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Christmas Forecast 2016

Dreaming Of A White Christmas? Update #3
Published 27th November

If you haven't seen it yet, the Winter forecast has been issued, and is suggesting the first half of the Winter is likely to be colder than average - pretty good news if you're hoping for a White Christmas.

Of course, even if a month is colder than average overall, it doesn't guarantee a particular day will be cold, and we'll need that before we even start to think about the risk of snow, but the signs are positive.

Christmas weather forecast Christmas weather forecast We're still using the CFS (climate forecast system) charts at this stage, until the medium range models come in to play during December, and again this week we've seen a trend for cold weather around the Christmas period. In fact this model, and a number of other signals are pointing towards cold air being with us for a good part of the second half of the December. This particular run brings cold air south during Xmas day, with the blue colour indicating a risk of snow - but don't forget we're just looking for trends at this stage.

As you may imagine, with a few positive signals dropping into place this week, the chances of snow on the big day are on the up, there's still a long way to go though! Give Santa a shake to find out the current snow chance in your part of the country, and don't forget to tune in next week for another update & the Christmas decorations will be up then too.

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