of July 2013

1st July: Welcome to the first day of July, like August this is traditionally one of the warmest months of the summer but it can be renowned for thundery downpours and humid conditions aswell as hot and dry summer weather. It's been a while since we've had a truly great summer month. The last was July 2006 - although June 2010 was decent and last month got off to a good start - and since then we've been more familiar with classic winter months than summer. And in the past few years, there has been some well and truly wet weather in July. Can this month improve on the good start to last month or will it be the same old story? Well, today, a showery airmass was over the country although I didn't observe any precipitation. There was some pleasant conditions with clear and sunny intervals and bright conditions aswell as some passing clouds. Quite breezy in the westerly wind. There was little in the way of clear patches later this evening with generally cloudy skies but not too dull. Now it is calm, but overcast ahead of a soaking wet day tomorrow. But ater this week it could turn settled and warmer?

2nd July: A wide and large front saw an extensive band of rain sit and slowly corss the country today. It wasn't particulary heavy rain, more like steady drizzle for much of the day making for a disapointing day. And it is still drizzly outside. A few more unsettled days before the Azores High is set to make things more settled and warmer for the weekend and into next week.

3rd July: A brighter day overall with a mix of intervals of both sunshine/clear skies and cloud and it was fairly pleasant and calm. Recently it has become cloudier with an approaching front which is set to bring rain for tomorrow - thereafter and it is a more summery looking picture.

4th July: There was soime sunshine and blue skies for periods earlier today but it was quite breezy and at times there was some strong gusts. There was also some clouds and I recall during the evening alternating cloud cover/clear skies. This gave way to a variety of skyscapes and colours/ambiance with a constantly changing look to the sky during the evening. Around 8pm it was largely overcast but with ridges and pockets of clear skies and around 9-10pm there was a mixture of cloud cover and clear skies: different colours of the sun shinning on certain parts of the landscape/clouds and different tones of blue in the clearer pockets across the sky (a pale blue further south and east). It did however seem more autumnal than July. Recently there has been more alternating period of areas of cloud cover and clearer skies (with some light after dusk) and a clearer/cold looking sky with starts out - rolling across the sky. Tomorrow should be mostly dry, western Scotland isn't immune from some rainfall. It is then set to turn warmer and more settled.

5th July: A warm, quite balmy day. It started bright with hazy sunshine, blue skies with scattered white cloud and a pleasant breeze. For a time in the early evening it turned a bit cloudier before warm hazy sunsine, blue skies and scattered white cloud returned. ....

A Winter's Tale

A Winter's Tale


AWT'S Summer Forecast 2013

[b]JUNE...[/b] Overall, close to average or slightly above, following a settled and warm start, the unsettled period should prevail for another week or two (with some bright and warm interludes at times) before possibly turning drier and warmer later in the month. Temperatures 0.5C below to 0.75C above average. CET 14.9C. Rainfall generally 85-90%. Possibly some thundery downpours at times. Sunshine between 5-10% above average.

[b]JULY...[/b] An overall warm month, at times hot with the possibility of heatwaves - mainly in the south - but there is also a possibility of some unsettled and cool spells inbetween. The best of the heat and settled conditions is expected for the latter half of the month - at times humid and thundery. Temperatures 0.25 to 1.25 above average. CET 17.0C. Rainfall 65-85% across southern regions, 75- 90% north west. Sunshine 5-15% above average.

[b]AUGUST[/b][b]... [/b]Average or slightly above. Some warm or hot spells, possibly frequent but fairly brief. Atlantic low pressure could be influential at times and possibly some cooler and unsettled weather to make for an average month temperature wise. Temperatures 0.25 below to 0.5C above average. Rainfall 85-90% in the south to 95% in the north west. Sunshine 0-5% above average.


Second week: Unsettled with rain affecting many parts of the British Isles, some windy weather too but there should also be some sunny and clear spells from time to time for some parts. Temperatures below the norm.
Third week: Staying unsettled with some flooding possible in prone areas. Possibly drier in the far north west. Potentially turning a little settled later with temperatures on the rise.
Final week: Generally more settled with just a few showers in places at times and the odd front affecting the very west. Sunny and calm conditions and quite warm temperatures and at times hot.


First week: After some unsettled weather, it should turn more settled with much warmer and drier conditions. Temperatures by the end of the period could be in the high 20s in the south.
Second week: Staying settled and warm or hot for much of the period. Temperatures on occasions could reach the low 30s in some locations in the south. Mostly dry other than the odd shower and plenty of sunshine for most.
Third week: Possibly starting unsettled but low pressure may then make enrodes from the NW bringing some changeable conditions with some precipitation to NWrn areas. It may stay warmer and drier in southern and eastern areas but low pressure should be more influential as the period goes on.
Final week: Possibly starting changeable with periods of rainfall at times. Temperatures possibly a little disapointing but it could be warm in any sunny intervals. Turning more settled and warmer later.


Second week: Intially quite bright with a mixture of sunshine/cloud but there is also the risk of showers. Pleasant temperatures in the sunshine -especially in the south. Low pressure making enrodes into the NW bringing unsettled and wetter conditions. Later, high pressure may bring settled and warm conditions across England and Wales whilst Scotland and NI remain prone to rainfall and stay cool.
Third week: Starting mostly settled and warm in the south whilst northern areas remain cooler and more unsettled. Then, it may turn more settled and warm/hot for most before becoming thundery and humid.
Final week: A changeable period, with a chance of one or two brief warm spells and some dry weather but also a likelyhood for unsettled conditions resulting in some wet, windy and cool weather from time to time.

A Winter's Tale

A Winter's Tale


My Weather Diary of June 2013

1st June: Today is the first day of summer 2013. After a cold theme to the first 5 months of the year, will 2013 and bring a well over-due good summer? Today, there was a few heavy showers earlier in the morning and afternoon and some passing cloudy intervals but during the evening there was a good deal of late, summer sunshine and blue skies. Around dusk, about half of the sky was clear with some patches of cloud cover around - quite similar just now with some groups of clouds moving in from the west. Tomorrow could be a cool, cloudy day but in general the coming days should be on the settled side.

2nd June: Another nice summer's day with calm, bright and largely clear conditions for much of the day with some particular pleasant conditions and clear skies this afternoon and evening. It was fairly clear earlier around dusk but now it has turned a little more overcast. The coming days look mainly settled, mostly dry with perhaps a few showers and pleasant temperatures too.

3rd June: Yet another good day in what has been a pretty pleasant spell of early summer weather. It was fairly cloudy but bright this morning/noon but it turned even brighter as clouds began to seperate on a warm afternoon. It did turn a bit cloudier once more this afternoon with a few light showers before turning clearer again during another nice evening. Just now conditions are calm, a mixture of clear patches with stars and thin cloud cover. This week looks set to be settled, largely dry and fairly warm. A much better start to summer this year!!!

4th June: Another fantastic summer's day with a high of 21C. There was plenty of clear blue skies and real look and feeling of summer. Just a few small white clouds sprinkled across the sky. Feeling very pleasant in the warm temperatures with a nice breeze. A little bit cloudier now. The rest of this week looks set to be dry, settled and fairly warm. June 2013; so far so good.

5th June: Not as good as yesterday. It was pretty warm with a high of 20C in the early afternoon. There was a bit of brightness and blue skies for a time around noon but it was quite humid and became largely cloudy with a few spots of rain. A few smaller clear patches appeared in the evening, but now it is a clear night other than a few small, isolated clouds. Some more settled and warm weather to come!!!

6th June: A marvelous summer day! Quite hazy blue skies with fluffy clouds this morning but it was a stunning warm (but breezy in Fife) day with plenty of glorious sunshine over the rich summer countryside. In the sky, there were cirrus clouds and a few small medium-level clouds in certain parts of the sky. It was a perfect day to sit outside and have a drive through Fife! The evening was fantastic with another amazing sunset on the drive home. Fantastic colours in the sky with a hazy pink/purple on the horizon and classic summery late evening skyscapes with cirrus clouds and other clouds with various different colours on them across different parts of the sky as the sun slowly set to the NW. It's a fantastic summer's night with barely a cloud to be seen. The good weather is set to continue!

7th June: Another stunning summer's day with nothing but unspoilt sunshine and blue skies (a variety of a few fair weather clouds in sections of the sky at times). A warm day, a slight breeze and maximum temperatures of 20C. Another calm, mostly lear night. The sunset and arrival of darkness is later and slower at this time of year and there is still some light outside, long after sunset. Cloudy looking north towards the Trossachs and beyond but in general there is only a few small, thin clouds in the clear sky and some cirrus clouds. At this time of year, it is always fascinating to watch the different colours between clouds. The fine weatheris here to stay for at least another 2-3 days but the during the middle of next week it is going to be much more unsettled.

8th June: A warm day with a maximum of 22C and plenty of sunshine and blue skies. In the afternoon/evening there was stunning clear, blue skies with a few white fluffy cliuds and some cumulonimbus clouds on occasions. At 10pm there was another stunning sunset at Queen's view with firey colours towards the mountains near and beyond Loch Lomond. Barely a cloud in the sky away from the east where there was an area of cloud cover which gradually became thinner. The colours at dusk are amazing with pale blue/green to the north/west and the rest of the sky tonight did not have the same deep darkness of nights in other times of the year. There was a purple haze to the southern horizon at sunset. The clouds to the east did not detract any feeling away from the fine clear summer evening whilst other clouds blend into the night sky - some clouds did stand out however - as darkness makes enrodes slowly. Now it is aalm, clear, starry night with barely a cloud in the sky. It has been a fantastic spell of summer weather. Let's hope there'll be more spells like this to end the run of inconsistent and below par summers from 2007.

9th June: Another stunning day! This summer has got off to a fantastic start. Plenty of sunshine and clear blue skies, but a hazier looking blue sky than yesterday and here seemed to be less clouds in the sky aswell. The day ended with another classic summer sunset as daylight slowly waned into night. It's another calm, clear night with some thin cloud cover blending with the sky. Tomorrow could be the last day of this settled period before things turn unsettled.

10th June: A dry, but coolr and cloudier day in this spell of fine early summer weather. Much of the day was calm but there was a thin covering of cloud. Some brightness did come through the clouds and in the afternoon for a time he clouds began to seperate and there was some sunshine and blue skies but it didn't last too long. In the evening, for a time it looked like it might rain. Just now it might actually be clear but the hazy night sky makes it hard to distinguish the presence of clouds but I assume clouds are seperated than earlier. A nice calm night too. Tomorrow, cloud cover and some rain will spread from the west. The next coming days are set to be unsettled.

11th June: Today certainly saw a return to predominately cloudy, dull and at times damp conditions. Certainly cooler and a bit darker compared to the days during the fantastic spell which lasted for the first third of the month. Rain was on and off today with a weak band moving in from the west and recently I could hear rain hitting the window. Unsettled for the coming days with some rain at times.

12th June: A better day than yesterday as the persistent rain cleared to the north. During the day some brightness and clearer patches developed through the moisture filled clouds. And during the evening it became mostly clear with fewer and fewer clouds. Just now it is a calm and a clear night. Still some brightness before midnight and the stars are coming out. Just a few thin and small, isolated strips of white clouds. A southerly tracking jet is resulting in more unsttled conditions.

13th June: The unsettled spell continues. There was not much rain today but there was some cloudy skies (but it wasn't all that dark). It was also pretty breeze. However conditions became a bit clearer later in the evening and parts of the sky became clear during the evening with thinner clouds. Just now it is half clear/loudy and much calmer. The stars are out but there are some areas of thin orange cloud. Tomorrow is looking showery.

14th June: Low pressure still in influene and will still be in control for a while yet. A breezy day with clous being blown across the sky - mostly cloudy; at times grey - but some clearer and brighter spells developed for a time before being blown away. During the evening increased showery activity moved in from the south west and for much of the evening and this night - it has been overcast and damp. Some more unsettled weather to come but Saturday could be a decent day.

15th June: For the morning and into the early afternoon a front moving in from the south west stalled and brought heavy, persistent rain and dull, overcast and quite breezy conditions. In the evening some clear and bright patches and spells developed through the clouds - although the ground remainded damp and it was still quite breezy - and later this evening and recently, for spells it was largely clear. But all in all, today was more autumnal than summer but tomorrow is looking like a better day - but only a breif spell.

16th June: There was some glorious sunny spells with mostly clear, blue skies this morning and early afternoon - a bit later it became generally mostly cloudy with some brief clear intervals as periods of medium-level cloud cover prevailed. It was quite warm too. Recently skies have become largely clear and starry on a calm night with just a few scattered clouds at times. Tomorrow, mostly dry, maybe a shower and quite warm.

17th June: The forecast was for brightness and sunny spells but today turned out to be dry, quite warm and muggy, calm but mostly cloudy with overcast medium-level cloud cover for much of the day - with some light rain. Tomorrow again should be dry, quiet warm and maybe some brightness. Possibly staying dry for another day.

18th June: Today started quite cloudy and benign like yesterday but gradually the cloud cover began to thin and break up leading to an evening of blue skies, sunshine with just a few groups of thin, fair weather cloud. As the summer solstice approaches, sunset and dusk is late and it is a long process to darkness. A pruple haze to the eastern sky around sunset. Just now it is a calm and mostly clear night - just a few thin, almost transparent patches of cloud is parts of the night sky. The weather could be decent for the next two days before turning unsettled.

19th June: A promising start with intervals of sunshine and blue skies but in the afternoon and early evening it became more overcast before sunshine and blue skies soon began to breakthrough. This lead to a lovely, calm evening with clear blue skies - cirrus clouds and some faint, thin clouds in parts of the sky. The moon was out in the daylight in the evening. After the long and late transition of day to night, it is currently a calm, clear night, with some faint clouds blending with the moon in the west. Turning unsettled.

20th June: The last of the warms days. Some hazy, cloud cover this morning, influenced by a front bringing rain to NW Scotland but in the afternoon the sky was hazy with some clear patches - generally bright and it was quite sunny for a time. There was a brief shower in the afternoon - qute muggy. This evening and just now it has become overcast because of some rain moving in tonight - the start of unsettled weather.

21st June: The longest day of the year. It turned out better than I expected, with some forecasts going for a weak front of patchy rain to move northwards into Scotland. I didn't notice any rain but I recall this morning being on the cloudy side. However, later in the afternoon and early evening there was some fine summer conditions with warm sunshine, a breeze and clear blue skies with scattered, white fluffy clouds. However, the conditions faded away as a ceilling of grey, high in the sky rolled in from the west ahead of an area of low pressure. The sky to the west was just a plain sheet of grey. Just now the sky seems to be a misty, overcast with some rough bits of cloud here and there. Tomorrow should be a pretty wet day as low pressure dominates.

22nd June: The rain front passed over during the early hours, and some other features and showers followed behind in the morning brining some heavy rain for periods. Thereafter, there was not much in the way of rain as most of the showers missed here - it was mostly cloudy, blown in from the west - but early in the afternoon there was some fine sunshine, blue skies and white shower clouds. Just now, clouds are moving across the sky from west to east: quite thin andrough and not very low clouds with clear patches inbetween. After tomorrow, it could be settled and quiet for a period.

23rd June: More like April or October than the 23rd of June! Low pressure situated just to the east of the country. Here and at Loch Goil there wasn't any rain at all in comparison to NE Scotland. There was quite a brisk and chilly breeze. A mostly cloudy day with a textured/rough layer of cloud at 2500-3000ft moving fast across the sky driven by a strong wind. However, the cloud cover was thin enough for it to be bright and for some pockets of sunshine and blue skies to appear from time to time. Just now, it is much calmer, still mostly cloudy but much thinner and still compared to earlier with some clear pockets. With low pressure to the east, NWly winds should be across the country tomorrow - it should be mostly dry and temperatures in themid-high teens. High pressure to be more influential later.

24th June: A much better day. No rain that I'm aware of and much, much calmer than yesterday aswell as bright, sunny and clear conditions resembling a decent summer day. Clear blue skies for much of the day with some white clouds. Just now it is a very calm and a very clear night with the moon and stars out. A cold night is on the cards and the air is much clearer looking than the hazy/fizzy night skies earlier this month. Just one one or two small, isolated clouds. High pressure should allow for a settled period but I suspect it will turn unsettled again.

