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Cluster Time....

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One Of The Most Painful Conditions Known To Man/or Woman..!

I haven't a clue what the 'ell' i'm doing with this blog malarkey as its the first time ive attempted one... Here goes..!
Just thought i needed to share this with the lovely folk on Netweather and wonder if anybody on here suffer with CLUSTER HEADACHES..anyways best hurry as i dont know when the next attack is coming.

Around late August early September every year (except once i had a year headache free...!!) for around 14 years i suffer the most incredible pain, infact the first time it happened i was rushed into hospital as it was thought i had meningitus but after a lumbar puncture the results came back negative so the doctors said it was most likely a viral infection affecting part of my brain. The headaches returned a year later so i went to see my GP and was given a course of anti-biotics and told to take 'over the counter' painkillers, this i did but with little or no effect, anyway after 3-4 weeks they disappeared and i thought nothing of them until the next year when they returned but this time i didnt bother going to see my GP and just rode it out and after 3-4 weeks they disappeared once again. This went on for for years but 2 years ago the usual duration of 3-4 weeks past and i was still suffering 3-4 attacks a day some times lasting over 3 hours, i couldn't take this torture any longer and went to see my GP again who referred me to a nose, ear and throat specialist as sinus could be the problem ( fungi spores being the mechanism as they happen the same time every year) After several more weeks the pain had disappeared again. I then recieved my appointment with the specialist but after consultation and a C.A.T scan the results showed i had no problems, infact the consultant said i had what could only be described as better than normal sinuses.!! . I then recieved a letter from my doctors surgery to see a a different GP who had been talking with my usual GP and said that he might know what the problem is as he recognized the symptoms, was i glad i saw him as his diagnoses was spot on and now i self administer injections to manage the pain. I still dread this time of year knowing i have to go through this ordeal as i still have incredible pain as i'm only allowed 12mg in 24 hrs and sometimes i have several attacks a day but at least i know that some days i can be virtually pain free.
If anybody on here suffers or knows somebody who does let em know that there is help out there for this debilitating 'disease'.




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