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End of August Weekend weather

August hasn't been that much of a huge summer hit. Rather cool and quite unsettled although still feeling warm enough in sheltered sunshine. There should be something more settled and warmer as we head into September, but what about the weekend to come.

Saturday- Blustery with a scattering of showers, mainly for western parts, heaviest W.Scotland and Wales. Best sunshine - eastern England. Westerly winds making N.Ireland and Scotland cool at 16C, Wales 18C inland and England 18 to 21C.Still feeling warm in the sunshine and out of the wind.

Sunday - Fine and settled for most, lots of sunshine but with a cool NW wind. N.Ireland feeling warmer at 18C. Showers for the northern half of Scotland

Next week/ start of September;storyid=6113;sess=

Forecast By Jo Farrow on 27th August 2014 at 15:32

Weekend Weather Forecast For City of London

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Sun 07th
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Forecast updated: 1st Sep 12:59:00
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