25th June: A cloudier day with largely overcast skies for the morning and afternoon. Some brightness with a few short, darker periods through the clouds. In the evening, the clouds began to separate and it was a decent June evening with some sunshine and blue skies coming through aswell as fewer clouds - the quality of the blue skies was of a hazy variety. Just now there is a few patches of thin cloud which has rolled over but there clearer skies on either side. Staying settled for another couple of days

26th June: The forecast was for it to be fairly cloudy but it turned out to be a delightful day, especially in the afternoon and evening. A pleasant enough start, a brief cloudier period but in the afternoon and evening it was warm, sunny, clear blue skies- a little hazy - and very few clouds and a refreshing breeze. Skies were clear enough to illustarte the late summer sunset/dusk with just a few streaks of distant pruple, thin clouds in a hazy late evening. Cloud cover has increased as a result of an approaching weather front - some dampness tomorrow and Friday.

27th June: Today started on a typically Atlantic note with grey skies, wet surfaces and steady, persistent rainfall as a result of a weather front. Into the afternoon and early evening, it remained mostly overcast, damp surfaces, a bit of a breeze but the air seemed to be a little humid. Later in the evening there was some periodic patches of clear, blue skies for spells but it was fairly brief and it is now a calm and cloudy but dry night. Another area of rain is set to arrive tomorrow but it could be clearer for the afternoon. The unsettled situations means weather fronts could be quite frequent thereafter.

28th June: A front brough cloud cover and rain for a time this morning but it dried up in the afternoon and evening other than a few spots of drizzle. Quite breezy and not particulary warm. It was mostly cloudy other than some crossing clear patches and now it is mostly cloudy with just a few clear pockets. Tomorrow should see some cloudy and damp conditions and pretty cool aswell. Weather fronts should keep things cloudy, damp and cool for the next couple of days.

29th June: Not an exciting day with a ceilling of cloud cover across much of the areas for most of the day. There was a little bit of brightness through the cloud cover but generally it was just grey as a result of a weak front crossing the country which bright a little bit of rain for a time. It was a cool day too. Just now it is mostly cloudy, but the cloud cover is thinner with a few small, faint clear pockets moving from west-east across the sky. The atlantic is set to dominate...

30th June: A weak cold front brough cold, overcast, breezy and at times drizzly conditions. A very grey day. Now the front has passed, mostly cloudy skies but calmer with some clear patches. June has been a mixed month with some fine, settled, bright and warm summer weather early in the month aswell as some unsettled, breezy, damp, cool, showery and more autumnal conditions aswell. July is set to start on an unsettled note.

A Winter's Tale

A Winter's Tale


My Weather Diary of May 2013

1st May: May is one of the finest months of the year with warm Spring sunshine, quite long days, usually fairly dry but prone to thunderstorms and some unsettled weather. Usually the first proper tastes of summer weather arrive at this time of year but also the last of the chilly Spring days and cold nights and even some wintriness. Last year, the first two-thirds was very chilly for the time of year - with some snow - and there was some heavy rainfall too but towards the end of the month there was a fantastic and fairly long spell of dry and warm weather with temperatures at Glasgow airport as high as 27C and the warmest ever Scottish May temperature was recorded with a high above 30C in the highlands. May 2013 follows on from one of the most unusual Springs with an exceptional March with a prolonged and potent taste of winter weather. April 2013 started on a notably chilly note, Spring growth finally began to slowly get underway as the snow on the Campsies melted away. The remainder of the month was still of a chilly variety of Spring weather with a mixture of sunny/wet spells. Vegetation growth and nature is behind schedule but at least the countryside somewhat looks a bit more like Spring compared to back in March. Today saw plenty of glorious sunshine and blue skies, although it was cloudy start with some rain. The maximum temperature was 12C which is probably about right for early May but this evening and tonight the stars are out, there is barely a wind and at the airport the minimum temperature was 2C which makes for a chilly May night. In Shetland, there was snow today which continues the chilly May theme since 2010. A cold night is on the way with perhaps the last air frost of a long season which started in late September. A front should bring a prolonged spell of rain to Scotland during the next couple of days and it looks like it will stay chilly for the first days of May 2013. It isn't unusual for the last of the Spring chilly air to be present in early May, but I would presume that things may eventually warm up but for now, the nature of what this month could end up as remains unknown.

2nd May: A particularly cold night for late Spring/May with a low of 0C under clear skies at Glasgow airport - surely the last air frost of the season. The maximum temperature was 13C but it was a cloudy day with some rain from a front that was mainly situated to the north west and for parts of the highlands maximum temperatures barely got above 5C at some spots and there was some snow to low levels which is quite amazing but of course May is a Spring month and isn't immune from a bit of wintry and chilly weather but this has been a very long season for chilly weather and this Spring has been notably chilly. And the chilly theme to Spring 2013 looks like staying for the next few days with some more rain at times. But as we near summer and the longest day of the year then surely we should progress and properly enter into the season of warmth and summer weather, hopefully sometime this month!

3rd May: A truly diabolical day for May. Max/min 12/6C but it was dull, dark and driech! Overcast skies and some heavy rain combined with a bit of wind made it feel and look like autumn. The front even brought snow to some locations in northern Scotland which has now cleared away and skies are mostly cloudy with some clear patches spread out across the sky, rather calm too. A chilly night is ahead but things might turn a bit milder in the coming days, the rain shouldn't be as persistent as the past 24hrs but for Scotland, especially western parts there is a higher risk ol spells of damp and dull weather.

4th May: Not as bad as the previous day or two, but it was very cold with a maximum of only 10C and a chilly overnight low of 2C. A little bit of a chill in the breeze as well. A mostly cloudy day too with some drizzle and light rain making for rather dull conditions. On a drive across the area situated to the north of the Campsies I noticed that there is still a few small snow patches left on the northern side of the hills - quite similar to Spring 2010. As I've said before nature somewhat resembles a bit of Spring after that very wintry and cold March but it still looks and feels a bit weird. Maximum temperature barely reaching 10C, overcast skies and unspectacular Spring growth resembles autumn rather than May. A little bit milder in the next few days but hardly spectacular and not too much sunshine to talk about either.

5th May: Despite being a dull and overcast day with a little spell of rain earlier, it was the warmest day of the year with a high of 16C at Glasgow airport and a min of 7C. But in eastern Scotland it was also the warmest day of the year with 21C maximum at Fyvie Castle. It is overcast here now and a weather front situated across north western parts of the British Isles should bring some rain overnight and into tomorrow. Tuesday should be an improvement and could be the warmest day of the year so far, potential highs of 18C in the Glasgow areas but after that it turns a bit more unsettled.

6th May: Rather uninspiring with some further cloud cover and light rain at times but now it is a calm and mostly clear night other than thin cloud cover towards to the south east. Maximum of 14C, minimum of 9C. Tomorrow could be a landmark day for 2013 with potentially the first 20C of the year at Glasgow airport and at last there should be some sunshine but it may not last though - turning unsettled thereafter.

7th May: After the first warmth of 2013 in north east Scotland on the 5th, today was the warmest day of the year so far with widespread sunshine and lovely May/summer warmth across many parts of the British Isles. Here, Glasgow airport recorded a high of 22C, which is the warmest temperature of 2013, the first 20C of the year too and it follows a prolonged period of cold weather of the 2012/2013 season with 20C last recorded on the 21st August 2012. It started off on a chilly note with a low of 3C during the early hours. A glorious morning with barely a cloud in the sky but as the temperature rose clouds started to bubble up in the afternoon which created a hazy look to the sky. At the airport, the temperature was at or above 20C from 2.20pm to 7.50pm and it was a lovely May evening with plenty of sunshine and warmth making for a pleasant spell out in the garden. Sadly a front is moving northwards tonight and unsettled and cooler weather should arrive in time for my birthday tomorrow. However, today did remind me of glorious May days of previous years and days such a today are different from the sort of heat and light during the summer. Having said that, in previous years early May has brought chilly, blustery and showery conditions which is of course another face of the sort of weather we can expect at this time of year. During the coming days, this side to late Spring weather could return with low pressure taking control.

8th May: A front moving north brought grey skies and a period of rain during the morning and into the afternoon. However, it dried up in the evening with a few clear patches and around dusk I believe skies were clear. Today's max/min of 14/9C. Unsettled over the coming days with some rain tomorrow followed by some showers.

9th May: There was more cloud cover, grey skies and damp conditions today, especially during the evening. Now it is dry, calm but mostly cloudy. Today's maximum and minimum was 12/5C. Tomorrow should see similar temperatures but perhaps brighter with some more showers but Saturday is looking like a dull and damp day.

10th May: Thankfully growth is now underway with the trees and grass but today's was more likely early Spring or autumn rather than a third of the way through May. Maximum temperature 12C, and a low of 4C and some pretty damp and dull conditions reminded me of some days during the chilly and wet first part of May last year. It did clear up a bit later in the evening with some showers but with the ground so damp, chilly looking sky and temperature of only 6/7C, it didn't really feel or look like the time of year. Tomorrow, it's another wet day but it may brighten up in the afternoon but after that some more rain is likely in the coming days, staying unsettled and cool for the time of year.

11th May: A cold day for a third of the way through May (!) at 10/5C. Like the past few days it was very miserable in the morning with grey skies and rain. In the evening however, it became a bit clearer with a decent May sunset and night. Staying cold and unsettled for the time of year in the coming days.

12th May: A pretty dull day overall with some rain and grey overcast skies for much of the day, however during the evening at last there were intervals of clear evening skies. Just now, it's calm, quite cool and partly clear. A showery, windy and cold day to come tomorrow. Still looking unsettled and cool for the coming days. Like last year, early May has been particulary unsettled and chilly and recently there has been some pretty cloudy and wet days in what is normall a decen time for weather in Scotland. Of course all of this follows on from the cold conditions of March and April. A really different Spring this year.

13th May: More like early Spring/late winter than the middle of May!! What a strange month and season it has been. Today's temps 10/2C (brrrr). Sunshine, quite blustry with showers in passing cumulonimbus clouds. It felt like March or February and there was a fresh covering of snow on the top of the Campsies this morning - possibly the latest fresh snow cover on the hills since I can remember. A pretty windy night so far, showery tomorrow.

14th May: Quite similar to yesterday wih cold air over the British Isles. Here, it was a day of sunshine, blue skies and passing showers - some more persistent rain earlier in the morning. As the day progressed showers beame fewer and skies became even clearer in the evening. Currently, it's a nice, calm, clear but cold May night. Tomorrow, here in western Scotland it should be brighter whilst the front currently bringing miserable conditions to southern parts of England is moving further north. Staying unsettled...

15th May: The past few days have seen an 'improvement' from some of the wet and dull conditions of May so far. Today, there was barely a shower of rain and there was glorious Spring sunshine and blue skies Still not particular warm at 13/2C. There was barely a cloud in the sky in the late evening sunshine. In parts of England, including Shropshire and Devon, there was some very late season snowfall earlier with some parts waking upto as much as 5CM this morning! It completes a long season for snowfall in the British Isles but now we should be looking forward to summer 2013 and leaving a remarkable 2012/2013 season behind. The next few days may still be unsettled, possibly becoming a bit warmer in 4-5 days time.

16th May: Today's temperatures was 12/3C. A decent May day, a bit on the cool side but there was a decent amount of sunshine, calm and partly/mostly clear conditions. There was just one or two showers. Tonight, it is mostly clear and calm. Tomorrow should be a dry day, Saturday very wet but temperatures perhaps are set to rise a little.

17th May: After a period of grey and wet weather this month, recently there has been a bit more sunshine. Today, it was another mostly sunny and clear day with calm conditions. And a maximum temperature of 17C making for a nice May/early summer day with longer daylight hours now. It was a cold start though with a low of 2C - one ofthe last of the late season chill - but it is milder tonight. However, an area of low pressure is moving in from the east and tomorrow should be a pretty wet day. However, it is a warm front and temperatures should be decent for the time of year and Sunday is looking like a good day.

18th May: Low pressure resulted in a cluster of areas of rainfall moving in from the continent and off the North Sea. As a result today was a alm, but cloudy and quite muggy dat with some periods of rainfall earlier in the afternoon, looking north to the the Trossachs, there were strips of clearer skies and thinner cloud cover, however, just now it is overcast with some rain in Central Scotland. Thankfully, the next few days are looking drier and warmer with 20C possible.

19th May: Max/min of 15/10C (warmer in parts of the highlands, 22C at Altnaharra). A quiet, dry day with some high-level cloud cover which lifted later in the afternoon/evening allowing for a decent looking May evening with partly clear skies. Tomorrow should see 20C in the Glasgow area for a second time this year, possibly some thunderstorms to come with it. Not quite as warm afterwards but some decent weather is possible.

20th May: Joint warmest temperature of the year so far at 22C ( a low of 11C). Second day of 20C this year. It was a humid day, but more than tolerable enough. Not a particulary clear and sunny day with partly clear and hazy skies but it turned a bit darker with the threat of showers. Tonight it is calm, but muggy and a cloudy night. The next few days staying dry and calm but not as warm. It's nice to get some heat in what has been an odd and cold Spring with some final Spring chill lasting into this month. I would have hoped for a May like 2000 or 2008 to kick start the season for summery weather after feeling satisfied from a pretty good winter and early Spring - perhaps a bit excessive the cold weather this Spring, but here's to a good summer.

21st May: A decent, pleasant May day with a high of 17C and low of 7C. It wasn't as humid as yesterday and there was more clearer, blue skies and sunshine with the countryside looking green and summery. Right now, it's a calm, clear, starrty night with the moon out. The coming days should be fairly dry and sunny but cold for the time of year with a very late appearance of the -5C uppers tomorrow - this unusual Spring continues the theme!

22nd May: After the humid warmth of the 20th, yesterday's standard May conditions, today saw more blue skies and sunshine, however the temperatures was lower at 13/5C thanks to a northerly air flow. Lovely white clouds scatered across the clear, cold air. There was a shower later in the evening whereas further north there has been some snow in a few places. The next couple of days, staying cold, possibly warmer for the weeked but it looks like staying dry and bright. Currently it is a lovely clear, calm but chilly, starry and moonlit night.

23rd May: Another decent day, but not quite as good with some cloudier periods, a few showers (some of hail) and a pretty cold day (10/4C) with snow further north. A partly clear, calm evening with occasional glimpses of the moon. Tomorrow slightly better, Saturday quite warm and sunny and Sunday pretty similar before a front moves in on Wednesday.

24th May: A really lovely late Spring/summer's day with plentiful summery sunshine, blue skies with a few cirrus clouds, wounderful bright, summery colours across the sky and landscape with a super, classic summer's evening look between Loch Lomond and Stirling. A big, big moon in the sky (possibly the largest I've ever seen). Not too warm a day at 15/7C. Just now, it is a calm, lear night with the moon out but the air is now a bit hazy. The weekend should see higher temperatures and more sunshine.

25th May: The clear overnight skies saw a chilly minimum of 1C (!). Today continued the bright, sunny and summery look and feel to things with barely a cloud in the blue, summer's sky and feeling warm in the sunshine - maximum of 16C. A fantastic summer's evening too with no clouds, calm conditions. Another big and bright moon tonight. Tomorrow, a weak front may bring some patchy rain and cloud but Monday is looking particulary wet.

26th May: 16/7C temperature wise but weak front brought spells of patchy cloud cover, a little bit of rain. However, in the afternoon and evening there was good periods of clear and sunny skies. It's a little cloudier now witha larger front nearby. Tomorrow looks set to be very wet.

27th May: For much of the day, the conditions were not all that pleasant with grey skies, periods of rain - at times heavy - and also some heavy showers in the evening. Max/min of 13/8C. It did however clear up in the evening with a mostly clear sky at dusk. It is now quieter and a mostly clear night. During the next few days temperatures could be in the mid-teens, possibly some dry conditions aswell.

28th May: A mostly clear day with some rain associated with a band of rain stretching northwards across much of England and over the border. However, during this evening clouds began to thin and break up leaving a clear sky at the latter part of dusk. Tomorrow, it could be quite warm with temperatures in the high teens, mostly dry - cloudier further east. Thursday is looking good too.

29th May: Quite a warm day, but with the influence of a warm front in the east it was fairly cloudy, quite humid with some rainfall in the afternoon and evening at times. Skies started to clear a bit this evening and tonight half the sky is clear with calm conditions and some areas of thin, patchy cloudy cover in the sky, reflecting the orange glow of Glasgow. Tomorrow could be even warmer and sunnier but Friday could be both cloudy and cool.

