UK weather: More wind and heavy rain whistling through this week with wintry showers.

9th December 2019 09:37

UK weather: More wind and heavy rain whistling through this week with wintry showers.

There has been plenty of lively weather for the UK and for Ireland this weekend, not just from Storm Atiyah; the low pressure clearing away over the North Sea this morning. There were bands of heavy rain with wintry showers in the north, gales and blustery gusts leaving a Monday morning where everyone feels a bit worn out. Maybe that is just Monday mornings.

County Kerry in SW Ireland had a red warning for winds, during Sunday evening.

The weather warning for strong winds continues for eastern England until lunchtime as the low centre heads away towards Denmark. That is Storm Atiyah finished. It’s mild outside although with the brisk north to NW winds along eastern Britain today, it will feel colder. And in this more northerly flow, there are wintry showers now appearing with snow over the Scottish mountains.

UK temperatures Monday

The day will improve, become drier everywhere with sunshine as the wind continue to ease down. It is a brief lull as the next Atlantic weather system ploughs in bringing more wind and rain and there is already a yellow warning for rain for western Scotland throughout Tuesday. It has already been very wet here and the forecast rainfall totals for Tuesday show how much more rain is due, also wet for the Cumbria Fells.

Rainfall totals UK Tuesday

It is the election on Thursday for those heading out to the Polling Places the forecast is for wet and windy weather with snow over the highest hills. Not ideal but it is December.  So more mobile changeable weather to come over the next few days

Thursday UK snow Election day weather

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As Storm Atiyah moves away today there will be a brief spell of calm with lighter winds, clear skies and an early frost overnight for parts of Britain. It will be a chilly start for SE Britain on Tuesday, quite a change from today but elsewhere the next weather system will be moving in, with strengthening southerly winds and more rain.

The warm front moves through and milder air will pass over the UK on Tuesday after the cool start in the east. There will be fresh to strong southerly winds, lee gusts for SE Scotland. Thin bands of rain will reach over England during late morning/ lunchtime and then the active cold front marches in.

This will bring a spell of heavy rain with the risk of hail, wintriness over hills and gusty winds. The front will stretch right down through the UK north to south and move quickly eastwards. The winds will veer south to west as cooler air takes hold. If you get caught in the downpours along the front you will certainly know about it.

The front clears from SE England overnight leaving clear skies and a collection of showers into eh far NW. More of a wintry tinge will affect showers from mid-week onwards. With a low pressure away to the north there will be brisk cold winds. Colder air will reach the UK, sometimes easing in the south but allowing more sleet, hail and hill snow in the showers. It will be windy for the far north of Scotland on Wednesday before the next low pressure swings in for Thursday bringing strong winds to Ireland and the southern half of the UK. Plenty of rain and then colder air as the low clears away for Friday the 13th. A bit like today's setup.

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