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A cooler weekend November 22/23rd

TEMPERATURES -Turning cooler with night time frost.

A very mild start to the weekend for England and Wales with temperatures in double figures early Saturday. Temperatures in Wales will actually fall away by lunchtime as a cold front moves in, but SE Britain could reach a mild 16C. Cold air will then spread in from the West, with an air frost possible for Southern and Northern Ireland and Scotland, Wales and northern England will have a nippy night with a touch of frost. Kent, E.Sussex and Essex stay in the mild air. So Sunday will feel colder, and Sunday night brings a frost risk further south.


During Friday evening, frontal rain arrives from the SW. The heaviest rain looks like moving over Wales overnight across N.Ireland, N.England into windy Scotland for Saturday morning. That clears all but Shetland during the day. However a waving front looks like it becomes stuck over England Saturday night. At the moment, it seems to be stretching from the Wash down to Isle of Wight Sunday morning moving east over East Anglia and SE England later on Sunday. Heavy showers arrive in NW Britain

FOG could be a problem early Sunday particularly for Wales, N.England and S.Ireland with lighter winds and clearer skies.

Wales – SAT  light W wind, damp grey start, brightening up, Cool 9C

SUN Light NW wind, Fog, damp start inland, sunny west coast 9C

N.Ireland – SAT moderate to fresh SW wind, Sunny but cool 8C

SUN Moderate SW wind, fog, cold but sunny 7C

S.Ireland – SAT light to moderate SW wind, sunny but cool 8C, light shower in the west

SUN Light SW wind, fog, cold but sunny 7C

Scotland- SAT strong SE wind veering moderate/light SW, rain moving north to Northern Isles, brighter but cool 9C

SUN Moderate to strong SW winds, gales for Western Isles, cold sunny start, showers in NW 7C

N.England- SAT moderate SW wind, damp start, cloud lifting mild midday 13C

SUN Light W wind, Rain for Yorkshire clearing SE, sunny NW, cooler 8C

S.England- SAT light S wind, cloudy with patchy rain, Mild 16C

SUN Light to fresh N wind, overnight rain moving east, cooler 8C

As we head towards the end of November, there will be more of a frost risk next week

Forecast By Jo Farrow on 20th November 2014 at 09:17

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Forecast updated: 18th Apr 00:44:00
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