30th May: Today was a warm Day and it felt quite humid aswell. A bright day but not absolutely clear and sunny in the morning and noon with a few rain showers. It turned out to be a lovely sunny and largely clear afternoon and evening - typically summery. Later around 9-10pm cloud started to roll in over the central belt but it was fairly thin with clearer stripes and pockets. However skies were clearer further west and it was a spectacular sunset overlooking Loch Lomond and the distant mountains from Queen's view. Further east towards Stirling it seemed a bit murky under cloud cover. The cloud cover over the central areas began to dissipitate towards the end of dusk resulting in a clear, but mild night. Tomorrow should be cloudier with the threat of patchy rain thanks to a weak front.

31st May: The last day of Spring 2013. After a cold winter, this Spring has generally been unusually and almost excessively cold wih an exceptional March, a chilly April and some chilly weather this month at times. It has been interesting with some pleasant conditions, but at times this season felt out of snyc with normality. This month has seen a mixture of cold, wet dull days to cool, showery and bright to days and a few warm and sunny days - and a few other varieties too. Today, it was cloudier earlier in the morning - but quite bright. It turned out to be even better in the afternoon and evening than yesterday with lots of sunshine and blue skies. There was not a cloud in the sky this evening and right now it is a calm night with an absolutely clear sky. Tomorrow and Sunday, showery to start June. Maybe settled and a bit warm at the start of next week....

A Winter's Tale

A Winter's Tale


My Weather Diary of April 2013

April 1st: After an amazing March which rounded-off and was the highlight of an interesting and consistent season for cold and snow, we now enter the month April and are now into April. However with the never-ending winter of 2012/2013 and a memorable March, the landscape is still stuck in winter with snow on the Campsies and some drifts remaining on the walls and the countryside and vedgetation remain in winter with litte growth. April is very much a Spring month and right at the middle of the cross-over from winter to summer. This means for a variety in weather, longer daylight hours and a stronger sun making for pleasant conditions and further plant growth. Last April was a cold one with a number of frosts and also a snowfall whilst the year before was a record breaking mild one. I don't mind which side of the average this months ends up, but I'd like Spring 2013 properly get under way with the final huraah for winter and the first signs of sumer and the unique variablity but also tranquility of the Spring weather. At Glasgow airport, 15C hasn't been reached whilst 20C was recorded in late March last year. The first 15C and 20C is something to look out for aswell as the last proper frosts and hopefully a final snowfall to conclude a very decent winter. But I also hope that the weather makes for interesting days and events to summarise in this diary and also to look back on in a review. Today, started with an air frost and a low of -2C at Glasgow airport. A maximum temperature of only 7C which is colder than all of previous maximum values in April since 2008 at the airport. However, today felt Spring-like in the glorious sunshine albeit it felt chilly in the wind at times. The light also had a tinge of Spring to it despite how vedgetation is far from where it should be and the top of the Campsies are covered in snow. A nice, chilly but largely clear April evening too. Some more air frosts to come in the next few days and hopefully some sunshine too. The prolonged period of below average temperature look set to stay for a few more days at least, rather settled conditions too, but perhaps around a third of the way through the month there could be a change to something new.

April 2nd: A very cold night with a low of -5C in the early hours which is the joint coldest April temperature at Glasgow airport since 1973. Braemar recorded a low of -11.2C, which is the coldest April temperature in many years and lower than February's coldest temperature of -10C. A glorious start before some cloud cover rolled in from the east. I thought I saw one or two flakes of snow but I cab't confirm. Maximum temperature of 7C making for a chilly April day. Skies cleared around dusk allowing for a cold evening with a very cold looking sky. Right now, -2C and partly clear and another cold night is on the cards. The below average and settled conditions should last for a few more days before low pressure moves in.

April 3rd: An extremely cold start with a low of -6C at Glasgow airport which I believe is the coldest April temperature from available records. An absolutely glorious, but quite chilly April day with a little breeze, fantastic Spring sunshine and blue skies with just a few passing clouds. I even played tennis for the first time in 2013. Maximum temperature 9C which is a little below average. Staying on the cold and settled side for the next few days but I'm intruiged to see what's coming next with the change in pattern commencing next week.

April 4th: A low of 0C with some partly cloudy skies, even a few spots of rain. However it was another glorious morning, feeling a bit milder but the maximum was only 9C (it's been over a month since 10C was recorded at Glasgow airport). Some nice bright and clear periods this afternoon and evening but there were also some cloudier periods at times too and a similar story tonight. Settled, chilly theme continuing.... a change to something more unsettled next week.

April 5th: Another beautiful but rather chilly Spring day. A low of 0C, but rising to 9C in the strong Spring sunshine. A really sunny and stunning day with clear, Spring skies. I went for a drive in the evening towards Aberfoyle. The landscape and countryside is still stuck in late winter with no plant growth and snow patches on the mountains. Some parts of the sky looked a bit wintry at sunset, especially looking east above the snow-covered Campsies with a little bit of a pink haze on the horizon, but the stronger light, and longer time between sunset and dusk has a seasonal element to it aswell. It's certainly remarkable how this year, nature seems to be a month or so behind where it should be and gven the persistence of the below average conditions, it has the feeling of late winter rather than early April. A cold night to come, another decent day tomorrow, low pressure trying to move in next week but it could stay cold in Scotland for a while.

April 6th: -5C low at Glasgow airport with a clear, cold and stunning Spring morning. Some clouds rolled over during the afternoon making it bit darker and bringing a few spots of rain. Went on a drive to Lochgoilhead and it was very chilly in the wind, the land still stuck in winter with only a few daffodils and hills covered in snow. Maximum temperature of 9C at Glasgow airport maintains the cold experienced so far this Spring. Some snow in northern Scotland too. Staying cold into next week which should complete an exceptional but very strange first half to Spring that has been unusually and persistently cold for Spring standards. The second half to the season could be very different but it will sure but fascninating to see how the rest of Spring 2013 unfolds.

April 7th: Minimum temperature above freezing at 1C, maximum 9C again but it was colder today around 5-8pm with some cloud cover thanks to a front in the north of the country which has brought some snow today. Some pleasant sunshine for a time in the afternoon. Currently cloudy so perhaps no air frost tonight but it looks like staying cold during the next few days, some sunshine at times and maybe some precipitation in the easterly wind.

April 8th: A cold day with a maximum of 7C, some cloud cover and an easterly wind making it feel even colder. It did clear up a bit in the evening allowing for a cold looking dusk sky. Some snow showers for north in the country. Cold theme to last up until the weekend with the models agreeing on southerly winds finally ending this amazing run of unseasonably cold weather.

April 9th: A really nice bit quite chilly April day with pleasant Spring sunshine and clear, blue skies lasting well into the evening but it felt a bit chilly in the breeze and the maximum temperature failed to reach 10C with a max of 8C, min of 0C - cloudier now. Really impressive Spring this year, the theme is going to last for a few more days this week before southerly winds bring milder temperatures for the weekend.

April 10th: Maximum of 8C and a minimum of -2C at the airport concludes a particulary cold first third to April 2013, but this morning's conditions did not fit in well with the dry theme of recent days. Cloudy skies brought spells of rain during the morning with some rather wet conditions in heavy bursts and there was even some hail, part of a group of showers coming in from the east. Then in the afternoon it did clear up and was brighter, albeit quite hazy but now, the sky is seemingly overcast. A day or two more of this period then a change for the weekend with southerly winds,.

April 11th: 8C/3C at Glasgow airport thanks to cloud cover which allowed for a pretty dull and damp day compared to recent weeks. Feeling cold, especially in the wind. But it will be turning milder for once, but it will also be quite unsettled.
April 12th: Another dull and damp day with quite heavy rain at times in the morning and some drizzle throughout. Max/min of 7/2C and another cold feeling day. It should turn milder over the coming days with double digit maximum for the first time since early March.
April 13th: This time last year, the warmest temperature of 2012 was 20C in late March. Today was the joint warmest of 2013 with a high of 12C! And it was the first day with double digit temperatures since the very start of March. It just shows what an interesting year and very unusual spring we are having, and April has been very chilly so far with minimum temperatures as low as -6C at Glasgow airport which makes for a potent finale to the winter season. Today's minimum was 4C, the mildest for some time. Southerly winds helped to bring milder uppers but there was some sunshine earlier before cloud cover arrived later, the wind also increased and there has been some persistent rainfall this evening. For the coming days, it is certainly going to be much milder compared to Spring 2013 so far, and it will be interesting to see when we get the first proper warm day of 2013 with maximum above 15C, aswell as the next, possibly last chilly weather to add the cold conditions thexperienced in the first third of April.
April 14th: The warmest day of the year sa high of 15C at Glasgow airport (low of 9C) anda high of 22C in SE England.. The last time it reached 15C here was on the 21st October. Pretty windy too with a few strong gusts. The sun did come out at times too and clear/cloudy intervals and there was a brief bit of rain late in the afternoon. Mostly cloudy now. Further strong winds to come, possibly some precipitation but it is staying milder than of late but there could be a return to chilly conditions.
April 15th: Another mild (and windy day) with a high of 14C and a low of 8C. Some clear intervals with scattered clouds but temporarily cloudier at times which resulted in a brief rain shower in the afternoon before clearing. The look of the sky abd sunshine certainly looks very different to the past few weeks and it seems that spring plant growth is starting to get underway with the milder and wetter weather recently. Another persistent area of precipitation has arrived later this evening and is now bringing rain.
April 16th: Not quite as mild as previous days with a high of 11C, and under clear skies recently, 5C has been recorded at Glasgow airport. There was some cloud and rain early on and it was really windy too with quite strong gusts but it is pretty calm now. Things cleared up in the afternoon and evening with a few scattered clouds and a shower. Some pleasant April sunshine which brings a different look to the sky and light compared to previous weeks when the air was colder, and as a result Spring growth is starting to catch up. Right now, it is a nice calm, clear Spring night with the stars out and just a few scattered clouds moving across the sky. Another spell of rain tomorrow, but becoming more settled later this week with temperatures close to average.
April 17th: A thoroughly miserable start with heavy, persistent rain and some drizzle. Quite calm compared to yesterday but since this evening there has been a return to some strong gusts. Max of 12C earlier, low of 3C making for average April temperatures. It briefly cleared up a bit early evening/late afternoon with some bluu skies but since then there has been some showers. Temperatures staying close to average, possibly some more sunshine further into the week.
April 18th: There was rain overnight but it ended up a calmer day with some brightness but also some cloudier intervals aswell as the odd shower. Minimum of 8C and maximum of 11C. Partly cloudy just now and it could be a chilly night and tomorrow should be a pleasant April day, Saturday doesn't look too bad either but rain could return again for Sunday.
Aprol 19th: A cold night with a low of 1C under clear skies. It turned out to be a very nice April day with a high ogf 12C, a little breeze, feeling very pleasant in the glorious Spring sunshine with only just a few small clouds scattered across the sky. With a front edging southwards towards Scotland, cloud cover has just increased a bit and tomorrow should be a cloudier day followed by rain on Sunday and potentially a chilly week to follow.
April 20th: Not the same clear blue skies as yesterday but it was a bright day after a cold clear start with an overnight low of 2C. Kind of hazy looking clear patches in the sky and some clouds blowing around; a stronger breeze than yesterday. Maximum of 14C continues the more seasonal theme after the cold start to the month. Cloud cover gradually increased during the evening with the cold front nearing, so a wet night is ahead but things are expected to clear up tomorrow but for next week there could be some more rain at times in Scotland.

April 21st: After cloud and a spell of rain overnight lasting into the morning, it turned out to be a decent day with a high of 12C, calm conditions and some clear intervals with some scattered clouds with cloudier periods during some passing showers. On an evening drive around the Clyde, then toward Irvine and the moon and stars are out in the clear parts of the sky. This evening recorded a low of 5C. Temperatures fairly close to average during the next couple of days with some rain at times.

April 22nd: A low of 6C in the eraly hours and a dry, calm night. It was cloudy later in the morning and early afternoon with some rainfall but some clear intervals and sunshine made an appearance early in the evening before turning windy with some rain around 8pm. Maximum 12C. Now, calmer, drier with some clear patches from time to time. The next few days could be on the chilly side with some rain from time time.

April 23rd: 12C maximum and 8C minimum - much colder in Scotland than further south. Some cloud cover and showers with some clearer intervals at times but there were more clear skies during a time in the evening in which the moon could be seen. Turning clouider now with a band of rain arriving. Turning colder over the coming days with some showers.

April 24th: After overnight rain it turned out to be a decent day with clouds breaking apart allowing for clear and sunny intervals in the afternoon and evening - calm conditions too. A quiet night but overcast now.Max/min of 12/6C. Turning colder, possibly some overnight frosts and the threat of showers with thunder and hail.

April 25th: A front brought rain which lasted into the morning after a low of 5C. It then brightened up with some very pleasant Spring sunshine and blue skies with some clouds scattered but also some sharp April showers at times too. Maximum of 11C which is on the chilly side, growth on trees and hedges is still behind schedule but at least nature is somewhat representive of the time of year. Some chilly and showery April weather for the next few days.

April 26th: A chilly day (11/3C), with some brightness but also some regular and quite heavy showers, some of which included hail. A chilly night to come but a nice, dry day should follow before a front edges in from the north west later. Still looking cold for the time of year though for next week.

April 27th: Stil chilly at 12/2C but with some glorious Spring sunshine and fairly calm too but a front coming in from the NW has increased cloud cover during the evening. Some rain overnight, another chilly day tomorrow but should turn brighter with some showers.

April 28th: Another chilly, showery Spring day with showers of rain, hail and even some sleet in the evening. Some pleasant Spring sunshine and blue skies with scattered clouds but there were also heavy showers. Maximum/minimum of 11/4C making for a chilly day for the time of year in what has been a chilly Spring. Tomorrow, staying chilly, bright with some showers but maybe later in the coming week there maybe more cloudier and persistent rainfall.

April 29th: A nice day with some clouds scattered across a clear, blue Spring sky with plenty of sunshine too. Still chilly at 12/5C and with less showers than yesterday. A lovely evening and night - very calm, chilly and with a clear and starry sky. Final day of the month should also be a nice one but maybe some rain to start April and the chilly theme to the Spring weather this year may continue into the start of May.

April 30th: The final day of what has been another chilly April and at Glasgow airport there has been 9 days of 0C or lower minimum including an impressive -6C, and maximum temperature failed to reach 10C on the first 12 days of the month. The maximum temperature was 15C. There has been a mixture of dry, sunny Spring days to rather windy and wet spells but on the whole Spring has recovered from the exceptional cold of March, but this month has been April of a chilly variety. Today was a glorious April day after the first frost in weeks with the temperature at 0C, possibly the last of 0C minimum until autumn. A maximum temperature of 13C in the glorious Spring sunshine with only a few scattered clouds. A pleasant evening but now cloud has increased with a weak cold front moving down from the north. Some rain overnight followed by some sunshine tomorrow. A chilly start to May seems likely with some spells of rain but there are signs of it briefly turning settled.

A Winter's Tale

A Winter's Tale


My Weather Diary of March 2013

1st March: Welcome to the first day of Spring! Spring 2012 was a season of contrasts with a dry March with record breaking warmth, a dramatic turnaround with a cold, showery April with a snowfall early in the month, a very unsettled start to May before a return to record breaking heat at the end. This year, Spring follows what has been a cold winter with the first snowfall in late October. Between now and the end of May, we'll see a great transition in the weather and nature. We may see the last snowfall of the 12/13 season and the first 20C of the year aswell as seeing the last frost. There may also be dramatic contrasts from cold mornings to warm days etc. The great variety of weather, elements of both late winter and early summer aswell as contrasts and quiet, pleasant weather types and other wonderful rituals and characteristics makes this a very special time of the year. March, can be an extension of winter and nornally has up to 10 days with an air frost and some snowfalls, but as we go through the month the transition will continue further and like last year, we could experience a few warm days. But for now, it remains a mystery as to what the weather will do this coming month but this diary should give a good idea of the conditions and experiences and progression of the weather this month. Today, started where February left off. The settled, dry and pleasant spell continues and this spell could turn out to be quite a notable one to look back on come the end of the year. It was mostly cloudy overnight, however before dawn the skies cleared and the temperature dropped to a low of -2C and combined with wall to wall blue skies and sunshine, it made for a typical morning in early Spring. And indeed, it was another glorious day and the temperature rose quickly after sunrise with a maximum of 10C in the afternoon. There were a few clouds scattered around in the afternoon but after sunset, the sky was clear, making for a cold, calm and starry evening. Temperature is now below freezing again and it's another wonderful late winter's/early Spring night. Tomorrow should be another day with an air frost, but there could be some cloud cover around but some sunny intervals are likely so it could turn out to be another decent day. The settled spell should continue for the following days but perhaps not quite as sunny and the run of frosty nights should also end. Eventually there may be some precipitation next week and it may turn milder with winds coming from the south, off the continent.

