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Christmas Forecast 2014

Dreaming Of A White Christmas? Update Number 2 - 16th November

We're another week down the road toward Xmas, just over 5 weeks to go now - have you started shopping yet? Weather wise, we're still on a mild run so not exactly feeling too seasonal just yet, but plenty of time for that to change.

Christmas weather forecast We're still on the hunt for clues and trends as we look ahead to the big day, again we're using a chart from the CFS (climate forecast system) and as you can see on this particular chart there's not a great deal of blue over the British Isles, so should it occur like this we'd be looking at rain rather than snow for the vast majority. This is a fairly typical example of the pattern which has been showing in recent days, with cold air never too far off, but not always making it over the British Isles during the Xmas period.

As we looked at last week, 70% of Christmases in the last 50 years have seen some snow falling somewhere but with the climate model just pulling back a little on showing colder scenarios this week, the chances of a white Xmas are just a little lower than they were - it's still very early days though. Give Santa a shake to find out the chance in your part of the country, and don't forget to tune in next Sunday for another update.

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Another Christmas ad to watch today - this time it's a very poignant one from Sainsbury's, what do you think of it?

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Next Update - Sunday 23rd November
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