More heavy rain, weather warnings and flooding concerns today

14th November 2019 09:30

More heavy rain, weather warnings and flooding concerns today

One wonders when this is all going to end, with more yellow warnings today of heavy rain causing further flooding. We already have some heavy rain through South Wales, the Midlands and East Anglia and some hill snow, with wet snow even reported at lower levels over parts of Gloucestershire and in the Bristol area.

Showers some heavy are also affecting the already flooded areas of Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Lincolnshire and South Yorkshire, with the two rain areas merging to give a wet day.

Radar at 0905 this morningView the live radar here.

Across southern England it's less wet but dull with showers, this spreading to much of East Anglia through the day. Elsewhere you'll wonder what all the fuss is about, after a cold start with a sharp frost at first through the Central Lowlands. Much of Scotland, Northern Ireland, Cumbria and the far North of England, in fact, see sunny spells today and it'll be mostly dry, but with a few showers mainly across the North and East of Scotland where there have been icy patches this morning. A few of the showers will be heavy in a freshening North wind that'll feel raw. As a result, temperatures will get no higher than 4 to 6C and 6 to 8C In the South where winds will be somewhat lighter.

After dark, much of England and Wales continue to see cloud and outbreaks of rain, but thankfully, these should tend to become lighter and more patchy through the night. Eastern Scotland and coasts of Northern Ireland and Wales exposed to a fresh Northerly wind will also see some showers giving mostly hill snow, with skies breaking elsewhere at times to provide clear intervals. Here the emphasis will be on dry weather with another frost that could see temperatures falling to -2C in some Highland glens and sheltered rural parts of Northern Ireland. Elsewhere although feeling raw, the cloud and wind should prevent temperatures from falling below 2 to 4C.

Apart from the odd shower towards exposed coasts that'll be wintry on hills, much of Northern Ireland and the North and West of Scotland continue mainly dry on Friday. There'll be some sunshine after a frost in places to begin with, but a northerly breeze will feel cold. As a result, temperatures get no higher than 4 to 6C again. Remaining areas see a good deal of cloud with further showers that could pep-up again towards East Anglia and the South East later, with sleet or wet snow still possible on higher hills. Needless to say, it'll be cold again in a raw and occasionally blustery North or North-East wind, with top temperatures only 4 to 7C.

Temperatures on Friday afternoon

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It's much the same after dark, with most of England, Wales and South East Scotland seeing more showers and some hill snow. The East and sadly the flooded areas could see heavier bursts of rain, in a raw and blustery North East or northerly wind. Remaining parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland are mostly dry and clearer in lighter breezes. This'll allow a frost and patchy freezing fog to form that'll be dense locally by morning when temperatures could fall as low -5 or -6C in the coldest spots. In the cloud and rain elsewhere though, temperatures shouldn't fall below 2 to 4C.

It remains unsettled into the weekend and rather cold, with still few signs of a sustained spell of dry weather. Next week though it should at least become milder, as winds turn into a southerly quarter.

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