2nd March: A minimum of -2C in the early hours under clear skies, it turned cloudier later in the night but today was another dry one with some more glorious Spring sunshine and blue skies before cloud cover made enrodes later in the afternoon leaving a more overcast evening. Maximum temperature of 12C as this impressive settled spell continues. It should stay dry for a few more days, probably less in the way of frosts. A hint that later next week there could be colder air thanks to high pressure to the north but that's a long way off.

3rd March: Another dry day, but rather quiet, benign and dull with grey, overcast skies for just about the entire day. The temperature failed to get above 8C and below 5C. The run of air frosts has ended, but the dry and settled period should continue for a few more days at least, however during next week it finally looks like there'll be some rain around. Uncertainty grows as we go through next week but there are signs of it turning colder from the east. Something to keep an eye on.

4th March: And the dry/settled spell goes on. A quiet day overall. Not particulary cold this morning, very calm and quite benign with a sheet of grey cloud cover and not particulary outstanding visibility either. A maximum temperature of 8C. For a time in the afternoon there was a brief hint of a hazy sky rather than overcast and it became a bit brighter. Quite chilly this evening, with a minimum temperature of 0C. Tomorrow should start of cold with another dry day instore but from midweek onwards we should see the first proper rainfall since mid February. Further on and there is a sign of things turning colder and possibly cold enough for a final hurrah of the winter.

5th March: A cold start with a low of -3C. In the hazy March sunshine, the temperature rose to 9C in what was one of the last days of the settled spell that started around the 17th February. Tomorrow should start off dry but there may be some patchy light rain. For the remainder of the week, there should some rain around and feeling raw in a strong and cold easterly flow and then into next week, there could well be a return to winter weather. It'll be fascinating to see how Spring 2013 evolves and there's still plenty of it left.

6th March: Quite a dull day, grey day and feeling cold with a stronger breeze and with maxima/minima at 6/3C. But the long run of dry days ended with patchy rain moving north during the evening. Not all that pleasant out there and there could be further rain tomorrow. A cold and raw end to the week and during this weekend, it seems like winter will bite back with sub -10C uppers. Genuine potential of quite significant cold conditions and possible significant snowfalls too.

7th March: Not a pleasant day at all. A freezing cold and strong easterly wind, very poor visibility, grey, dark and with patchy rain and maximum/minimum of 7/5C. Tomorrow could have further rainfall and certainly the easterly wind will be here. And it will turn much colder this weekend with sub -10C uppers in the easterly so certainly a sharp and significant return to winter with possibly very cold weather and some snow. This is something to follow closely.

8th March: Today's weather was pretty unpleasant with a maximum/minimum of 5/4C, a brisk and bone-chilling easterly wind, some rain and overcast skies. A reminder how it can be very much like winter in March. Tomorrow should be cloudy, cold with a strong easterly wind. Sunday should be even colder, possibly some brightness but also with the threat of snow showers with the very cold uppers. It also looks like staying cold into next week so it will be very interesting to find out what sort of weather will unfold over the coming days. One thing's for sure that March 2013 is turning out to be different from the very mild March last year.

9th March: Another raw day with a bone chilling easterly, grey skies and some rain earlier . Maximum temperature of 4C is a reminder of how winter weather very much exists in March more often than not. This coming spell however is a bit more significant than any old chilly day. Very cold uppers in a fresh easterly flow - particulary on Sunday - would make for a bitterly cold weather. Air temperature very similar to a cold day in winter but combined with the wind and it may feel like -5C. Another characteristic is the theme of sunshine combined with 'wintry showers'. For the next 24hrs or so, the showers could be hit or miss and heavier and more organised in some areas than others, but I expect plenty of excitement in here - especially in eastern parts - with some places in the firing line for classic north sea convection and maybe some beefy showers with cumulonimbus clouds. The radar should reveal everything, convective activity may vary across the eastern counties but prepare yourself for something a little more active than the scenarios illustrated by BBC forecasts. As for here in the western end of the central belt, I'll settle for seeing some snow flurries but I'll hope that there'll be enough convective activity for rather prolonged and beefy showers to feed through the forth-clyde valley. A heavy snowfall with some accumilations would make for a delightful end to a decent 2012/2013 season but I'm happy with just getting the March snowfall in the bag and hearing reports of the events in the high-risk areas. Last year, the last significant snowfall was in early April with the last snowflakes in lowland Scotland falling in early May. This season, the fun started earlier in late October and it'll be intruiging to see how late the snow will finish this time round. It'll be a pleasure to see the rest of this Spring unfold with the last of the winter weather, the tranquility of normal Spring days and the first warmth. Just about all of us enjoyed that exceptional warm and sunny spell in late March last year, perhaps it'll be closer to a March 2006 this year rather than 2012, but hopefully there'll be a few warmer days as April goes on and a dry, sunny and warm May like 2008 or 2000 would be just lovely.

10th March: One of the most memorable days of the 2012/2013. Today was a classic example of the sort of proper winter weather that can happen in March in Scotland. Very cold uppers between -10C and -15C with a brisk north easterly flow. This morning I woke up to a light snow flurry followed by a brief shower that brought some of the heaviest snowfalls I've ever seen. A few more snow flurries and in the afternoon I went over to Fife. On the journey there were a few more heavy snow showers, some lying snow in Fife, especially on the high ground and some wonderful winter scenes with snow covered landscapes and sunshine. The valley around Falkland and Cupar was snowless but I spent the evening at my relatives and watched the frequent snow showers roll over the house and indeed across the region with vistas across Fife and south towards Edinburgh. An impressive winter sky with classic colours of a winter sunset/dusk, aswell as seeing snow rolling in across the area and in the clearer patches the structure of cumulonimbus clouds were visible. It seemed that the activity was dying off in the evening when I left Fife with a clearer sky and a starry evening. And a very cold evening too with sub-zero temperatures and a bone-chilling wind chill. There was more snow on the lowground of Fife but depths of only around a cm. There was snow on the ground on the other side of the Forth Road Bridge and then I discovered that the snow shower activity was still in business. The M 8 motorway from the road bridge to Harthill was tricky was snowfall and some lying snow on the road and also some snow blowing around. Then we left the snow showers behind but I was surprised to find that snow depths of around a cm or two remained fairly constant as we approched Glasgow. It was green when I left Dunbartonshire but by the time I had got back there was a cm of icy, sparkling snow on all surfaces and a return to a winter wonderland. The 4th decent lying snow event this season but possibly the best day for lying snow here in March since 2006. Another mini-blizzard arrived and dumped another cm. March often offers at least one snowfall here, and ths year it hasn't disapointed. After a decent winter, the desire for significant snowfall isn't as great at this time of year but today certainly rounded off a good season for snow and cold. And there was plenty of snow showers elsewhere in Scotland, particulary in the east and many areas have a depth of some sort but the NE was worst hit with a couple of inches in some places. An ice day for a few locations too. An excellent day for winter's weather in March. Maximum temperature at Glasgow airport 4C, now the minimum is -3C. A very cold night is in store, another cold day is in store too. The cold theme could last, but perhaps maximum temperatures may not be below 5C and the snow cover may melt in the stronger sunshine. However, I look forward to updating tomorrow on the wintry weather here and elsewhere.

11th March: This is turning out to be a very significant period for winter weather as we near mid-March. Maximum of 3C at Glasgow airport is one of the coldest for a March day since I can remember. Minimum of -4C. Some snow flurries in the north easterly throughout the day until the afternoon but this could possibly be the last time I see snow here this season. The sort of day that would not have felt or looked out of place during the depths of winter except the time/length of daylight puts into perspective that it is Spring. And the snow cover has mostly gone away from shaded areas because of the strength of the sunshine. Further east however there were further heavy snow showers and accumilations aswell as some distruption in quite an active day for winter weather. One of the coldest nights of the season too with minima in the highlands close to -13C and an ice day in some spots. More snow showers for England today and an area of low pressure brining a snowstorm to France has brought lots of snow to the Channel Islands aswell as affecting south eastern parts of England. A very cold night is on store after a sunny, very cold and wintry March day. The coming days are set to be chilly but this could be the last of the significant winter weather of the 2012/2013 season.

12th March: Very cold last night with -8C reported at Glasgow airport which is the joint coldest temperature of the 2012/2013 season and the last time there was a colder minimum there was in December 2010. There was still some patches of lying snow in shaded areas, about a third of my garden was covered which probably isn't enough to count as a lying snow day. Once the sun was up the temperature rose above freezing with a maximum of 8C. Some sunny intervals throughout the day, now a clear and cold night with the temperature already below freezing. Some snow showers elsewhere today, minimum temperature below -10C somewhere last night and some significant distruption in Sussex after a snowfall which was the worst in the Channel Islands for possibly 30 or so years. It's always nice to see some late winter conditions and Spring snowfall at this time of year but this spell in some sense has been pretty exceptional. Some snow showers tonight for parts of Scotland exposed to the northerly wind. The cold/chilly Spring weather look set to persist throughout the middle-third of this month. There may be brief spells of less cold uppers, such as later this week but in general, if the current synoptic theme continues then uppers should be below -5C for the best part of the next 10 or so days. A prolonged cold spell for Spring standards, but with the strength of the sun maximum temperatures could be close to the average. But certainly, it will be interesting to see how things end up, there is the potential for this month to be pretty cold overall and is already looking like being a very different month compared to this time last year.

13th March: A very pleasant and typical March day. Bright with clear/sunny intervals and a few light snow flurries in the afternoon in a northerly airstream. After a cold start, the maximum temperature was close to the average at 7C with a stronger sun. Minimum temperature -4C this evening under clear skies. Another cold night to come before a front moves in from the west. This will bring precipitation but it could fall as snow for a time. A wetter period is likely with temperatures close to average but generally the synoptic pattern looks good for colder uppers to persist for the coming week or so some more chilly and possibly wintry weather yet Springlike conditions with any sunshine. The season for snowfall here has been of a good length from the 26th October, today there was a few light flurries but at this time of year it's impossible to judge whether a snowfall will be the last of the season.

14th March: A cold start with a low of -3C. Cloud cover rolled in with the arrival of fronts off the atlantic. In the morning initially it was cloudy, cold with some patchy drizzle although there could have been some snow - however snow did fall in other parts of the country this morning for a time - and then some heavier precipitation arrived which resulted in some pretty wet and driech conditions throughout the day - maximum temperature of 7C and an overcast night and currently 5C. However clearer and showery air should arrive tomorrow, a bit unsettled for the weekend but next week there could be a return to a wintry element to the Spring weather.

15th March: Low pressure is now in control and will continue to do so for the coming days. Today, had fairly typical March weather with some regular showers and pleasant sunny spells inbetween with scattered clouds across the sky - temperatures close to average at 7/1C. A cold evening too with the odd shower and some clear intervals. There could be some snow to low levels in Scotland tomorrow as precipitation moves northwards overnight but any accumilations should be over the high ground. With low pressure in charge, there is a real mixture of weather from distinct areas of precipitation, a wintry mix in showers and some sunshine in areas and even fog in some valleys. Precipitattion over the weekend and into the early part of next week could fall as snow across parts of the UK and into next week with an easterly flow it looks like staying on the cold and wintry side in Scotland. Some interesting weather this weekend and possibly more interesting Spring weather into next week and beyond with another late taste of winter.

16th March: No snowfall here today but as ever in any marginal event, the fine divide between snow and no snow from region to region is impressive. An area of precipitaton moving up from England during the morning brought light rain, cloudy skies in a benign and cold day with maximum/minimum of 4/0C at Glasgow airport. But further east in Lanarkshire, the Lothians and some other areas some heavy snow did fall but the majority of any accumilations was on the higher ground. A chilly, calm but overcast night here just now a very wintry element to the weather continues for the coming days with quite low temperatures and a wintry mix in the precipitation. There's lots of potential regarding the upcoming period and it'll be interesting to see just how sharp or significant this could be for winter weather this late in the season.

17th March: Quite a similar day to yesterday with quite cold temperatures for this time of year (6/1C). Grey and showery throughout the day and feeling cold too, the precipitation here was mostly of rain and at times was quite heavy. However, recently an area of precipitation moving in from the east brought a wintry element and some bursts of snow. The easterly winds look like persisting for the forseeable and this week is staying cold and with wintry and snowy weather - especially in eastern areas. March 2013 is turning out to be very different from last year and it'll be intruiging to see what sort of temperatures and snowfall events we will experience in the coming days.

18th March: An active day. It started similar to the weekend with grey skies, quite cold with a stronger wind today, and some precipitation coming in from the east that was a mix of rain/sleet/snow. In the afternoon, as precipitation changed to fine snow, after a high of 5C with colder uppers arriving, there was finally some clear intervals and even some brightness in a constanly changing sky in the brisk north easterly wind. Convection increased progressively in the afternoon and evening with snow showers affecting many areas. Here there were regular snow showers but no accumilations but further east, in the Lothians and other regions the snowfall has been and is more persistent and heavy and depths are already up to 10cm in some spots - hours before the orange warning from the Met office. Minimum temperature of 1C, and a very winry week coming up so tomorrow's update should be interesting with such exceptional weather for this stage in the month.

19th March: Very windy today with some strong gusts at times with fast moving clouds that brought regular snow flurries throughout the day. Now 31 days of snow here, and at Glasgow airport today was the 5th day of snow this month and the maximum temperature there was 4C (which is fairly exceptional for this time of year) but minimum temperature was only 1C in the mostly cloudy and windy conditions (there has already been over 10 days with an air frost this month). During the evening, there was a bit more of a sustained and quite heavy period of snow but it failed to settle on wet surfaces. In some areas, it was a similar scenario with snowfall present, but not heavy or persistent or cold enough for it settle. But for some parts, such as the Lothians and Borders there was a lot of snow, 10-15cm+ in places. At Braemar, an ice day very late in the season. Tomorrow, staying cold, quite windy but with the snow fading away, a quiet but cold day on Thursday. A bit more activity late on Thursday into the weekend with an area of low pressure pushing in, there could be a frontal snowfall is the precipitation makes it this far north. Beyond that, there's a fine line between a continuation of cold, or rather less cold conditions instead, but at the moment an easterly wind could be cold enough for a chilly final third to the month.

20th March: Quite a nice winter's/Spring day! Much less of a wind, some snow in the early hours but it turned out to be a pleasant day with a maximum temperature of 5C (that's cold for winter let alone March) and a cold, clear evening has seen a low of 0C. Some nice clear, pleasant skies today making it a decent March day with a winter's element. The Campsies looked very wintry with a covering of snow (and quite late in the season too) and there was a wee snow flurry on the hills this evening. A cold, clear evening with the moon and stars visible and just a few clouds gently rolling. Another cold and quiet day tomorrow, a front is set to arrive on Friday but there are big question marks about where it will stall. But this month has seen a fair bit of cold, and wintry weather and it looks set to stay for atleast another 7 days.. Impressive!

21st March: This could turn out to be a historical month and cettainly one to reflect on. A cold morning with a low of -2C, and maximum of 5C. Quite windy with low pressure to the south, some sunshine in the morning and early afternoon but turning cloudier in the evening - feeling very cold in the wind. Winter weather set to stay for atleast another 6 days. Tonight an area of low pressure is going to bring a lot of snow to parts of NI, N Wales and N England. There could be some snow here, if it does then 2012/2013 would equal 2010/2011 with snowfall days and if snow settles, it could be the latest I've ever seen lying snow here. And there's the potential for some pretty low maximum temperatures. The winter that just doesn't want to end.

