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10 Day Forecast 10 Day Forecast
Weather Radar Weather Radar
Lightning Detector Lightning Detector
Jet Stream Jet Stream Forecast

Long Term Weather Forecasts

Long Term Weather Forecasts

A variety of longer range forecasts can be found here on Netweather, including our seasonal forecasts, regularly updated long term forecast, monthly forecasts and the CFSv2 long range model.
Monthly Weather Forecast
Monthly forecast Weather outlook for the month ahead, updated every Monday - great for forward planning!
CFS Maps
CFS maps As part of Netweather Extra, access the long range CFSv2 (Climate forecast system) with both anomaly and raw daily charts out to 9 months.
Jetstream Following the track of the jetstream is another very useful longer range indicator.
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Netweather Extra

Netweather Extra

If you're looking for even more detail, and a greater range of forecasts take a look at Netweather Extra our subscription service which takes weather forecasts and info to the next level - making sure you're always totally up to date.

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