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Christmas Forecast 2016

Dreaming Of A White Christmas? Update #4
Published 4th December

Holly The decorations are up, hope you like them! Ironically, the seasonal chilly, frosty weather is on its way out this week, to be replaced by wetter, milder conditions, and the million dollar question is whether it will it last right through to Christmas...

At the current time it looks more likely it'll run out of steam shortly after mid-month. So with high pressure expected to be back to playing more of a role after that point, the story could well be about where that settles, in terms of how cold the air is over the UK, and what the risk of snow is. First though we need to see if that broader pattern does take hold, and we're a little way off of that yet.

Christmas weather forecast Christmas weather forecast As usual, we're using the CFS as an example chart today, and it's been having a bit of a wobble in the last 7 days, but colder scenarios are starting to become more common again. This latest update beings colder air down from the north on Xmas day, which if it played out this way would be the start of a longer cold spell.

As we always say at this range though, it's all about the trends, and this week has seen a lot of ups and downs. Had this update been written a couple of days ago, we may have been talking about dropping the snow risks. But with some more positive signals (if you're wanting a chance of snow) coming through in recent days, we're holding steady. Give Santa a shake to find out your snow chance.

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