22nd March: Across the British Isles, today was one of the most eventful for weather this year and emphasises how notable this month has been. This time last year, we were about to enter a record breaking warm spell that would help make March 2012 one of the mildest on record. This year it is a polar opposite. The front arrived here sometime before dawn and by 9am it was snowing heavily with 2cm on the ground making for the 5th decent lying snow event this year (second this month) - creating a very wintry scene- and it was the 33rd snowfall of the winter - the same as 2010/2011 - and the latest date I've seen lying snow here. It was very windy today with quite strong gusts. The snowfell almost all day long here, but the lying snow melted quite quickly. The wind and small snow flakes couldn't realy settle and the central belt was on the edge of the front. However, this evening the temperature dropped closer to 0C, the snow got a bit heavier and it began to settle and again there is lying snow of 2cm. Maximum temperature was 3C in the early hours - at Glasgow airport since 2000 the coldest maximum temperature in March was 2C in 2001. Snow fell in many areas today from the front: Northern Ireland, north Wales, southern and western Scotland and parts of northern England were hardest hit (floods in south western England). Lying snow in many areas, but over a foot in some areas and some impressive drifts. Transport was badly affected in many areas and many thousands were left without power. And the cold air is set to stay over the British Isles for coming 5-7 days or so. This month will certainly be worth looking back on. Cold and snow isn't unusal in March, but this year has been quite exceptional. I wonder what April will bring....

23rd March: Last Marc, it was the mildest on record in Scotland. At Glasgow airport it reached a record 20C. Today, the maximum temperature was 1C - the joint coldest for March since available records from 1973. 1980 was the last time the maximum was 1C and the previous coldest of my lifetime was 2C in early March 2001. This is staggering considering how late we are into the month and this month at Glasgow airport already has a very low minimum of -8C (Joint coldest of 2012/2013 and coldest of 2013), maximum of of 1C (joint coldest of 2013), 11 days with 5C or less maximum (probably a record) and around 14 days with minimum of 0C or less (with more to come) and seven days of snow (joint snowiest of 2012/2013 and 2013). And elsewhere there have been ice days, sub -10C minima -a very memorable month in what has been an interesting winter in which each month has peformed well in unique aspects. It will truly be interesting to see how the stats/facts come review. Here, everything was covered with 2cm of snow this morning and the snow continued till around lunchtime - 2012/2013 now snowier than 2010/2011. On concrete surfaces the snow has mostly gone but on all grass surfaces it is white - it's hard to judge snowdepths on grass, especially with some drifts. The Campsies were very white with massive drifts in places. The whole region is looking white with snowcovered fields making it look like mid-winter. In Torrance there was snow on all grassy surfaces and on some concrete and roofs. Latest date for lying snow that I can remember and it was a very wintry looking evening with the snowfields reflecting the orange glow of the sky. It was a cloudy day too with a strong easterly wind making it very cold. Elsewhere in the UK, the snow eased but there was severe disurption in worst hit areas with drifts higher than 10 feet in places. The cold easterly is going to stay and it is going to be fascinating to look back on this month. The March equivalent of November 2010?

24th March: A mostly cloudy day other than a few clearer intervals. Still windy, and very cold for this time of year at 3/1C. Some snow flurries in the easterly made this month the snowiest of the season. The lying snow was here in the morning but has all melted but this has truly been an exceptional period of winter weather for this time of year. Elsewhere, it was cold - Isle of Arran very badly affected by drifts. The cold easterly wind is here to stay for much of next week, maybe a snowy breakdown or further cold conditions. Very interesting to see how the final run in to the month shapes up.

25th March: 8th consecutive day of snow (and sub 5C maximum with a high of 3C and low of 1C) here today with a few flurries. Another really cold day too but the wind has now eased somewhat. Quite cloudy too other than a bit of brightness earlier for a brief time. It's hard to believe that this time last year we were all enjoying that record-breaking warm spell with temperatures into the 20s in many areas. A year later, maximum temperatures are barely exceeding 3C (even for the likes of Tiree) and some of the most prolonged and 'deep' cold in March, occuring during the second half - a very different scenario to the usual share of northerly incursions or polar mariime air. One of the other weird aspects of this month is how Spring never really started - other than some of those glorious days back in that settled spell at the end of February - and we are enduring conditions that are akin to a decent cold spell in the depths of winter. March is renowned for its taste of late winter weather, but nothing on this insane level.

26th March: And the never ending winter goes on. This time last year it hit 20C at Glasgow airport, today the maximum temperature was 4C and a minimum of -2C. The statistics get even more exceptional. At the airport today was the 9th consecutive day of sub 5C maximum and here, my snow diary has recorded a 9th consecutive day of snowfall. The easterly wind was not a strong as it has been in recent days but it feed fairly regular snow showers off the north sea but with some lovely sunshine inbetween - some heavy showers too with some graupel. A very cold and wintry looking/feeling evening with a clear starry sky with the moon. It really is a glorious combination of the light of Spring and conditions and atmosphere of winter. Other than some daffodils, vedgetation hasn't gone into Spring mode yet. The cold weather will see-out the rest of the month but further snowfall, the sort of temperatures and how long the weather pattern will last remains to be seen.

27th March: Some very cold temperatures at Glasgow airport in the early hours with a low of -5C (probably the last for the season). The maximum temperature was 5C so that is 10 days in a row with sub 5C maximum -amazing considering how this time last year it was 20C - snow showers were regular and for a time around 6am there was actually a cm of lying snow which should be the last of the season. Some glorious sunny and bright intervals today but with regular and heavy snow showers. A cold calm evening with a partly clear sky and the moon is out. I'm not sure whether there'll be further snow here and another sub 5C day but it looks like staying on the cold and settled side into easter weekend.

28th March: A lovely wintry and settled late March day. It started with a stream of snow showers through the central belt that left a covering of around a cm in Bearsden but closer to 3cm in Torrance - once again, very imressive to have lying snow this late in the season and the run of consecutive days of snowfall has been exceptional. March 2013 has become only the third month since the start of the millenium to have 10 or more snow days at Glasgow airport (on December 2009 has had more by 2). A repeat of yesterday when the strong Spring sun melted the snow very quickly (even more so than earlier this month which is inevitable). It was a truly lovely day with lots of lovely winter's sunshine and blue skies with only just a few clouds whilst the Campsies and landscape still looked like we were still in winter. It was the first day since the 17th to have a maximum temperature above 5C with a high/low of 6C/-1C which is still below average. A very wintry and atmospheric dusk up in the Campsies with the frozen and snowy hillsides and a cold, clear and starry sky with an orange haze on the horizon, a sharper light blue to the west and a darker but less sharp blue to the east above the snow-covered hills as night-time rolled in from the west. A cold and lovely starry evening/night - a bit cloudier now. This month has been incredible for its weather which is reflected in amazing stats so iit will be interesting to see what the overall values are but it is certain that this March will be one of the coldest (and snowiest) on record. Today may have seen the last snow of the season (maybe even the last sub 5C maximum yesterday) but for the remainder of the month and into April it is set to stay on chilly side but very pleasant under an area of high pressure allowing for nice conditions during the day and frosty nights,

29th March: Another beautiful day and very typical of a late cold spell in March. A very cold night with a low of -5C in the early hours and there was even a light snow shower in the morning which continues this amazing run of snow days. Maximum temperature of 6C in the glorious Spring sunshine but that value is still below average for this time of year. Another wintry sunset/dusk - I was near Gourock where the Clyde looked fantastic and so did the land and the sky was some snow on the hills to the north. Staying on the chilly side but it will be dry, settled and sunny for the coming days.

30th March: Quite similar to yesterday with a low of -6C, a high of 6C, feeling pleasant in the Spring sunshine but also some cloudier spells. There was a breif snow flurry in the afternoon which should be the last of an exceptional run of snow-days - the longest that I can remember. At Glasgow airport, with 11 snowfalls, since 2000 only December 2009 had more snow days than this month and 2012/2013 season is joint-top for snow days since 2000. The only thing this month has lacked is a few other records and a big snowfall like the frontal event in March 2006. Last year was exceptional but in my experience this month has to go down as the most interesting I've ever experienced and the season 2012/2013 has also been a very interesting and decent one (and pretty long too with cold weather present since the end of September). Some more settled, sunny days and cold, frosty nights to come. It'll be a shame to see a return to wetter atlantic weather but this spell has been enjoyable but Spring has to turn up eventually - although despite below average temperatures, the coming days may look and feel a bit more like Spring.

31st March - Easter Sunday: Now BST. A low of -2C making it the 20th day with minimum of 0C or lower at Glasgow airport (which I think is the highest of the season) and a maximum temperature of 6C (still below average for the time of year as the prolonged cold period continues but quite as potent as it was earlier this month). Some sunshine earlier in the morning, feeling quite pleasant but it was a bit cloudier in the afternoon and early evening before turing clear - but hazy - just now. At Braemar last night it dropped to a low of -12.5C which the coldest ever Easter Sunday temperature. It has been a remarkable month for many reasons and it's hard to collect all of the amazing statistics of this month. Certainly one of the coldest, snowiest and most notable March's and the most interesting I've ever experienced in what has been a long and a good winter.

A Winter's Tale

A Winter's Tale


AWT'S Spring Forecast 2013

[b]MARCH[/b]...overall quite close to average, with a settled start, followed by transient and quite changeable weather with temperatures overall at around average. Temperatures 0.5C below to 0.5C above average. CET 7.0C. Rainfall 70% in south and east and 85-90% in north and west. Possibly some wintry interludes during the middle third of the month, much of the wintry precipitation confinded to higher ground in Scotland. Sunshine 0-5% above average.

[b]APRIL[/b]...overall close to average, but a month of contrasts with some cold outbreaks at times and some warmer spells developing (especially during the second half of the month). Most of the times, quite normal showery April weather with less frontal activity and some settled spells. Temperatures 0.25 below to 0.5 above average. CET 8.6C. Rainfall 60% in south east and 75-85% in north west. Some wintry showers on high ground in north west at times aswell as some hail and thunder. Sunshine 5-10% above average.

[b]MAY[/b]...overall warmer than average with some pleasant, settled and warm periods, combined with shorter spells of more unsettled, showery and cool spells with occasional frontal activity and with a threat of thundery outbreaks. CET 12.5C. Rainfall 60% in south east (some thundery downpours) and 75% in north west. Temperatures 0 to 1.0C above average. Sunshine 5-15% above average.


First week: Quite chilly and settled to begin with and some cloudy periods for some. Turning slightly milder later with some rain, especially in western areas.
Second week: Staying changeable with fluctuating spells of high pressure influencing from the south and low pressure to the north. Mostly mild, chilly on some clear nights.
Third week: A mostly unsettled period with temperatures closer to average or quite chilly. Some showery spells, changeable conditions but quite bright at times
Final week: Turning more settled, possibly cool and cloudy to begin with before becoming brighter later, some frost at night.


First week: Dry, settled and cold - especially in the north. Frosty nights, quite sunny, chilly wind in south and east England.
Second week: Quite chilly to begin with, turning more milder, some rainfall for northern and western areas, more settled for southern and eastern areas.
Third week: Settled for southern and eastern areas, perhaps quite cloudy with some rain at times in the west - quite mild. Becoming more unsettled later.
Final week: Quite changeable with fronts coming off the atlantic at times but also some brighter and showery interludes - possibly wintry on the higher ground at times.


First week: Some fine, dry weather with occasional rain in the south/east of England, feeling warm. Some frontal rainfall at times for northern/western areas, cold in the north with some snow on the hills, even to lower levels in the highlands at times.
Second week: There maybe some dry and warm weather during the start of the period, especially in the south east, but always a risk of being cooler and some rain in the north and west. Possibly becoming more settled and fairly warm and dry.
Third week: Possibly turning more unsettled with some showers, always drier and warmer in the south east and it could be quite cool in northern and eastern parts.
Fourth week: Becoming more settled and increasingly warmer, even hot. Largely dry and sunny but possibly some thunderstorms and the risk of frontal rainfall in NW.

A Winter's Tale

A Winter's Tale


My Weather Diary of February 2013

1st February: It is now the final month of winter as the days are noticeably longer than they were a month ago. This winter has seen a cold first half of December followed by an unsettled second half full of flooding problems then the New Year arrived and the first third of January was very mild, the SSW contributed to quite a significant and prolonged cold spell before a return to floods, rain and wind to finish January. We've completed one chapter of the year in weather and it will be interesting to see what this month bring to the weather of 2013 aswell as the conclusion of the winter 2012/2013. This winter, December was below average in Scotland and January probably will be close to average so it's all to play for in February to complete winter jigsaw - will it end up below average? Well, traditionally the atlantic is quieter at this time of year and some may argue that February is the coldest month whilst others beg to differ with regards to increased sunlight. It's been a while since we've seen a notably cold February. Last year, it was quite a cold first third but a notably mild period thereafter, 2011 was also on the mild side in the cold winter of 2010/11 and in 2010, February was a cold one overall in Scotland but didn't stand out. And 2009 saw a significant cold spell in the first half before mild and wet conditions took control. Well, here in Glasgow and surrounding areas of the central belt, temperatures were around average, as of 11.20pm max/min was 7/0C with an air frost to start the month. There was some rain in the morning but northerly winds pushed bands of precipitation/cloud southwards and skies cleared in the afternoon with some wintry sunshine and it is now obvious that dusk is about an hour later than it was a month ago. A lovely, cold, calm evening with a fantastic starry and clear night sky with a frost forming on cars. The cold air has fed further south and temperatures are around/below freezing. There was some snow showers in parts of northern Scotland today and these should continue overnight aswell as down eastern parts of England and some areas could wake up to a covering. A widespread air frost and a super saturday with glorious winter sunshine for many, just a few snow showers in a northerly wind and temperatures distinctly seasonal at around 2 to 6C. Milder and wetter conditions should arrive on Saturday night from NW, rolling ontop of an area of high pressure in the Atlantic but with low pressure centred to the north of Scotland, cold and strong westerly winds early next week could bring some severe gales and heavy snow showers to Scotland in a polar maritime airmass and these can really deliver. This makes for an active and seasonal start to the week followed by a northerly wind on Wednesday. There is real uncertainty beyond mid next week with regards to developments of a key player - Canadian Vortex - but there could be fluctuating mild and cold spells which makes for a changeable and varied theme but in this case, it's very hard to call and there is a likelyhood of a different pattern altogether to emerge. It's all up in the air for February.

2nd February: A cold day with maximum temperature of 5C in the early afternoon and a low of -4C at Glasgow airport before dawn. So seasonal temperatures for the second day of February and there was some glorious sunshine and blue skies here and across the UK. Feeling chilly in the northerly wind and there was some snow showers down eastern parts of England and northern Scotland which soon died away. A starry sky following dusk but cloud cover has increased from the west with a milder sector toppling over high pressure and arriving from the north west. The temperature is rising and there should be some wet weather overnight, much milder then a drier interlude tomorrow before another front sweeps the country. Then, with low pressure to the north, cold and strong westerly winds arrive on Monday with possible blizzard conditions across parts of Scotland. And the cold weather continues for the first part of the week and this makes for a cold, seasonal start to February with some pleasant conditions such as today aswell as active and interesting weather for the start of next week. For the remainder of the week and it is still all to play for but there's a fair chance of it staying cold, synoptic details and patterns are yet to unfold so watch this space.

3rd February: 4C in the very hours was the minimum temperature as a front brought rain overnight and milder temperatures with a maximum of 9C. The rain overnight was quite heavy, eventually cleared and there was some pleasant conditions in the afternoon for a time with clear intervals and some sunshine. However, inevitably cloud cover increased in the evening and rain soon followed with the arrival of another front. However once this clears, the polar westerlies should mean that temperatures drop but there'll be a strong wind and plenty of wintry showers tomorrow and lasting into Tuesday before the flow turns to a northerly making for a notable presence of cold weather early in the month. There's real uncertainty and mixed signals about what will folllow, synoptically it's incredibly hard to call but a cold theme could prevail but how cold and whether it's the form of cold zonality or high pressure or whatever remains to be seen.

4th February:
Well, the day started mild with temperature of 9C in the early hours but cold air in the polar westerly flooded in and showers in the morning readily turned wintry with a mix of everything plus strong winds making it feel cold. Some sunshine inbetween with the impressive structure of cumulonimbus clouds also visible. There was some mini blizzards as the day went on, widespread snow showers across Scotland and this first snowfall here this month. There was a dusting through the evening but from around 10pm there has been an incredible snowfall, almost blizzard like intense snowfall here which has lead to a depth of around a cm and the first proper winter wonderland scene since 2nd/3rd December 2012. And there is lightning right now thundersnow. Excelllent winter's weather more updates tomorrow, god knows what it will be like but I'm very satisfied.

