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The mad movie blog of a cinima addict

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2009 Movies The Good, Bad And Down Right Shocking

Their was some great movies on in 2009. I want to the cinema more times then ever before. Below is my top 5 movies of the year and the top 5 worst movies. All the films will be rated outta 5. [b] Top 5[/b] 1. Star Trek ***** - Best movie of the year by far. not a star trek fan. but this blew me away loved the cast everything. 2. Zombieland ***** - Up their as the surprise find of the year. Great movie very funny and I really recommend this 3. The hurt Locker **** - Another surprise of mo




An Lanntair Cinema

Firstly welcome to my new yet another new blog. Im a big fan of going to the cinema. This blog will be dedicated to the films I see at my local cinema An Lanntair. Which is a small local independent cinema. with it being an independent cinema it can take 4 to 8 weeks for films to be shown up here. it can be a little frustrating at times, but is more often then not worth the wait. compared to the cinemas on the mainland what I feel is great value for money of £5 to gain entry. Blow you will fin



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