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My First Forecast Attempt 22Nd-26Th February 2010

First of all I wish to tell you that you shouldn't take too much notice of this blog and it will be deleted if its proved to be innacurate by Wednesday. I would love feedback on my forecasting skill.Sunday night.The early evening will see snow in Northern parts of England and Southern parts of Scotland. Temperatures should drop to around -3C in the north and about 1C in the south.MondayWill be a big washout in the South East and rainfall totals will easily reach 4cm. This rain will turn to snow as it pushes north and Yorkshire, Midlands and parts of the North East may get 3-5cm with 5-10cm on higher ground. Southern and Northern scotland will be at risk of snow with nothing significant for the middle of Scotland. Wales will see a wintry mix.Tuesday.The South East will see yet more rain which again will turn to snow however this time it will push in to The East Midlands, Wales and Northern Ireland as mainly snow however rain could precede it preventing any significant settling but thatand 6-10cm widespread easy. Tuesday will be a mainly dry day in North East England and Scotland.Wednesday(less confidence)The band of snow and rain continues to push north gripping most of the UK. Southern parts o England will see rain, Wales will see rain along with the midlands while Yorkshire, North East England and Southern Scotland will see snow into the afternoon with snow in Scotland lasting the night.Thursday(even less confidence)Early birds may see rain across england snow across Northern Scotland, the snow will stick around Scotland most of the day topping up any lying snow in ski resorts. In the mid-morning the rain will clear from much of Southern England with new band edging in from the South East. By the evening the whole of England and Wales should be wet and Scotland will be rainy in the South and Snowy in the North.Friday.(Very low confidence at this point)A battle of weather systems seems to be going on on Friday so Northern England will see rain in the morning and snow later on. As the snow gets southbound it will weaken turning to sleet then rain unfortunately for the South and Wales who will see prolonged rain.As I said at the begining this is my first forecast so will probably be wrong.

Deep Snow please

Deep Snow please

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