5th February:

I woke up to a proper and fine covering of snow this morning, on confirmed depth but it was around 2-4cm which is a similar depth to the event earlier this winter on the 2nd/3rd of December. Certainly it was the second proper lying snow event of the winter, which equals last winter but they all occured before Christmas 2011 whereas this time it's more balanced and it's probably overall been a better winter this year. Another thing of note is that it may have been the best February snowfall here since 2009. There were further snow showers overnight, some whiteouts I believe and snow lying vertically on some walls with the westerly wind and stars visible in the tranquility of the night sky between showers. However, despite the success of having a significant snowevent with lying snow for around 12hrs, the temperatures did rise in the morning and precipitation turned to rain and there was an impresssive thaw of all the snow in a short space of a time. There was some heavy rain/sleet as a front crossed Scotland and the sunshine and blue skies appeared afterwards making for quite pleasant conditions and temperatures reaching a maximum of 7C. Minimum today was 0C. A pleasant clear wintry dusk as the stars came out. Some rain this evening as a front clears southwards and colder northerly winds arrive, further snow for parts of the country but it will probably stay dry and cold here, temperatures around 3-5C by day and some air frosts, so fairly seasonal conditions all in all. Some fronts make enrodes later in the week with the potential for further snowfall, possible height rises over Scandinavia puts the spanner in the works and it's a messy and unclear situation beyond 4/5 days but as ever, it's always something to look forward to finding out how everything pans out. Certainly, the month has got off to a good start weatherwise with variable, seasonal, at times wild and pleasant conditions aswell as a very decent snow-event and other interesting types of weather.

6th February:

Maximum temperature of 6C and a minimum temperature of -2C so far. It was a lovely winter's day with plenty of fantastic sunshine lighting up the entire area and wonderful blue skies and scattered clouds. It's now obvious that the days are getting a little longer now but dusk certainly still has that renowned wintry atmosphere to it with the evening stars emerging, the super blending of colours as darkness nears and some thin and small clouds scattered across the sky with the orange glow of the city. It felt cold in the northerly wind that brought some snow showers down eastern parts of England and Scotland. A brilliant winter's night here with a crystal clear, starry night sky. Tomorrow will be a cold day, should be another air frost and temperatures will struggle to reach above 3C. A band of precipitation moving in from the west could bring a spell of snow to western and central parts in the evening. Staying on the chilly side with temperatures around 5/6C, some sunshine aswell as fronts edging towards the country during the next few days and maybe some snow in the weekend. The picture beyond is still far from certain but I'm hopeful that a clearer picture of the overall theme beyond the weekend will appear over the coming days.

7th February:

A very benign and quiet day with grey, overcast skies but feeling cold with no sunshine and temperatures reaching 5C, minimum of 0C at Glasgow airport. Mostly dry but there may have been a little bit of rain from the patchy remains of a front moving in from the west. Quiet conditions over the coming days, but Sunday is looking interesting with potentially a significant snowfall in parts of the British Isles. A Scandinavian high introduces an easterly flow for the start of next week but Sunday's events is even uncertain so details will change but I would think that there is the potential for further seasonal conditions to be extended into next week.

8th February:

It was a cold start with a minimum of 0C. It was brighter in the morning and early afternoon with some thin cloud cover but it got more overcast as the afternoon and evening went on with another weak front bringing a spell of rain this evening and it is currently overcast and the ground is damp. After a maximum of 7C, a milder night is on course with cloud cover and more of an atlantic influence - colder and brigter further east. This weak front should hang around through tomorrow, temperatures shouldn't increase by much during the day then another front intially bringing a spell of rain to western parts of the British Isles will turn to snow on Sunday with widespread and distruptive snowfall. The exact positioning will change but it seems like the front may not reach as far north-east as the Clyde-Forth valley but eastern areas could see some snow showers on Sunday and into the early part of next week with an easterly wind. The seasonal theme does continue, Scandi high firmly set-up and should persist through next week but I suspect we'll see a battleground situation and as a result there is very little confidence beyond 7 days.

9th February:

Average temperature wise at 5/3C, and benign and quiet weatherwise with overcast, grey days for pretty much all of today and the best part of the past few days as a result of the presence of a weak weather front that has brought some light rain and drizzle this evening. It's meant to be a little colder tomorrow and into the start of next week, frontal snowfalls is set to affect parts of British Isles such as northern England but the front may not make much progress across Scotland but there could be some snow present across parts of Scotland during the next 24-36hrs or so. A breakdown on Wednesday could result in another snow event. A synoptic battle is set to continue into next week and beyond and as I said last night there's very little confidence - anything is possible and as ever it's always intuiging to see how chapters of our weather evolves and unfolds.

10th February:

Slowly but surely, this morning the precipitation turned to snow and it stayed as snow for a good few hours at least but no accumilations here with the ground already wet. Snow did settle at slightly higher elevations and it was very white on the Campsie Fells. The precipitation however turned to rain/sleet. Temperatures are now as high as it has been all day with todays high/low at Glasgow airport being 4/1C. Anyway here it has been the 3rd day of snow this month. It's also snowing in a number of parts of England aswell and this may continue into tomorrow before dying out. A few cold days to start next week before another front moves in from the west and should fall as snow initially at least. Thereafter and it's a right old synoptic mess.

11th February:

After overnight rainfall it cleared up for a time early in the morning. Later in the morning and throughout the evening and afternoon it was fairly bright with the skies alternating between partly cloudy and scattered clouds but now it's starting to get clearer once more. A seasonal day once more temperaturewise at 5/2C as of 11pm. Some snowfall earlier across parts of eastern England and the Midlands with the remains of the front and there was some accumilations in a number of places. A cold night to come and day tomorrow with an easterly wind and a few snow showers in eastern areas. Then a front arriving on Tuesday night and early on Wednesday morning will start as snow and there could be snowfall across Scotland and northern England for more than 6 hours and there is the potential for significant accumilations before it turns back to rain. Less cold for a bit afterwards and it's still uncertain but there is a suggestion of high pressure being close to the British Isles.

12th February:

Another cold day with max/min of 4/1C but generally cloudy with a south easterly flow and quite murky conditions and there was a little snow flurry in Bearsden in the morning. Tonight a front arriving from the west should fall as snow and across the central belt there could be 2-4cm before it turns to rain around lunchtime and quite a wet and windy afternoon and evening to follow. Brighter but less cold following the front and it could stay less cold for a while.

13th February:

Today saw by far the best snowfall of the winter with a depth of 7cm in the early afternoon and the last time this region experienced such an event and depth was probably in that very famous spell of late November and early December 2010. Today's snowfall was the 15th of the winter, and the 4th this month. It was also the third event that brought depths of atleas an inch but on this occasion is was 3 inches. A cold start with temperatures close to freezing before the front arrived around 4am. I woke up at 20 to 6 and saw a decent covering of snow and the very orange sky. I soon fell a sleep again and woke up to further snowfall and an improved depth at 8am and by this stage the depth was around 3cm. The snowflakes weren't large but fine small flakes, and they were coming down at a fair rate and the temperature stayed close to freezing and fluctuated in the morning. After an hour I thought that the temperature had increased as the snow depth had not increased by much but the precipitation turned heavier and the temperature dropped and the snow depth increased during the late morning and early afternoon. I went on plenty of walks enjoying the winter wonderland. The trees and roofs were absolutely covered in snow with mini avalanches, the main roads weren't treated well with plenty of slush and some cars struggled and the minor roads were very poor to drive on. The snow peaked at 7cm and the depth was consistent on just about all surfaces as everything was buried. Then some larger snowflakes fell in the afternoon but the flakes were wetter and this was followed by ice pellets and then rain. And the rain was heavy too but the decent snow cover in Bearsden remained into the evening and now although I can't see much I believe there is still lying snow on atleast some surfaces. Some really heavy rain in the evening too. The snow was also fairly widespread across the northern half of the UK and across other parts of Scotland depths at fairly modest elevations were even higher than here. Certainly, a very impressive snowfall and snowcover. In early December this winter, the notable snowfall and decent lying snow was already in the bag and has kept the run of winters that have delivered decent snowfalls since 2009. But this was on a level higher than other two notable lying snow events and is on the same line as the best snowfalls of 2009 and 2010 and also 2011. It was a shame that the cover couldn't last longer but the significance of today's event is all that matters and has improved what has been a decent winter up to now. Compared to some recent February's, this year has certainly delievered very well interms of snow. Now tomorrow will be brighter and less cold but the possibility of showers from the westerly wind before a ridge of high pressure moves in on Friday. And there is a suggestion of a Scandinavian high in around 7 days time which makes for an interesting end to this decent winter and possibly heralding a cold start to Spring. This winter and start to 2013 will be interesting to look back on later this year - considerably better than 2012 interms of both falling and lying snow. [url="http://forum.netweather.tv/gallery/album/1281-snowfall-13th-february-2013/"]http://forum.netweat...-february-2013/[/url]

14th February:

There was still a covering of snow into the small hours but I would imagine that the depth wouldn't be much more than a cm. Just about all the snow was gone by morning. A milder day at 8/6C but also a brighter day with some pleasant spells of late winter sunshine but skies were changeable with shower mostly to the north and west of Glasgow but there were some regular sunny showers during the day and some heavier showers in the evening but they cleared pretty quickly. Skies during the evening was mostly cloudy but the stars and the moon was visible through the gaps and the thinner cloud cover. A sunny day tomorrow, possibly a few wetter and windier days here in the north west of the British Isles afterwards and then during the middle of next week there could be a return to colder conditions.

15th February:

There was some lovely Spring-like sunshine and blue skies at times today. There was a little bit of rain in the afternoon and it became more overcast in the afternoon and into the evening. But looking out right now it's a calm night with a layer of cloud that's thin enough to see through it and not too long ago a good proportion of the sky was clear with stars visible. Maximum of 10C earlier, minimum of 2C recently. Maybe some fog and a touch of frost during the coming days, maybe a spell of rain in the weekend across northern areas and some cloud cover associated with it. Then during the middle of next week, a Scandinavian high looks set to deliver cold easterly winds to the British Isles.

16th February:

A mostly cloudy day with some overcast and fairly dull conditions. Very quiet after a cold start with a low of 2C. Temperatures reached a high of around 9C and have stayed at around 8C throughout the evening. There was a period with clear patches allowing for the dusk to be visible but right now it's again overcast and quiet. The quiet theme should continue for quite a few days to come, possibly some brightness for the next few days in the west of Scotland and certainly in other areas, but during next week it may be more overcast and also colder with easterly winds.

17th February:

A brilliant day. Fantastic and glorious sunshine and clear skies with just a few cirrus clouds and haze. Went for a drive down the coast of the Firth of Clyde past Largs and towards Irvine and it was a super sunset over the water and after dusk, this evening has been cold with a current low of 1C and a crystal clear night sky with the moon and stars visible. It very much felt like early Spring with a high of 10C, but during the coming days it should be colder and progressively cloudier.

18th February:

Another brilliant late winter/early spring day. A very cold start, a minimum temperature of -5C was the coldest temperature at Glasgow airport since the first half of December. As the days are longer now and the sun is a bit stronger too, the temperature does rise fairly quickly and reached a maximum of 8C which is fairly typical of this time of year but certainly it's much brighter now and the sunshine and totally clear skies (other than some haze and cirrus) made for a stunning day and it's wonderful to see the moon and evening stars coming out at dusk and then the fantastic moonlit and starry night that soon follows. A very cold evening with the temperature dropping after sunset and temperatures are at -3C at Glasgow airport and another cold night is on the cards. There could be quite a few more air frosts during the final period of February. A very dry and settled conclusion is also likely but it may be quite overcast after tomorrow. Perhaps there might not be another snowfall before the 28th but this month and indeed the winter as a whole has done alright with snow.

19th February:

Another stunning day. This morning was one of the coldest of the winter so far with a minimum of -7C. However the temperature rose quickly when the sun was up to a maximum of 8C in the early afternoon and it was another glorious day with crystal clear skies and it is evident that despite it is still winter, we have well and truly progressing into Spring. However, this evening a cold front moving in from the north sea saw a wave of cloud cover makes progress from the east and the moon and evening stars became more faint before being covered. Temperature now hovering at 5C and tonight will probably be the mildest for a while. About half of the sky has cloud cover in the form of scattered clouds with clear patches. Quite a calm night. Staying settled, cold and possibly on the cloudy side for the coming days.

20th February:

Quite cold overnight with a low of 2C and some clear skies at times in the early hours. But it was generally cloudy and benign today but during the evening sky became clearer and now the temperature is currently below freezing - now -1C at Glasgow airport after a max of 6C. It's also a crystal clear, calm and starry night too. The cold conditions are set to continue for the coming days and this may well contribute to a cold enough finish to the season that may result in the winter 2012/2013 being below average overall. This winter has been alright/quite good and then it's onto Spring, starting with March which can be very wintry month in the transition to Spring.

21st February:

Another cold and clear start with a minimum of -3C. It turned a bit cloudier later and has stayed mostly cloudy ever since whilst the maximum temperature was 4C. A cold couple of days to come as the settled theme continues and now there are signs of a northerly blast for the start of March.

22nd February:

A quiet day with benign conditions and mostly overcast skies but felling very cold in the wind. The temperature rose from a low of 0C to a high of 3C which is the lowest of the month so far. Currently cloudy and cold. There was some snow flurries in eastern parts of England and the risk of snow continues into the weekend. The cold, seasonal and settled conditions look set to continue for at least the next 5 days and this could result in this winter ending up below average overall. It has been a pretty decent winter, and there is the potential for a continuation of wintry and seasonal weather for the start of Spring. I'm certainly looking forward to March and the transition of the seasons. It's a magical, special and transitionary period of the year.

23rd February:

-1C minimum temperature overnight and there was a light snow shower here aswell as light snow showers in various other parts of the British Isles thanks to an easterly wind. A lovely winter's day it turned out to be in the afternoon and evening with mostly clear skies other than some scattered clouds across parts of the sky. Fantastic sunshine and sunset and I went for a drive down the coast of the Clyde and through northern Ayrshire into Renfrewshire. The dusk sky reflected against the water and the outline of the mountains and islands standing out against the sky was marvelous aswell as bright moon and the stars that soon followed. Colder where the sky was clearer further west, but it was a chilly evening back in the central belt and greater Glasgow area but later in the evening and right snow it's now overcast. There could be some snow showers making progress through the Forth-Clyde valley tomorrow and if it does snow it maybe the last of the meteorological winter. Certainly, today's snowfall was a surprise with the last snowfall being on the 13th earlier this month. A cold and dry end to the winter seems likely. March could possibly start on the cold side.

24th February:

The settled and chilly theme continued today as eastern parts of Scotland woke up to some snow, with an inch of lying snow in some places. I believe that there may have been some snow flakes here earlier this morning which should surely be the last of the winter. Skies alternated between cloudy and bright, crystal clear, partly cloudy with clear intervals and overcast. A cold start with a low of -3C, the 15th day with an air frost this month. The temperature in the afternoon however did rise to a maximum of 6C. Quite a calm night with mostly clear moonlit and starry sky. Temperature already below freezing at Glasgow airport so there could be at least a few more days with an air frost before the month is out and the settled theme should continue into the start of March.

25th February:

A glorious day. After a very cold and frosty morning and a low of -4C, the stronger sun as we enter Spring resulted in temperatures rising to a max of 8C making for typical early Spring conditions. But it was a super day with stunning sunshine and clear blue skies which made the entire land look magnificent from sunrise to sunset. A cold evening with a clear, bright moon and stars, very calm and very little clouds, Now there is some cloud cover but another cold night should follow and the settled and chilly theme looks set to continue.

26th February:

Another glorious February day here and across much of Scotland. A chilly start with a minimum of 0C at Glasgow airport but much lower in the highland glens. But in this stage in the season, in the sunlight the temperature quickly rises and today the maximum temperature was 9C. But it was the wall to wall sunshine and clear, blue skies that made for another spectacular day of late winter/early Spring weather. A fantastic dusk with a wintery look to it: an orange haze on the horizon to the west, a sharp tint of light blue whilst to the east darkness rolls in aswell as the stars and a very large full moon. Certainly there is still a wintry element but the more hours of daylight and maximum temperatures rising towards 10C certainly puts into context that we are very much at the end of winter and are well into the transition into Spting. It's been a fairly decent month so far and the recent spell of sunny and dry weather may continue into tomorrow. It should also stay settled for the coming days and into the start of March.

27th February:

And today was another fantastic day here and across much of Scotland. A chilly start at 1C C and some fog but there was wall to wall sunshine and blue skies after noon which made it another outstanding day in this spell of stunning late winter weather. There is still elements of winter with cold mornings and evenings that still look and feel like winter, very wintery looking sunset and colours too, but there also elements of early Spring including longer days, dusk now later in the evening and the temperature rises very quickly in the sunshine and today the maximum was 10C. Anyway, the characteristics put into perspecitive that we are at the final stage of winter and we're now at a cross-over point into Spring. Eariler I went on a fantastic run up the eastern shore of Loch Lomond. An outstanding winter sunset and colours and the loch looked amazing with a perfect reflection. Some patches of snow on the mountains. And after sunset, in the evening it becomes dark very quickly with the stars coming out. A cold evening with a current low of -1C, the 18th day with an air frost this month and 10th in a row Some dense freezing fog outside just now with the moon visible. Certainly a unique time in the year for weather as winter draws to a close and this opens the door to remarkable rituals, colours, characteristics and scenes at this stage in the season. It's been a very settled end to an interesting winter. And quite possibly a settled start to March. As always, it'll be enjoyable to see how the weather this year evolves and it'll be fun to look back at various periods of weather of the year. This current one has been very good and it'll be fascinating to see what follows next as we enter early Spring and follow the continued transition of the weather, daylight and nature.

28th February:

The final day started with an air frost and some dense freezing fog that lasted up until lunchtime. Today was the 19th day with an air frost this month. Once the fog lifted it was sunshine and blue skies. However, a weak front moving south resulted in cloudy skies moving in pretty quickly in the afternoon. Albeit, quite thin cloud cover with some small pockets of clear sky but it was noticeably duller. Temperature rising to around 9C with Spring around the corner. Right now, a mosaic of thin cloud cover and clear patches. A calm night to finish winter. It has indeed been a much better winter compared to 11/12 in many respects but far from a classic and far from a disapointment. Overall this winter was quite decent/alright. It started with a cold spell in early December, with around 13 or so consecutive days with an air frost. There was a heavy snowfall on the night of the 2nd/3rd which dumped around and an inch of snow which stayed on the ground for a few days. A brief less cold spell was followed by a very cold and settled spell before midmonth with the coldest day of the year/winter with max/nin of 0C/-8C. However, thereafter, it was less cold, but noticeably much more unsettled and pretty wet. Quite a similar contrast to December 2011, but this year the month turned out below average with some excellent winter weather in the first half, and the second half was an improvement from 2011 with some snow. January started with a showery New Year's day, but with high pressure to the south, it was generally a very mild, dull and quite damp first third. Then there was the two week cold spell that saw maximum temperatures below 5C for a sustained period but minimum temperatures were not as low as the first half of December. It was quite a snowy spell with a respecable total of 7 snow days at Glasgow airport. But Glasgow in general missed out on the significant accumilating snow that affected large parts of the UK, but there was a brief covering of snow on numerous occasions. January ended up close to/slightly above average with the month ending on a milder and unsettled note. And then this month, started on a changeable note with cool, sunny days and then a polar westerly bringing an intense heavy snowfall with thunder on the night of the 4th/5th which left a covering of around an inch. Some quiet and average weather prevailed for a good number of days until the 13th which saw a frontal snowfall bring the best snowfall of the winter here, and the best snowfall here since Nov/Dec 2010 with a depth of 8cm which melted quickly. Unsettled and less cold weather followed for a few days and then a very fine and settled spell of late February weather from the 17th until the end of the month. 11 dry days with the 23rd having precipitation in the form of snow (the last of the official winter). A fantastic combination of weather, with sunshine and clear skies, feeling warm in the sunshine with temperatures at times as high as 10C but also some cold, winter's day and also cold winter's night with 11 consecutive days with an air frost and minimum temperatures as low as -7C (lowest of 2013 so far). February should turn out to be below average, with 19 days with an air frost at Glasgow airport. Certainly an interesting month with decent and varied February weather with the last of winter, and the transition into Spring. Details of the winter as a whole will be revealed in the coming days. That's it for the official winter which certainly was an interesting one. Next it's that wonderful season, Spring, starting with March. Anything could happen and it will be a joy to watch the transition of weather and environment continue in the coming months.

A Winter's Tale

A Winter's Tale


My Weather Diary of January 2013

1st January - New Year's Eve: Happy new year! At midnight, the first moments of the new year was cold and chilly westerly breeze. There was a fantastic moon over Glasgow but gradually cloud cover increased from approching showers from the west and the moon was covered. You could see the lanterns moving in same direction as the clouds and also very quickly too. Then it started to rain. Looking at the car there was some sleety stuff or rain with a wintry element landing on the cars and during a heavier shower in the early hours it left a covering. Certainly sleety but not quite enough to convince me that it was snow event worth putting into my snow diary for the winter. During the early hours it was cold with a low of 2C at Glasgow Airport and the sky altered between a lovely starry sky with a moon and an orange sheet from incoming showers. And it was a lovely winter's day and nice start to the weather of 2013 with stunning winter sunshine, clear, blue skies. It was quite chilly when I went for a walk at Kilmardinny Loch but a lovely sunset despite the chilly breeze. Maximum temperature at Glasgow airport 8C. There was snow in the highlands in the early hours but precipitation in the showers was more of rain later in the day but the shower become somewhat less frequent in what was a fine winter's day. With high pressure edging further north into southern areas of the British Isles it is going to be settled - Scotland will be vulnerable to some precipitation and it could be quite dull at times - and on the whole it should be mild but as the settled theme continues further into the first half of January the position or role the anticyclone has in relation to the British Isles could enable a possible frosty anticyclonic period, and in correspondance with the predicted SSW synoptically things will get interesting further into January - especially the second half of the month. Possibly January will the reverse of December 2012, except perhaps both the mild and cold halves will be more potent?

2nd January: A much milder day with a high/low of 11/4C at Glasgow airport. The pleasant and seasonal conditions of yesterday was replaced by a milder atlantic flow as a result of high pressure to our south. It has been a largely dull and overcast day here with spells of light rain and drizzle and this should continue overnight and into tomorrow. This pattern should last from a good number of days but it's anyone's guess as to what follows - how will the current synoptic pattern correspond with stratospheric changes that are afoot.

3rd January:

Another largely overcast, classic atlantic day in the middle of winter. There were spells of drizzle and a little of wind at times. A very mild day too with temperatures at Glasgow airport above 10C all day and max of 12C. This sort of atlantic driven, mild, overcast and at times damp conditions should last for a wee while but the pattern change is on the horizon and as we grow ever closer toward a key period the models should be really exciting to be following right now.

4th January:
Another mild day here with max/min at Glasgow airport of 11/9C. A better day, mostly dry other than a little drizzle at times. There was some decent clear spells and some periods of brightness in the afternoon but the generally cloudy theme continued this evening and should do so for the next 4 days and there should be some spells of rain too as front move in ontop of the high into Scotland and Ireland - NE Scotland best for sunshine. Pretty mild too for the next few days but a pattern change is coming around midmonth but there's great variability at this stage in how the models experiment with the SSW that's very likely but this makes for exciting times with a potentially excellent outcome.

5th January:

Another mild day here. There was some sunshine breaking through the cloud cover in the morning but overcast skies resumed pretty soon with the cold front arriving in the evening. It soon cleared and now it is clear, calm with a starry sky which is nice to see after the previous overcast nights.
The background signals are really looking good for HLB over Greenland. The models are only starting to deal and map out the effects on the SSW so there's a lot of uncertainty and variability so it's about waiting and seeing how the synoptics unfold during the many days to come and it'll be a whilte until we firm up a clear picture about the pattern change. Certainly in about 5 days it will be colder air, probably staying settled aswell. It seems like high pressure will end up between Iceland and Scandinavia and this needs further observation and the Iberian High may push further northwards towards Greeland so there's a lot to look out for, it's early days and there's many hurdles that need to be jumped but the prospects going forward further into January is looking good. It'll be a pleasure to watch this unfold and this sort of spectacle doesn't deserve whinging (in the MT) if all doesn't go well. Loads of potential, it's gonna turn colder, very uncertain and variable but this makes for very exciting and interesting times. It will be fascinating to see this evolve and god knows what sort of progress will be made between this update and the next tomorrow night.

6th January:

Another mild, overcast day with some damp conditions from some weather fronts. The damp conditions should continue tomorrow before turning cooler behind the front and it should stay cool/cold through the rest of next week. The weekend is interesting as the models picked up the idea of high pressure north of Scotland and overnight it should some excellent potential but whatever it brought, it was always going to be a starter as the SSW occured today, the tropospheric effects will occur further down the line and the changes occuring over this coming week and next weekend is a result of the transition of different patters. It's a very variable outlook but the background signals remain decent for HLB that should occur later but the path to HLB remain unclear but whatever unfolds next week in the models will be fascinating and potentiall we could see the high pressure in the atlantic ridge northwards towards Greenland. But it's very early days in this pattern change but it seems that during the process of it all, we'll end up cooler next week, possibly followed up by surface cold and there is potential for the real effects of the SSW to occur later.

7th January:

Another very mild day but it has been dull, overcast, dark, gloomy and very wet with a bit of mist in the evening 10/9C at Glasgow airport. Tomorrow should be wet but clearing and colder air should follow leaving a sunny and cold day on Wednesday, Thursday looking cold too with a front moving in from the west and with high pressure towards Scandinavia, an easterly flow, so a cold weekend but the real uncertainty lurks beyond the weekend - a decent chance of it staying cold but we need to see what sort of charts and scenarios unfold throughout this week.

8th January:

Another mild day with maximum temperature of 11C, grey and wet to begin with but as the cold front cleared it was a clear afternoon allowing for a nice wintry sunset and dusk for once. A starry evening too. A cold night instore, currently 5C at Glasgow airport and there should be fog and mist patches across the British Isles. Tomorrow dry and cold, followed by a widespread frost in the north then a front moving in on Thursday. However with block to our north, a cold weekend looks likey and today, there has been big upgrades in the 12zs and GFS 18z about the snow prospects (particulary in England) for the weekend and it looked good in todays 12z runs for Greenland blocking at a semi-reliable time frame - but there's a lot of scatter in the ensembles so still very uncertain - and FI on some runs has been of epic proportions. Very exciting period of model watching coming up and indeed the actual weather itself should be equally thrilling to follow. Background signals looking good for cold later on - huge potential but very early days. Plus the most users on line was smashed for the GFS 18z.

9th January:

A stunning winter's sunset earlier with red skies to the west and a pale/purple sky to the west. There was a little rain in the early hours with some cloud from the west. There were alternating clear periods and some periods with increased cloud cover but generally it was a bright day - especially when compared to what we've seen so far this month. A cool day too with maximum of 8C and currently a low of 2C at Glasgow Airport. Hopefully by dawn there'll be the first air frost on 2013, and the first since the 13th or 14th of December. Tomorrow could be a cloudy day with the UK sat between two weather fronts but certainly it should be a cold day. The cold theme continues into Friday and especially the weekend should see frosts, cold temperatures by day and increased snow risk for UK, especially in England with the easterly wind but eastern Scotland could see something. Even though it's within the 5 day outlook, there'll be subtle changes which will have a big impact on what happens, so confidence is low regarding the detail of this weekend. A mixed day for high pressure extending to Greenland, the GFS op has had a shortwave drama near Iceland, but FI doesn't fit with the background signals. And much of the other models, and indeed GFS ensembles down support the GFS op and the ECM 12z was another stonker. High uncertainty but thrilling.

10th January:

A return to winter for the first time this month. Current maximum 3C at Glasgow airport and first Air frost - low of -2C - since just before mid-December. However the sun failed to turn up because of quite dense fog this morning and indeed right now and mist and grey skies persisted all day - largely dry too. The potential for snow starts later tomorrow and throughout the weekend into the start of next week. Probably more likely in the east but it's a very complicated picture so we'll only know until the last minute. Temperatures should be low too so this should make for an interesting weekend. And model watching has been gripping today with EPIC ECM runs, consistency in GFS in 06z and 12z with regards to how GFS differs from other models but 18z was an improvement - ensembles paint a different story for GFS - so it continues to be a very volatile affair and anything could happen.

11th January:

Temperatures at Glasgow airport close to normal for winter 6/3C. Quite grey and overcast to begin with, a few clear breaks but a beautiful dusk in the afternoon with clear skies and a wounderful wintry tint of light blue. Now there's a sheet of cloud with a little clear strip to the south. Some drizzle and light rain across the south west during the night, mostly cloudy for Scotland but some clear intervals in the north west. A chilly night too and the colder upper air and sub 528 dam air should spread from the west, a south easterly flow developing and some snow showers for parts of Scotland such as Angus during Saturday. On Sunday a band of precipitation moving in from the north west could bring some snow to Scotland and there are oppurtunities for snow during the early part of next week across the British Isles. Beyond Wednesday next week and it's uncertain.

12th January:

Went to Lochgoilhead during the morning and left in the afternoon. It seemed to be clear skies at dawn, a mixture of clear and cloud patches in the sky on the drive up and at Lochgoilhead, the sun occasionally coming up to give a very wintry golden colour on the mountains (light snow cover down to below 2000ft) and shimmering on the loch. Very chilly in the south easterly wind. Overcast on the way back. At Glasgow airport, another day with typical, quite chilly temperatures of 5/2C, no air frost but atleast the maximum was below 5C which makes things seasonal. It went down to below -7C in the highlands last night. A tiny bit of snow in some parts of eastern Scotland with showers, some snow in a few parts of eastern England with showers, and with a front coming down the from north west there has been some snow in parts of the highlands. Now overcast with this feature getting closer to the central belt. It's unclear whether it'll be snow away from the coast, or snow on the high ground but precipitation from this feature is meant to persist throughout the night, morning and afternoon. Some parts of the country will get a fair bit of snow. Another front follows, potential for snow but the warm sector could be problem. The models show a cold, settled week with the potential for some very low temperatures - through time we'll get more ideas about what the latter part of this coming week will be like.

13th January:

I woke up to fairly moderate-heavy snowfall at 9am which is the first here (Bearsden, and also most likely Torrance aswell) and at Glasgow airport this year. It left a covering of 1cm on top of the car and the trees, cars, grass, roofs and some drive way were all white - surpasses anything that we saw in January or February 2012. But once the snow stopped falling before lunchtime, it was a wet affair and the snow melted quite quickly. I went for a drive to the whangie and in the upper part of Milngavie, Craigton and on the road towards Queen's view there was a lot of lying snow and a winter wonderland - but the precipitation was rain. Then to my surprise, just after that there was no sign of any snow whatsoever in Kilearn, Drymen and Fintry - the whole valley was green. The Campsies was white however with snow falling. Came through Torrance and it was raining but I noticed the remains of some of the lying snow on a few gardens so it was the first falling and lying snow of the year there too - in my snow diary, I've said depth of 1cm which is the highest depth I recorded today at one of the two sites I spend my time at). The snow generally across Scotland was of a wet nature with little significant accumilations across lower levels. Now the same band is bringing snow to large parts of England. A cold day at Glasgow airport, an air frost and maxima/minima of 3/0C makes for a cold winter's day. Tomorrow, another band in the morning but mostly rain in Scotland - then followed by an easterly flow for a few days, pretty cold, then possibly a snowy breakdown for the end of the week but this is very uncertain as we don't know the details that will decide whether it'll be snow, how significant it will be and where, and whether it will be a breakdown at all.

14th January:

It rained during the night but it brought snow to Aberdeenshire and quite a few areas of England but hardly stunning. Some lovely winter sunshine and clear skies through the day and the crescent moon was visible at dusk. With winds turning to more of a north easterly there is currently precipitation in eastern areas. An band of decaying snow showers crossed the area recently and I saw the area of thin cloud cover (with the orange glow of Glasgow) move south across the central belt with the fantastic crystal clear, starry and dark night sky. A cold day at Glasgow airport 4/0C. The next few days probably cold and dry, then there is the potential for a very significant breakdown for the weekend and the cold theme may be maintained beyond anything after this weekend is uncertain.

15th January:

The cold spell continues. Maximum temperature of 3C and currently -4C at Glasgow airport. -12.7C at Braemar and Dyce has recorded it's coldest temperatures since Boxing Day 2010. A glorious winter's day here with frost and a stunning winter dusk with crystal clear sky, not a breath of wind and a crescent moon. There was a little snow in eastern parts of Scotland and in some eastern areas of England and sattelite imagery should that a number of areas have lying snow (mostly on the higher ground). There was further distruption in east Anglia and there's low level lying snow in Aberdeenshire. A front out to the west may bring rain to the western isles of Scotland, if it pushes further inland then there could be snow. Tomorrow, could be a cloudier day here but another cold one. Into Thursday and the cold conditions continue possibly some precipitation here coming off the Irish Sea. For the end of the week there is a battle between the atlantic and cold air. Scotland should keep surface cold and cold uppers, but there's uncertainty about how Scotland could be affected with the band of precipitation that will certainly bring a significant snow event to parts of the British Isles between Friday and Monday. It's a complicated affair but it seems Scotland may hang onto the cold air through next week with possible reloads and potentially a more significant blocking pattern further down the line.

16th January:

The coldest day of 2013 so far. Maximum of 1C and minimum -4C at Glasgow airport. And there was a snow flurry here in the afternoon, part of a patchy band of precipitation moving in from the west that's bringing snow to Wales. A very cold night in Aberdeen - coldest since December 2010 and it dropped to -13C in Norflok. There was some sunshine in the early afternoon but it's dry, cold and cloudy. Overnight it should remain cloudy here but during the day the clear skies in the east should be more widespread during the afternoon. Then Friday is interesting, battleground sets up as a front meeting the cold air turns to snow - met office warning covering much of the UK, amber in parts of England and Wales. But there's lots of uncertainties regarding how heavy and how far east the snow will fall over Scotland - south west of Scotland most favourable for distruptive snowfall. But it looks like staying cold throughout the weekend, snow showers in a SEly flow in eastern Scotland and staying cold into the first part of next week. ECM 12z was a cracker so there's still model variability post Sunday thus lot's of uncertainty but we are in thrilling times.

17th January:

Another cold day -2/0C at Glasgow airport and very cold at some spots in the UK last night. Thin cloud cover but quite bright, at dusk I could see the clear skies further east with a classic wintry orange/pink haze on the horizon. A strong wind making things feel very chilly as a result of low pressure moving in from the west. Scotland shouldn't be affected by the frontal snowfall but much of the rest of the UK should be affected and today the met office issued the first red warning for snow in two years - for south Wales. Today there has been snow showers around the north sea in a SEly wind and light snow across Wales and England. Tomorrow, snowy for many, drier in Scotland but snow showers for eastern parts of Scotland and overnight the snow risk could increase across a much larger area of Scotland. Staying cold throughout the weekend with an easterly flow and the potential for snow with convection off the north sea. The first three days of next week at least will see the cold spell continue and after that it is uncertain.

18th January:

Probably the most eventful day for snow in the UK since December 2010. The band of precipitation dumped snow over much of Northern Ireland, Wales and England with significant distruption and depths as high as 30cm. There was dedicated special news reports about the situation. Here a lovely but very cold winter's day with a strong wind and plenty of sunshine with the moon visible at dusk but cloud cover increased later in the evening and there was a little bit of snow. A very complicated picture but today probably had the best north sea convective snow shower activity since 2010 with intense squall lines in the evening in northern England and eastern Scotland in a strong SEly. Snow fell in these areas throughout the day but during the evening there was quite intense snowfall in eastern parts of Scotland and the squall line extended as far as the Isle of Skye and the remainder of the front that brought distruption to other parts of the UK brought some snow to southern parts of Scotland. Much of the UK saw snow today and has lying snow and in many areas significant accumilations and even Scotland joined despite the BBC/Met office not forecasting the convective showers at all well. A very cold day here and at Glasgow airport it was 2/-1C today which is very decent seasonal temperatures. Tomorrow, a cold and strong easterly wind should feed snow showers into eastern areas but it could end up being more widespread and a similar theme for Sunday but details will change. Potentially another significant snow event in E England on Sunday and this spreading northwards could make for an interesting day on Monday here in Scotland. Beyond that there is variability between the models with some suggesting the cold spell will continue to last. Despite the lack of lying snow here in comparison to other areas, I've enjoyed the activity across the country and the length and temperatures and weather we've had here has been very seasonal and shall continue to do so and there is a greater risk of snow here in the coming days. Very active period we are in and we've seen some very interesting and exciting weather in the UK.v

19th January 2013:

Today was another cold one 4/0C withb some snow here and at Glasgow airport with just a few showers in he easterly wind. More activity furher east and some light snow across various parts of the UK. Pleasant winter's sunshine earlier but turned a bit cloudier later. A quite day instore tomorrow but Monday could see some snow as the cold snap continues into next week. Sady 4 people were killed in an avalanche at Glencoe.

20th January:

A cloudy, grey day and cold with some snow flurries - 2/1C at Glasgow airport as of 11pm. Some snow flurries in a easterly wind affecting Scotland parts of Ireland whilst an area of low pressure moving north from the continent has brought significant snowfall to SE England aswell as bringing some snowfall for the Midlands, northern England and northern Wales and it's moving further north. More significant snowfall overnight in NE England then spreading into E Scotland, possibly some snow here and hopefully accumilations but it's all about waiting and seeing. There could be further snow for parts of Scotland in the following days, the cold spell lasting till atleast Thursday.

21st January:

A very cold day here (2/1C at Glasgow airport) but there was a strong easterly wind making things feel bitter. On top of that, throughout the morning and afternoon there was snow, there was a covering of snow in the morning with pavements, gardens, driveways etc... all white with a depth of under a cm but that all disapeared very quickly. Atleast there was another lying snow day and i has already been snowier than last January at Glasgow airport with 4 days. Snowfall was variable across Scotland but the borders have been hit very badly and north east England had snow and a little bit of snow in NI. Some significant snow depths of up to a foot in places - certainly this has been the most notable cold spell in the UK since December 2010 but Glasgow and central Scotland has escaped the worst of the snow but it has been a fairly lengthy cold spell. Wind and snow to continue overnight across parts of Scotland lingering all day tomorrow in NE parts. Another cold and cloudy day to follow, then becoming more settled with the potential for some very low minimum values in places. It seems likely that the cold spell will end by Friday but there could be a snow event to come with the breakdown. The atlantic may come back for a while but I wonder what February will jhave instore - could we see another notable cold spell following the effects of the SSW - it will be interesting to find out and certainly will be interesting to see what the mean temperature for January will be, it could be below average despite a very mild first third. Hopefully February will deliver some snow events and interesting weather in what has been a fascinating winter so far.

22nd January:

I think it snowed overnight with an area of precipitation that moed northwards across the central belt and Glasgow airport recorded its 5th day of snow this month. Quite grey the turned a bit clearer in the afternoon for a nice wintry dusk and conditions are much calmer with some clear spells. Maximum of 3C and minimum of -1C, more snow in eastern Scotland and some snow in southern and central parts of England. Depths of over a foot in Deeside . Staying cold and quiet over the next few days before this interesting cold spell will end with possibly a frontal snowfall on Friday followed by milder, wetter and windier conditions - but for how long?

23rd January:

A really cold day with some snow in the morning which was a surprise which left a brief dusting at Bearsden. Temperatures of 2/-2C at Glasgow airport, a mostly overcast day but with a wintry looking cloud cover and some clear patches looking south of Glasgow with a hazy look to it. In the afternoon I went for a drive over the Campsies. Lying snow covered much of the hills down to about 500ft, and it looked distinctly wintry beyond the car park with icicles, snow depths of 5 to 10cm, some drifts, trees covered in snow and on the other side of the Campsies there was lying snow throughout the valley around Fintry towards the hills of Loch Lomond, the Trossachs and Breadalbane but visiblity was very poor with a wintry haze over everything. The Fintry Hills and scenery looked wonderfully snowy and wintry with super colours and scenes and it was fascinating to see how the difference in temperatures on both sides of the Campsies influenced the snow cover. Elsewhere, it was another cold day with some snow showers in southern England and parts of Wales. A cold night and day to follow but very quiet before the breakdown occurs on Friday which could produce one final snowfall of this intruiging cold spell. Milder, wetter and windier for the weekend and possibly into next week but the synoptic situation in Europe will adjust following the change of pattern and it's a question of how well the models are managing the changes. And of course, there is the tropospheric effects from the SSW and this leads to a possibility of further HLB so things will remain changeable but certainly interesting with a variety of feasable outcomes ahead of us.

24th January:

And the cold spell goes on. A quieter day across the British Isles but still some snow flurries in places. No snow here, a cold day with temperatures at Glasgow airport of 4/1C, some sunshine and blue skies but it varied from place to place and during my drive around the Campsies it remained hazy around Loch Lomond and the Trossachs but some fantastic wintry scenes. The breakdown is coming with a front arriving from the west and it could bring some snowfall with it. If temperatures at Glasgow airport stay below 5C then it's another full day of the cold spell but it will end during the weekend with milder, wetter and windier weather. But it has been a memorable cold spell for many reasons, a decent duration of seasonal weather, some impressive snowfalls across the British Isles, 5 snow days in a row at Glasgow airport - the most since Nov/Dec 2010 - and some poor performances from the models. The only thing that my location lacked was a major snowfall but the cold spell made for an interesting chapter early in the year. [url="http://forum.netweather.tv/gallery/album/1261-snow-the-campsies-240112/"]http://forum.netweat...ampsies-240112/[/url]

25th January:

The cold spell continued for another full day 3/0C at Glasgow airport. A band moving in from the west brought widespread snowfall to many parts of Scotland and northern England with some further significant accumilations and distruption in places.I was in Bearsden all day, there was a covering of snow in the morning then it snow heavily throughout the afternoon, the ground was just a tad too wet for it to settle properly but roofs, grass, cars, pavements and stone walls etc were all white for a time. It has snowed quite a bit here in this spell and today had very heavy snowfall and there has been a covering of snow on numerous occasions but unfortuantly it wasn't much in the way of more significant depths. But I'm unaware of what it was like in Torrance and I think there is a chance that there could have been some depths there. Tomorrow could be sunny, if temperatures stay below 5C then the cold spell continues but there's a chance that it may end here. Then the following days low pressure systems bring heavy rainfall, and wind and milder temperatures and and it could remain unsettled throughout next week but this is subject to change.

26th January:

After 14 days the cold spell is finally over, with the temperature exceeding 5C at around Lunchtime. It was a cold start with some rain and a low of 1C, followed by some lovely sunshine and blue skies but cloud cover increased from the west in the afternoon and heavy rain soon arrived with it. The thin snow cover on the garden had melted by lunch. I went for a drive up the Campsies where depths were over 20cm and there were variations in snow cover across the region. Now milder air with 9C the high so far. But there was distruption in northern and eastern parts of England earlier with snowfall. The unsettled theme will continue with further rainfall and wind and generally less cold temperatures but there is a signal for a return to colder conditions in February.

27th January:

Mild in the arly hours with temperatures around 10C, but it was cooler after that and showery with some hail in the morning and claps of thunder and wintry showers in other parts of Scotland. Temperature dropped to around 2C. There was some sunshine in the morning folowed by a more prolonged period of oragnised showers and some clear spells in the evening aswell as further showers. It will stay changeable, temperatures not notably mild but sometimes cool/average or slightly above, come showery spells aswell as frontal rainfall and quite windy before turning colder towards the end of the week.

28th January:

A wet day with a front moving in from the west bringing some rainfall and quite heavy at times too. It was also windy at times. A bit milder than average at 8/4C and the changeable conditions are set to continue this week, sometimes cool here in Scotland and at times mild in England but it may turn colder towards the end of the week.

29th January:

Some wild conditions today with the wind pickling up during the day with quite strong and fresh gusts right now and some damaging gusts further NW in Scotland. Some rainfall earlier, but an amazing colour to the clouds with the sun setting in the south west. A mild day with maximum temperature of 12C and minimum of 7c and i reached 14.5C at one spot in the UK which is the mildest since November. Here, at least there is currently partly clear skies with stars visible but plenty of clouds moving quickly in the strong wind. Further changeable conditions in the coming days but a colder end to the week is likely - it could end up being a colder interlude but the signals remain for a theme of seasonal and cold conditions into February.

30th January:

Another fresh day with some spells of rain in the form of showers with some sunny and clearer interludes between. Overall quite mild with temperatures of around 9/5C at Glasgow airport and occasionally strong gusts which made things feel pretty cold and unpleasant during the showers. It's quite similar to this time last night with scattered clouds moving swiftly across the sky with the stars, the moon and the night sky visible in the clear patches. Some rain tomorrow across the central lowlands and southern highlands and feeling fresh further north. But turning colder on Friday with northerly winds and wintry showers in places, a cold start to the weekend but milder and wetter conditions rolling ontop of high pressure arriiving from the north west on Sunday and the trend of colder interludes remains into the following week but as always details are not clear.

31st January:

There was some heavy rain and even some hail combined with wind here this morning. Surprisingly the sun did come out for in the afternoon with some pleasant clear skies but there was also some heavy showers around. During dusk and the evening the sky was partly clear with wintry colours in the sky at dusk and stars visible in the evening and clouds scattered around and some impressive cumulonimbus clouds dotted around the area. There may be a spell of rain tonight but it will be colder tomorrow with northerly winds to start February before a brief milder/ wet interlude from the NW is followed by cold north westerly flow bringing showers but it's very hard to call what will happen after the weekend but there's a decent chance of cold spells. There was some wet snow and rumbles of thunders across parts of the central lowlands and southern highlands today. Not confirmed, but max/min temps at Glasgow airport was around 8/4C.

A Winter's Tale

A Winter's Tale


AWT'S Winter Forecast 2012/2013

[u][b][u]DECEMBER[/u][/b][/u]...quite cold, changeable with periods strongly influenced by low pressure but there should be some quiet and settled spells at times. Some periods of partciulary wet weather and at times quite windy and there could be a few storms. Temperatures 0.5 below to 0.25 above the average. CET 4.3C. Rainfall 90% in the north and west and 70-80% in the south and east. A good deal of hill snow in the highlands and some wintry weather at times . Sunshine 0-5% above average.

[u][b][u]JANUARY[/u][/b][/u]...cold with a sustained period of below average temperatures, wintry precipitation and dry conditions - in the north, and some cool, changeable and unsettled weather during the month with some wet and windy weather and possibly wintry in the north. Temperatures -1.25 to 0.25C below avergae. CET 2.8C. Rainfall 85%. Some widespread snowfall in cold spells and a risk of hill snow in the highlands throughout the month. Sunshine 5% above average.

[u][b][u]FEBRUARY[/u][/b][/u]...average with some cold, wintry spells but generally more unsettled and changeable with temperatures in general close to the average. Temperatures 0.25 below average to 0.5C above average. CET 3.8C. Rainfall 85 to 100%. Some wintry precipitation in cold spells. Sunshine 5% above average.


First week: Starting cold, and dry, becoming unsettled with some wet and windy weather but on the cold side with the threat of some wintry precipitation in the north.
Second week: Initially unsettled and quite cool, turning a bit colder with northerly associated with mid-atlantic high with some snow in the north.
Third week: Becoming more settled for a few days with high pressure close to/over the British Isles - cold, frosty. Return to chilly, unsettled conditions.
Final week: Cool, quite unsettled start, becoming progressively colder later with snow becoming increasingly more widespread


First week: Starting cool and showery in NW, quickly becoming settled with dry, calm and mild conditions - some rain in the NW at times -some overcast periods, driest in SE
Second week: Staying mostly settled -mostly in E - but some wet and windy weather will be present at times - mostly in W - temps overall average, turning cooler and unsettled
Third week: Unsettled, at times quite dry in SE, temperatures around average, occasional snow in N, turning colder and a bit drier later
Final week: Very cold with a widespread risk of snow and ice. Some significant snowfalls at times and harsh frosts. Overall dry conditions with sunshine.



First week: Starting cold and bright followed by a brief interlude of milder, wetter conditions before a return to cold, showery conditions with snow in the N and W
Second week: Cold and settled to begin with then a mild wetter interlude before a return to cold and settled conditions.
Third week: Largely cold with settled conditions in the north and at times unsettled in south, highest risk of snow in eastern areas
Final week: Starting cold before unsettled conditions brings a breakdown with a change to temperatures closer to average and changeable weather conditions.

A Winter's Tale

A Winter's Tale

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